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@Hedgewytch ahh my own fault for not keeping in touch with Twitter and stuff, but hey that is my plan for weekends keep off Twitter :)
Kol Tregaskes
Now imagine if the whale did high five him - Richard A.
Gabriel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Gabriel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gabriel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is an angel who serves as a messenger from God. He first appears in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible. In some traditions he is regarded as one of the archangels, or as the angel of death.[citation needed] He is also known as Saint Gabriel to some Christian denominations. Based on two passages in the Gospel of Luke, many Christians and Muslims believe Gabriel to have foretold the births of both John the Baptist and Jesus. Islam further believes he was the medium through whom God revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad, and that he sent a message to most prophets, if not all, revealing their obligations. He is called the chief of the four favoured angels and the spirit of truth, and in some views is a personification of the Holy Spirit. Gabriel is also mentioned in Bahá'í Faith texts, specifically in Bahá'u'lláh's mystical work Seven Valleys." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
I'm not very religious, but I find the story of Gabriel and (is it Michael?) fascinating. I need to go back and read that stuff, and who knows what might happen with my heathen mind. - Derrick
Simon Columbus
@presleysylwia ask some americans, they still have some time today ;-)
Chris Brogan
Blog Indiana
Trusting all those smart people who are going to #blogindiana are having a fantastic time. I have to live vicariously on this one. - Ellen Spencer
Oxfam GB
Haiti: Small measures help prepare for hurricanes -
15 Free Online Collaboration Tools and Apps
Robert Scoble
koltregaskes: How Posterous could be the next Friendfeed - pingmicro -
lol, what a ridiculous statement - Mark
you still continue friendfeed ? I thought you decided to quit :P - Melissa Taylor
If Friendfeed was a funnel, Posterous is a trumpet. (Facebook is more trummel than fumpet) #slightlyforcedobjectmetaphors - goodmachine
Thanks for the fave, Robert. Svartling passed it onto me. - Kol Tregaskes
I still thinks that Posterous has the potential to take over some of Friendfeeds features. They have great developers too! The comment system is really great. - Svartling
And here is the link to this post (mine): - Svartling
more lifestreaming features could come soon in some existing services - polou/indigo_bow
Yes probably. Lifestreaming are going mainstream. - Svartling from email
Alison Wheeler
@@presleysylwia Automated "thanks for following me" DM, even non-automated, is bad bad BAD imho. Pointless and spammy.
Robert Scoble
I blocked the Russian Robert Scoble.
ha, funny, there is a group of Russian Robert::) - K.D.
I'm Robert Scoble, and so's my wife! - Andrew Terry
What was that Russian thread all about ? was that really you ? or hacked ? - Jacque
Not hacked, impersonated. I'm blocking them all. I suggest you do the same. - Robert Scoble
I dont think somebody ever impersonate me on FF ;) - Jacque
are you sure you've blocked all?)))) - она с Хитманом пришла
All this mockery was quite stupid, IMO. Please don't judge all russians by those guys :) - Kirill Petrovsky
donor: I don't. I'm getting around to all of them. - Robert Scoble
Hi. I'm Russian and I never impersonate you. Can I comment you in Russian or I will be blocked? - Never Impersonate You
Never Impersonate: right now, sorry, I'm blocking all Russians who participated. Speak English on my items please, thanks. - Robert Scoble
It's so disappointing. Will you also block all arabic or chinese comments? - Never Impersonate You
Never: no, because they didn't impersonate me. I tried to only block impersonators. If I blocked someone who wasn't impersonating me, they can explain themselves at and I'll unblock them. - Robert Scoble
But, please keep it English on my items, thanks. I can't read other languages. - Robert Scoble
oh good gravy, this is getting out of hand. my sympathies, Robert. - Felicia Yue
huh :) looking for cyxymu's martyr laurels ? :))) - A. T.
Just check that long thread again, I guess they are just making fun, and also I found the longest thread on Friendfeed is in Russian, which has more than 7021 comments :) (It's so long, make sure you are ready to open the thread:P) - K.D.
o___O - Лёва
Maria: it's not fun. Not when you increase my inbound noise. And if you try comparing me to a Nazi one more time I'm going to block you. My grandmother stood up to the Nazis. - Robert Scoble
опасайся. - penguin
I think I'm seeing the distinct downside to being a net.celebrity. - DGentry
DGentry: yeah. - Robert Scoble
it's kind of rude to say "R u nazi" ... - K.D.
