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I think that Kevin is on to something here:
What was the best hackathon that you participated in?
What motivates you to participate in a hackathon?
Why don't Media & Entertainment companies host hackathons? They should.
Great story! Like Luis, I too love to travel with a journal, pens, and watercolors.
What's the next hackathon that I should participate in? What APIs are you excited about trying out?
Helpful article from my teammate Max on implementing Cached File Updater for Windows Phone 8.1 :
I just finished building 13 #Ikea kitchen cabinets.
Pausing Video when a Companion Ad is Clicked -
Surface Pro 3 + Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 -
Spin Up a Party with Stanton DJC.4 -
Spin Up a Party with Stanton DJC.4
My Zoetrope stop-frame animation app is now available to schools to preinstall on new Windows PCs!
Is anyone seeing double notifications from Twitter on Windows Phone 8.1 notification center?
I'm at McInnis Skate Park in San Rafael, CA
If I made it easy for a child to program the Kinect sensor, how would she use it?
Add a message to your video
Add a message to your video
RT @majornelson: Expect to see alot of #ComicCon2014 tweets from me over the next few days. Yea. That's a warning ⚠
A great article on mobile responsive web design:...
"The Zipper" with my sons Sam ay the Marin County Fair.
I just found something that I need to add to my journaling kit:...
As soon as I heard about a high school banning a summer reading program because of a book, I got Alex, my 12 year...
A great article about the POV hackathon I participated in last month:...
I'm at California Academy of Sciences - @calacademy (San Francisco, CA) w/ 10 others
Our remodel project so far - movie created with my Zoetrope app.
I'm working to make it easy for kids to program the Kinect sensor: looking for ideas & scenarios to enable. Suggestions?
Marissa's Bat Mitzvah and "The Accidental Death of an Anarchist"
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