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Re: Sweet Briar College is closing — but here are 10 other women’s colleges you can still get accepted to - http://hellogiggles.com/sweet-b...
"Sarah Lawrence, though originally a women's college, went co-ed in 1968. In addition to the 9 other institutions listed here, try Smith, Wellesley, Barnard, Alverno, and Scripps Colleges, or Hollins University. ~Mount Holyoke alumna, 2012" - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Re: On Campus | The WGBH News Higher Education Blog - http://blogs.wgbh.org/on-camp...
"MHC students "count calories on their smartphones"?? As a Mount Holyoke alumna, I can attest to the College--like so many other women's colleges--being a place of academic rigor and empowerment. It's an institution full of fiercely intelligent, dedicated students, staff, and faculty, whose ideas and goals are fully supported, rather than being overlooked or discouraged based on gender. This article only includes one photo to represent the students who choose women's colleges. That you would reduce MHC and other women's college students to a caption about calorie counting is both bizarre and offensive misrepresentation." - Tamar Weinberg
Thomas Hawk
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed
I wish there was a AIR client for FF though. - barl0w
Twhirl works well for FF and it's an AIR client. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Great article. I want to learn more about the dumping the RSS feeder part. You should share some tips with that. Good stuff. - Amani
Love seeing FF through the eyes of someone who's not a traditional techie =) - FFing Enigma
Thanks Bob! - barl0w
A big part of why I wrote this post and have it running in my number one photo spot on Flickr right now is because I want more of my photography friends to sign up for the service. I *love* seeing photos here on FriendFeed and there are so many talented photographers who are not here yet who need to be. If we can get more of them to sign up, you guys will love their work. Of course there are many great photographers already on here but still a lot more who could join. - Thomas Hawk
I had to re-share this with all my FB friends. :) - Kelly W.
Still trying to figure out this whole friendfeed experience. I've had the account for a while and see lots of my twitter friends posting via ff - Demetri Mouratis
great piece! - mashable
Hi Demetri =) Different people use FF different ways because they want to get different things out of it. What are you hoping to get out of it? - FFing Enigma
Thanks for the tip. I had FF but really never 'got' what it was for. This helped! - Molly Nichelson from twhirl
Nice post Thomas. - Paul Wade
TH - for those photographers that are not on here, I put their flickr id into my Flickr Imaginary friend and see their images that way. However, it would be nice to get more photographers on here with their reader shares and such... - Justin Korn
This is definitely the best "Why Friendfeed" post I've seen. - Nick in Manila
Justin, agreed. I have a bunch of imaginary friend accounts for Flickr/Zooomr users as well. But it is nicer when they actually have accounts here, their work can be liked and commented to the larger FF community, etc. It seems like a few new people signed up today based on this post so I'm happy for that. Thanks Nick! - Thomas Hawk
I have AlertThingy FriendFeed Edition as well as AlertThingy v2 - Outsanity
Well said, Thomas. :) - Josh Haley
Nice list of reasons, all well thought out. While I'm at it, I wanted to tell you that I really like your new blog design too. - Karoli
Do most folks use FF in Standard or Real-time view mode? - Scott Loftesness
Only ever real-time.. it sits nicely on the second monitor as a Chrome App. - Greg Gannicott
Realtime here... - Chris Gulker
Did you just reformatted your post, Thomas? It a lot easier to scan through now. - Alan Le
Alan, a lot of times I post first and edit later. I probably shouldn't do that, but yeah, after posting I broke up some of the paragraphs better, bolded a few things etc., to make it easier to read. - Thomas Hawk
That's great. Make sure to check out Windows Live Writer for formatting blog posts if you haven't already yet. By the way, I love the new blog design. It's much better than when I helped you with the html way back. http://thomashawk.com/2006... - Alan Le
Y'know... I must've spent two months randomly Tweeting things like "Will someone PLEASE explain to me why I should be using FriendFeed?" ... And then two days ago I start using my account (I'd had one for a while)... and NOW someone finally makes a post outlining why I should be here. You're two days late, Mr. Hawk, two days late. :P - Lou
actually, there's no search for Russian word forms on Frf. For me that looks as if there's no search at all - orie
hmmm.. I didn't know that orie. It seems like there is a lot of international users on FF, that's surprising to me. - Thomas Hawk
I've been trying to make sense of FF for months now, but every time I come away confused. As it is I feel like I'm drowning under all the social networking sites available. I use Twitter, Plurk and Facebook the most, and I use Ping.fm so I only have to post status updates once. How can I integrate FF into this without making things even more confusing? - Chris Taylor
oooh! I found the zooomr version of this post with no formatting and I whined somewhere else in my FF feed. This one with all the formatting is better :D - Tamar Weinberg
I really liked how you did a post on Flicker - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
All good reasons but #10 is my #1 reason :) - Mark Krynsky
Mark - agreed. Also, Thomas ... very nice blog. I like. - Amani
@Tamar, the unformated text was a problem on the Zooomr image. Kristopher's fixed that bug now so text in descriptions on Zooomr photos should format correctly now. - Thomas Hawk
I wasn't using FF, but signed up after your post. Now let's see if it is really so useful ;-) - Marcel Körner
@Marcel also take into consideration who you are subscribed to. Aside from maybe four on your current sub list, they are not very active at all on FF. This will affect your experience here. - Carlos Ayala
Didn't know there was a "Porn" room on FF (see screenshot)... - David Young
how did you see that they are not active on FF? - Marcel Körner
David, the "porn" room on FriendFeed isn't all that active actually. I'm not really interested in porn per se, just thought it was a good group name to claim in the great FriendFeed land group name grab of 2008. - Thomas Hawk
@Marcel by their numbers, and the fact that i know most of them and can tell you first hand that they are not. (if you hover over people's names you will see their numbers) - Carlos Ayala
still hard to beat 5 years on for speed - Thomas Power
So true Thomas: people still can't as a majority read dynamic feeds. - Zu from AOD
it gives you an easy key to the way back machine - chaz2b
Tamar Weinberg
Samsung BD-P1500 1080p Blu-Ray Player - http://www.amazon.com/dp...