K.D.: kind of rude? It's way beyond rude to me. - Robert Scoble
Sounds like a drink order. “Bartender, I best be havin' a Robert Scoble Russian....” - Mike Shields
hmm, I am from China, maybe the feeling towards that sentence is not to the same degree, but I think it's insulting words~ - K.D.
and one another thing - Robert, when you talk about solving Nazi problem, you'd better keep in memory it was Russians who actually had _solved_ The Problem. Not your grandma i.e., with all respect to her. - A. T.
Robert, guyes have joked, and you seriously perceive them. They are really good:) - a little bit crazy
Hey, guys, we are going to make fun too tonight in Chinese;)) we try to stick the picture of one of friends to the top, so that his girl can see it when she come to friendfeed:)))) you can hide as you like, hope not get blocked ;) - K.D.
well you know what they said,"In Soviet Russia,Robert Scoble block you" - ThenWang
Loic Le Meur
RT @Mazi: RT @budip: RT @TechCrunch: LinkedIn Reaches 45 Million Users by @danielbru - well done Linkedin
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What Does Google Think of Twitter? [Pic] -
Twitter, Social Media and Marketing
An Anthropological Look At Twitter and Social Media:
George Dearing
8 Incredible Green Roofs [via @repeatnone] #sustainability #greenbuildings {Chi-town city hall roof rocks} -
8 Incredible Green Roofs [via @repeatnone] #sustainability #greenbuildings {Chi-town city hall roof rocks}
8 Incredible Green Roofs [via @repeatnone] #sustainability #greenbuildings {Chi-town city hall roof rocks}
Show all
Great find, George. - Steffan Antonas
Web2 Global
WOW: Google to Launch a New Version of Google Search -
WOW: Google to Launch a New Version of Google Search
Prolific Programmer
jowyang: NYT: Bloggers involved with sponsored conversations need to disclose (Forrester agrees) as FTC moves in -
Robert Scoble
I am actually VERY excited about FriendFeed going to Facebook. This is a HUGE win for both companies! More later.
+1 (without the more later ;) - Orli Yakuel
Big news. - phil baumann
With any luck FB will rework the UI to make it more friendly and it can gain some market - James
If Facebook uses the FriendFeed interface, then I would agree it is a great idea. - Rob Diana
Absolutely. Great deal all around. Congrats to everyone involved. - Tom Guarriello
I'm hoping for better, faster feature development. - Jeff Harbert
yes, definitely win-win - Wolfgang Heinrich
huge win for both companies ?? is it a win for the FF community ?? who comes first ?? the business or the users ?? I bet you within 6 months, I wont be using FF as much as I use it now !! - Peter Dawson
i agree - facebook has been getting on my good list this past year and I just love friendfeed. - Chris Jackson
Just as I re-dedicate myself to using FF, FB acquires them. If FB can integrate FF's deep feature set, it would be a win-win-win. - Jim Duncan
I'm excited too, but at the same time I'm afraid facebook may make some wrong moves with their acquisition. We've seen this happen before. - Steven (optionshiftk)
this is not a good day for Twitter.... - Giorgio
I fully expect to just see FriendFeed as a separate entity to go away with its technology being absorbed by Facebook. - Mike Flynn
Very True. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Joel: Absolutely true. - Adam Reyher
I caught Robert's reaction to the news on my iPhone: - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
If this makes it so I have one LESS place to go to follow my social media, then it will be great. I already have too many different places with different people and different conversations for differ purposes that overlap and make it unnecessarily complicated. - David Rondeau
FF > FB? not great, actually. diversity is better than monopoly. and i'm concerned about aggregation features getting deprecated (in the name of progress and chrossing the chasm and all that jazz.. of course ;) - jacek
This is a IP, technology and talent grab.. I don't see the 2 sites being consolidated - Dave Senior
It may be a big win for both companies but is likely a big lose for FF users. - Brian Sullivan
FriendFeed functionality on Facebook would be nice. The reverse, not so much. They're trying to address two entirely separate purposes and as such, need to remain completely separate. - Adam Reyher
I hope Facebook turns into FriendFeed. That would be great! - Wo
I'd really love to see the real-time threaded conversation feature of friendfeed be adopted by facebook. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Looking forward to your analysis Robert - Ken Seto
I can see development of FF slowing down as the team brings the tech over to Facebook - Dave Senior
Indeed, Brian. FF devotees should be pissed over this. I can't believe Facebook will do anything but carve out a few choice pieces of FF meat - likely making them even more Twitterish - and dump the rest. FF will be gone within six months. - Shéa Bennett
This is a huge win for both companies, and a huge fail for every net surfer. - TiTi
yeah it may not be that bad. maybe i'm exaggerating. - Edgar Rodríguez
