Tamar Weinberg
AT&T Is A Big, Steaming Heap Of Failure - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009...
I'm glad I don't have an iPhone or AT&T, though it's getting more tempting to get one -- when the contract is up, that is. - Tamar Weinberg
I despise AT&T. What a big crock of steaming FAIL! - J.D. Deutschendorf
I'm trying to hold out upgrading my 1st gen iPhone until the AT&T/Apple contract ends. I lose service (phone AND Edge) at my desk in my office at least twice a day. - vicster.
I really want the Pre now, but it all depends on getting a good mobile plan. I have Sprint's old SERO plan, and that's the ONLY reason why I am still on Sprint. The 3GS is a sweet phone, and I'll either wait for Sprint to give me a good deal on a Pre plan (SERO is not Pre-compatible), or I'll go with the new providers Apple chooses for the 3GS, I think. - Tamar Weinberg
My contract ended a few days ago YAY!! I will be canceling Monday. The iPhone is working fine as an iPod Touch. I have the Everything Data plan with the Pre. 450 min, unlimited text, unlimited data, Sprint Nav & TV. - Rodfather
I have Fair and Flexible 500 (500 anytime minutes, unlimited nights at 7pm I think). I pay $30. Everything else (data, text, etc) is unlimited. I really don't want to part with this plan, but my Treo 755p is crapping out and I want the Pre or the 3GS. Gah. - Tamar Weinberg
The SERO plan is hard to give up. Great deal - Rodfather
Yeah, and it makes me so conflicted. I think if more people knew about Sprint's deal (and if Sprint publicized it more), people wouldn't have moved over to the iPhone (pre-Pre days -- no pun intended there). - Tamar Weinberg
Tanar: I loved my Treo... but the net capabilities weren't very good. I loved my Nokia Nseries... but the net capabilities weren't very good. My iPhone? Hands down the best social media capable handheld computer I've ever owned. I can sometimes use it as a phone too. :-) - Mark Davidson
I wonder which other phones can be used with the SERO plan if you do an ESN switch - Rodfather
I'm not willing to try, Rodfather, and Mark, this may be true also... - Tamar Weinberg