Samsung BD-P1500 1080p Blu-Ray Player
I've no idea what kind of Blu-Ray player I really need, but I know I need one soon. :) Technology's changing, folks! - Tamar Weinberg
I'm compelled to agree, Jason. Wish they didn't have that stupid format war. - Tamar Weinberg
Go with the PS3 - its the best and obviously a bit more distracting! - Matt McGowan
Greetings, I want us to be friends, If you have interest please write me on (( lisatamba440 [@] yahoo.co.uk )) OR send me your email to know each other and also share photo OK. hope to here from you. Lisa - Love440
Louis Gray
Matthew! I thought we made it clear that toes are not a food group!
NOM - Josh Haley
Babies love toesies...nom nom nom - Threepwood
But daaaaad they has a flavor!!! - Yolanda
Yolanda, I'll have to trust him. I'm not sucking his toes to find out. - Louis Gray
mmm... nom, nom... bacon flavored toes. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Oh I remember doing that as a kid too. Those were fun times. - Tamar Weinberg
So what you're saying is that toes are not a "legit" snack? <bows graciously to the thundering applause> - Mitch
Ohhh nooo, Mitch. How could you ;-) +1 - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
yeah -- if it doesn't work for trash, it doesn't work for toes. ;) - John LeMasney
ZING - Mitch
My online Persian to English translator reports: "copy the dynamic and a victory for scandal". FAIL? :-) http://translation.babylon.com/English... - Louis Gray
If Matthew's dad cleaned his little toes, he wouldn't have to gnosh on it. :-) - john
you are just jealous because you can't do that anymore - Iphigenie
داشتیم جوان؟ =))))))))))))))))))))) - شروین فتحی
سایه خانم صداش رو در نیار :))) - شروین فتحی
so cute! - Stormy
واااای یاد یه جریانی و این چیزا به خیر... اسمایلی سوتی - سایه
Ah, but what about Toe-Jam? - Christian (Simply X)
TOE-tally! - MiniMage
I used to do this! sucking my big toe. I learned it from a ride at epcot center. - PJ Gormley
خانم سایه: در این مورد هم می‌تونید توضیح بدید - هادی خ
Tamar Weinberg
phd-job-crisis-640x4627.gif (640×4627) - http://marccortez.com/wp-cont...
Important for talk about graduate school for EMU students. - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Why Most Social Media Departments Fail - http://www.techipedia.com/2011...
Way too many real stories in this one... - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Ground Zero: September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2011 - http://feeds.boston.com/click...
Another full feed RSS via fulltextrssfeed.com - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Mashable Adds New Channels, a Fresh Face & More Cowbell - http://feedproxy.google.com/~r...
Tamar Weinberg
9/11: The Day of the Attacks - http://feedproxy.google.com/~r...
Full feed of InFocus below. (you should subscribe to this one intead if you get InFocus in your RSS reader) - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux - http://www.pendrivelinux.com/univers...
Awesome bootable USB drive. - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux - http://www.pendrivelinux.com/univers...
Awesome bootable USB drive. - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux - http://www.pendrivelinux.com/univers...
Awesome bootable USB drive. - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Top YouTube Videos and Other Statistics - http://www.sysomos.com/reports...
youtube - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Top YouTube Videos and Other Statistics - http://www.sysomos.com/reports...
youtube - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Top YouTube Videos and Other Statistics - http://www.sysomos.com/reports...
youtube - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Why 2011 Is Mashable’s Big Growth Year [VIDEO] - http://mashable.com/2011...