Well, I think the FF team can certainly help the Facebook UI. But, all I take away from this is FF going away. - Yolanda
One thing to consider is this: If we have "trusted" the FriendFeed people not to screw things up, hopefully we can trust them to make sure they're still in control in the terms of the acquisition. - Adam Reyher
Yes, Robert. Like TiTi said, huge win for both companies, huge fail for the people who like FriendFeed. "Welcome to FaceFeed! Would you like to take a quiz?" - Zach Flauaus
I think this is definitely a huge win for both but maybe not for the users. I think it could be good or bad for users but I hope that Facebook will allow FriendFeed to continue and push the envelope with emerging technologies. I imagine this is Facebook and FriendFeed teaming up against Twitter. - Brandon Titus
.-( Good for Friendfeed, but horrible for people that like friendfeed and hate facebook &their UI or where FB is blocked - Del_
may be - Ahmet Soyata
It's good timing. FF uniques fell almost 10% in July. - Shéa Bennett
Absolutely, Robert. Its a very good tech acquisition for Facebook, they get a great team with a well developed technology stack. It lets the FriendFeed founders get a good, early exit. - DGentry
I hope so. I know my initial reaction was not as negative as most of the others I'm seeing in my stream. Maybe I'm just being naive. - Herb Hernandez
Hopefully this means the power of friendfeed will be utilized. Awesome news - Marcus
This is why I follow Mr. Scoble, yes that is Mr. Scoble :) always has his fingers in the breaking news. - dennis podgorski
I have a hard time drawing my line of Public v Personal. I use Twitter & FriendFeed for public use and I use Facebook for private use. I have not even once made a status update on Facebook. I am not sure I want FriendFeed on Facebook. I am intrigued about the possibilities of integration but I am not sure I will adopt. - thestaticfrost
The power of FF will be used -- but it won't be pretty and won't be for good. - Brian Sullivan
I have to agree with Robert on this. I think this is likely to be a great deal moving forward. I'm excited about it, and happy for the FriendFeed crew. They've done an AWESOME job. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I am not as excited about this. I don^t like Facebook as much - nchenga
i think this is going to add more value to Facebook - Lee Kent
concur robert - mike "glemak" dunn
It certainly makes sense, and I agree that it adds value to FF. I wonder how many of the 250 million users of FF will be using it in its current form. - courtney benson
Just surprised this didn't happen earlier. Facebook has been mimicking FriendFeed's functionality for a while now. Nice that FF is finally getting paid for their R&D efforts. - Aaron Strout
I think this will make me drop friendfeed or facebook - Nicolai Rygh
Please explain - this may be win for Friendfeed - but as far as us the users/fans... we're the big losers in this right? I really really can't stand Facebook :-( Help us have hope... - Jannifer @wordsforliving
ruination. - Big Joe Silenced
I will wait and see approach @ all - polou/indigo_bow
here is the explanation, FF have t sell the soonerr, better then laterr, they choose the right momment, wave is there and it is a big promise - abdellah
when Google start wave, they surely shown their non desire to acquir FF it was implicite - abdellah
I'm hoping for the best. - Jim Connolly
The idea here is growing on me. I see the business case...I'm still not sure as to the impact on Twitter and different users who prefer one tool over another and/or use the two differently. - Derek Shanahan
I'm trying to defer my pessimism...but I feel an "I Want Sandy"-type fail in the wings. As for FF needing to sell, that wasn't the case; the founders had the money to keep it going for as long as they wanted, basically. We'll see, I suppose. We'll see. - Ken Kennedy
This is really interesting. This will bring a bigger pool of social media services to people. As it is now, regular folks don't venture further than Facebook, with this acquisition, many will realize that there is a plethora of great other services and social media websites that they can engage in. - Rami Taibah
Ya know when you get a bad feeling about something - I have one about this deal. Can't put my finger on it, but it don't feel right. - Jim Connolly
FriendFeed now to get BIGGER than Twitter? - Jim Connolly
"when Google start wave, they surely shown their non desire to acquir FF it was implicite" - I think that probably covers it. - John Craft
Isn't this the kind of daring move that Yahoo should have made? - Andrew Warner
Seems like a HUGE win for Facebook. Not so sure for the future of FF, though. - Chris Wood
This is really interesting. This will bring a bigger pool of social media services to people. As it is now, regular folks don't venture further than Facebook, with this acquisition, many will realize that there is a plethora of great other services and social media websites that they can engage in. On the side of the coin, I am kind of worried about FB privacy issues and data portability - Rami Taibah
