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Tac Anderson

Tac Anderson

Social media anthropologist. Communications strategist. Business model junkie. Director of Digital Strategies, Waggener Edstrom.
As promised I did lay siege to the impenetrable tower of doom, but did not topple it yet. It has admirable fortifications. I will continue.
I haven't blogged seriously and regularly in about two years. Trying to get back in the habit, but feeling a bit rusty.
Doing a poll: Do you have a toaster? How often do you eat toast? (Yes, I really want to know.)
Chart: Venture capitalists are once again seeing solid returns (and beating Wall Street)
Was just talking about this - Why Don't British Singers Have British Accents When They Sing
Dan Harmon: Laziness is people being faced with doing something they don't want to do.
This sounds like a great camp - How geeks go camping: Drones, lasers and more from ToorCamp 2014
Twitter Confession: I still check my stream every time I DM someone to make sure I didn't accidentally post it on my stream.
5 startups that caught our eye from 500 Startups' Batch 9
Working from home today means I have time for a morning bike ride.
As promised, today I kicked a rabid bear and rode a unicorn. Tomorrow I think I'll lay siege to an impenetrable fortress of doom.
Yes - Will our future dystopia be one where privacy is something only the rich can afford?
Do you use any smart home tech? There are many paths to a smart home. And that’s the problem.
RT @Waterstones: #OnThisDay in 1935 @PenguinUKBooks revolutionised publishing by introducing the first high quality paperback books.
RT @a16z: We are headed toward the zero-engineer startup argues @gerstenzang:
Twitter acquires deep learning startup Madbits
Where Do You Stand? The Shifting Ground of Strategy
Just the usual: A Brit and a Canadian get in a fight over an Australian girl in a Spanish night club.
I don't care how manly of a dude someone is, if they had an opportunity to ride a unicorn on a rainbow, they'd totally take it.
Today was a day of bug infested swamp crossings and giant vulture battles. Tomorrow will be a day of rabid bear kicking and unicorn rides.
I think there are still a few versions of @Harkaway books I don't have.
At @SeattleGrind waiting to hear from @Scobleizer. w/ @jfeltis & @jeffhora
"81% of Twitter’s ad revenue ($250M) came from mobile advertising"
Who's coming with me to see @Scobleizer at @SeattleGrind tonight?
What The Wright Brothers Could Teach Today's Innovators About Solving Problems
The Return Of The Desktop Productivity App
You Are Not Late (to start something on the internet)
This is a really big deal - Airbnb targets business travelers, inks partnership with Concur
Amazon Launches A 3D Printing Store With Customizable Goods
RT @Inc: Look out for jerks. CEO @mattehrlichman on 5 ways to prevent bad hires.
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