Really proud of this. Congratulations to the team and thank you to our supporters :) - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Please Vote for the NOW Revolutionary of the Month - http://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-...
You thought Namecheap did an awesome job last week, right? If so, I'd love your vote ;) - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
You Can Now Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page - http://mashable.com/2011...
THIS IS HUGE. - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
The Productive Online Business Toolbox: My Must-Have Tools - http://www.techipedia.com/2011...
MY FAVORITE APPS. What are yours? - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Bing Not Matching Donations Through RT’s Is a Loss, Not a Win - http://www.winextra.com/archive...
Agreed. And Bing is NOT the first company to donate $1 for every retweet. Whoever complained about it was late to the Twitter game. - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
How to Tell Which Loaf of Bread is the Freshest in the Grocery Store [Shopping] - http://lifehacker.com/#!57725...
I had no idea! - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Why I Am Not Going To SxSW - http://www.stoweboyd.com/post...
I'm game for a NxNE ;) - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
BOING. This is old news already but here you go in case you haven't seen it ;) - Tamar Weinberg
Ozgur Uckan
Dear FriendFeed admins, may I ask why our friend Kunthar's account (http://friendfeed.com/kunthar1) has been suspended? Thank you for your interest...
It's only been 3 hours plus it's only early AM US time. - Johnny from iPhone
What Johnny said. Plus, it's rare to get responses from FF admin here. They don't seem to monitor this group very frequently. - Rochelle
“Is there anybody out there?” - alirizaesin
nobody? - Ozgur Uckan
up - O.S.M.
It appears to have been deleted. - Jeff P. Henderson
ah! Jeff, do you mean it is not suspended, but deleted by its user? But Kunthar did not deleted his account? - Ozgur Uckan
Kunthar no se va!.. ;) - Ali Rıza KELEŞ
dumb question, but did he have a Gawker account and did he use the same password for his FriendFeed account? - Tamar Weinberg
His account still seems disabled. Don't you FF guys have any possible good reason for this??? - mikab
kunthar said, he did not delete his account? Any explanation? - Ozgur Uckan
up - miocaro
up? - A. T.
Admins, please give an answer... - Ozgur Uckan
Bu iş kaldı mı böyle? - O.S.M.
tek cevap, biz silmedik, silinmiş oldu... - Ozgur Uckan
اوه اوه اکانت هم ساسپند میکنن اینا - فوژان
oh no, not again. - JSLeFanu
Amoon ╭•⊰✿
Has long been adding new features. We're waiting for the new version whit better features ... A New friendFeed ...
dont waste your time waiting for that. maybe a possible integration with facebook in future - mohamadreza
But I dont like facebook! - Amoon ╭•⊰✿
Such is life -- FB bought FF and all the people are there (or have moved on). FF is really a lame duck - no new features and effectively no future -- limping along until the inevitable shut down - Brian Sullivan
:( Not fair - Amoon ╭•⊰✿
Many long time and (still) supportive users have that thought as well but I think most are resigned to the pending demise. - Brian Sullivan
it happened awhile ago... being in denial doesn't make sense. - Tamar Weinberg
Hey, I'm still waiting for LambdaMOO to die. Logged in there now, in fact. 67 other people on. - Andy Bakun
Tamar Weinberg
Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010 - http://www.techipedia.com/2011...
This was an evil thing to get into Google Reader. The post was 115k so I had to edit it a zillion times for brevity. Thank you for killing 36 hours of my time, Google, but to everyone else, ENJOY!!!!!!!!! - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Re: Facebook+Appears+To+Be+Blocking+All+%28Bit.ly+Operated%29+j.mp%26nbsp%3BLinks - http://techcrunch.disqus.com/faceboo...
"Nice idea - I think that will definitely eliminate guesswork. I actually really like TinyURL Decoder for Greasemonkey; it works really well on all sites if you specify * as the URL. I've never gotten it to work properly on Chrome though, and Facebook adds facebook.com before any URL so it probably would not function properly there either. Still, that doesn't fully address the concern about clicking on a link through email, but it's a step in the right direction." - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Re: Facebook+Appears+To+Be+Blocking+All+%28Bit.ly+Operated%29+j.mp%26nbsp%3BLinks - http://techcrunch.disqus.com/faceboo...
"Facebook truncates most URLs, so a 250+ character URL is not so noticeable with Facebook's thumbnail format. Plus, if the message is sent via Facebook Messages, it might get sent to one's email, and trusting the originating sender, he might not be compelled to look at the preview and might just click on this (malicious?) link. It's tricky. It probably happened thousands of times which is why this happened to begin with. (As for branded URLs, I have no problem with that -- see my reply to Robin below.) I don't think this has anything to do with innovation at all and think that's more of a comparison to apples and oranges." - Tamar Weinberg
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