is there a dislike button anywhere? I did exactly the opposite FB never appealed, FF rocked... - Valeria Maltoni
FriendFeed will not be the same place, in terms of the community, but this keeps friendfeed around for a while. Awesome! Where's Arrington? Did he reopen his account? - Benjamin Taylor
FF isn't blocked at work, FB is. FF usefulness would nose-dive for me if blocked. - Brett Veenstra
Brett: this is likely to pave the way for more client applications for Facebook, which will not be blocked at work. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert Scoble
Fwd: Facebook acquires FriendFeed. Interview with Paul Buchheit, cofounder of FriendFeed. - (via
Well that was fast, Robert. - Adam Reyher
Wow. I honestly did not see THAT coming.... - Carter ♥ JS
Nice work Robert. - Alex Calic
ya talk about real time news, thanks - sean percival
listening - Chris Saad
im not sure its such a great thing facebook and friendfeed sitting in a tree. - Eran Even-Kesef
Good job Robert - Ruchit Garg
Definitely, I'm listening now. Wow! This is breaking news! - Manu Ullas
hopefully this turns out okay, don't want friendfeed to get ruined. great interview, that was fast reporting! - Dakota O'Neill
What are your thoughts Robert? - Amani
WD mate - Chris Saad
Hoping this will lead to an improved/cleaner interface for Facebook...I prefer Friendfeed - Rick Bucich
That was quick. Thanks robert. - Akshay Dodeja
so, so sad. I like(d) Friendfeed much more than facebook - Francisco Kemeny
home run for FF.. Facebook will be able to give developers a treasure trove of data one thing that Twitter is dominating on right now. Twitter has a huge developer community but isn't managing that. Here FB is poised to be huge - John Furrier
So classic that Robert has the first interview about this...Where's Louis? :) - Anthony Farrior
I think FriendFeed can help Facebook more than the other way around. - Manu Ullas
"very cool...." - Carter ♥ JS
How do they plan to mix the teenagers with the geeks? - Jordi Soler
Amani: I am excited! Facebook has 800 employees and 300 million users. This makes both companies much more important. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
here was a comment on SiliconANGLE blog .. very funny .. "Hey, since we've copied almost every innovation you've had, guess you might as well play on the company softball team!" - John Furrier
Nice strategic move - Interesting to see how this will integrate and looks in 12 months - Alex Vermeule (@alexve)
to be honnest I was predicting google offer, then facebook preceed google on this, they are doing well, now rarding FF this is great, the sucess is to know when to pass to something else, the future will make the abtle wave, facebook rude for all geek it is time to code. - abdellah
You rascal Robert, bet you had wind about FriendFeed and FaceBook merger before today? Yes? Have not used either SM apps. much UNTIL Twitter locked my account. May have been a fortunate mishap as it turns out. Getting to know the beauties of both apps. =) - SashaKane
Awesome. Thanks. - M. Kong
Robert wastes no time on the reporting. CNN needs reporters like this. - JonSupermurray
Not sure I am so jazzed about it....but congratulations to the FF crew. - Kreg Steppe
Honestly, I won't get used to following Robert Scoble in Facebook. Seems out of place to me. - Jordi Soler
Wow! I was not expecting that. - Devon Govett
Letter 'F' affinity and alliteration merger, classic playbook move. - James Watters
Did I hear someone laugh in the background when you asked about FF users being disappointed? - Paul Saarinen
Agreed Jordi - Rick Bucich
A good interview Robert. - Thomas Hawk
Thanks Robert! - shared and linked over on Phreadz : - kosso
Robert, mind if I transcribe this? (Unless someone else already has.) - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Congrats on getting this story Robert. I agree--this is great, realtime journalism! - Sunshine
No mention of twitter? - Ivan Kirigin
Hahahaha...all that time you invested over here on FF paid off today! LMAO - Francine Hardaway
Francine: just watch what happens now. :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
do you have a small amount of FriendFeed shares Robert? - Torsten Eckert
NOOOOOOO. Damnit! I am praying that Facebook doesn't wall up Friendfeed. I was starting to build a site around Friendfeed :( - beersage
beersage: as Facebook is trying to break their users into a more public world, I doubt that you really have anything to worry about there. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Starting to listen to this now. Hoping you are right, Rob. - beersage
I hope so to. But regardless, I think that it was in reality necessary for FriendFeed to sell to really put the technology in front of a sufficient number of eyeballs. Facebook is probably the best acquirer that FriendFeed could have. (I would have not felt the same had FF been acquired by Google) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The thing with Friendfeed though is how I can share things outside of a 'wall.' I prominently feature the FF widget on my site. I'm just concerned of losing that capability as I was tinkering with delivering a new site w/ content primarily running through my Friendfeed account. I am to this day unable to do much outside of the wall. I am unable to subscribe to Fan Page updates in Google reader for instance. That is what concerns me about FB acquiring FF given my goals. - beersage
