Colophon image. From: Colloque des trois supposts du seigneur de... -
Title page illustration. From: Gaudentius Robertus, Miscellanea... -
Drums and “vibes”. Play in background. -
Mr. Rodman’s trepanning instrument. From the Philosophical... -
For prisons. From Swintec. $200 and up. - D. Des Chene
Frontispiece. From Marie-Geneviève-Charlotte Thiroux... -
“Le sage seul est libre”. Source: Gomberville, La Doctrine des... -
Godly Men and Mechanical Philosophers: Souls and Spirits in Restoration Natural Philosophy -
Schaffer, Simon. Science in context 1.01 (1987): 53-85. - D. Des Chene
“Philosopher c’est apprendre à mourir”. Source: Gomberville, La... -
etund: Cabaret du Ciel, 1927. Photo by Man Ray. Standing: Hans... -
etund: Café du Dôme, 1928. Photo by André Kertész. -
baroqueart: Portrait of a Woman by Juan Carreño de Miranda Date:... -
Mourning dress for evening. Source: The Repository of arts 8... -
Ad for Monarch bicycles. From Lippincott’s Magazine, 1896. -
Garstang — Theory of recapitulation -
Garstang, Walter. "The Theory of Recapitulation: A Critical Re‐statement of the Biogenetic Law." Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 35.232 (1922): 81-101. - D. Des Chene
Northcutt — Understanding vertebrate brain evolution -
Source: Repository of arts, literature, commerce no. 6, June... -
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