Robert sounded quite breathless in that interview. Thanks Robert. - Roberto Bonini
Great interview great Job!! - Kevin J Hatton
Wow! I'm in shock. I can't wait to hear this interview. - Micah from iPhone
This deal was about getting Paul and the team and nothing else - Stephen Pickering
@stephan, are you serious? FB is buying a concept, a technoloie, a structure, a content and a user list - abdellah
Unconvincing Paul Buchheit, the team is more exited of being part of bigger story - logical for them to move on - patrickdh
now how could a team that left google resist under a unique perception system, where the leader vision is upon any thing - abdellah
They want a way to turn their white pages into a yellow pages and the only guy on Earth who knows how to do it, is Paul - Stephen Pickering
It was only about the technology and the people. Most people are on also FB anyway. - James Myatt
My guess is that Paul got a tooooooooon of options and will soon be the No.2 guy at Facebook - Stephen Pickering
Glossing over of that "short term" question by the FF boys. It just seems more about the individuals at FF than it does the users of FF. "Their (Facebook) long term goals" Nice interview, Robert! - Melanie Reed
Well, it looks as if pass-through of FriendFeed Likes, Comments, etc. to Twitter is down. Will it be for good? Did Twitter do this in response to the acquisition? Or is it just a regular (though curiously timed) hiccup? - Alex Schleber
twitter dow!! - abdellah
Alex, my Facebook posts have been going through FriendFeed to Twitter today. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
How did you record the phone conversation with Paul Buchheit? I went to but... it‘s not clear at all :-( - Florin Grozea
Florin, rough transcript here: - Bruce Lewis
To do this call I used BlogTalk Radio's Cinch: - Robert Scoble
Thanks for this, Scoble. - mp3WatchWorld
this is why your own personal website is always more important than friendfeed, Twitter and all the rest. that's never going anywhere - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
Guy Kawasaki
16 influence strategies:
Woman Sued for $50,000 Over a Tweet -
How much damage can a Tweet do? According to property management company Horizon Realty, $50,000 worth. That’s the size of the lawsuit waged against one of its former tenants on Monday, in response to a Tweet about one of their Chicago apartments. Amanda Bonnen was staying an apartment at 4242 N. Sheridan, one of over 1,500 apartments owned by the company. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Bonnen’s Tweet on May 12 read, in part: “Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.” The Tweet, posted under the now defunct user name @abonnen, was the impetus for the libel lawsuit filed at Cook County Circuit Court, seeking $50,000 in damages. And although the Tweet and username are now deleted, accessing the account via Google’s cache shows it has around 20 followers. While the numbers could have dropped since deletion, it doesn’t appear the message would have travelled far. @abonnen wasn’t a particularly heavy Tweeter, either – she posted...
HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn -
Marcus Povey
Starting this off: What's the best way to conduct an online campaign? Everyone's doing facebook groups these days - and sometimes it can be effective - but that's old hat. How do your spread your message? How do you do it in an effective way?
If you start with the intention of <campaign> then you've immediately started off the intention of 'telling' people not interacting. fail? - Alison Wheeler
you admit openly what you need?:) - Sylwia Presley
No matter what you call it, it still boils down to effective marketing... creating a meme that spreads - Marcus Povey
yes, but as meme is different than a campaign - which has a message, narrative, goals, no? - Sylwia Presley
I just enjoyed reading Re:Imagining Change, by a bunch called smartMeme Lots of ideas for 'meme campaiging'. - dan
I like it, thx! - Sylwia Presley
Yeah that smartMeme thing looks good. Thanks dan - Chris Rimmer
Richard Galbraith
last but not least #ff @presleysylwia an awesome blogger and friend, funny, always try to help anyone, great conversations :)
thank you, dear:) - Sylwia Presley
Will Telepresence Change the Meetings Industry? -
Kedar Iyer
Got my (FREE) virtual event tkt for BarCamp Transparency UK on Friday, 24th July hmm...gotta choose a discussion. #bct09
Badger Gravling
@jobucks Everyone has an's a mistake to assume any human can hide theirs...
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Digg Accused of Twitter Traffic Bait and Switch -
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The story of how Follow Friday began on Twitter: #followfriday
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