Tamar Weinberg
Wow. So I can't be online Saturday morning at midnight to score my Facebook username given that I observe the Jewish Sabbath (I'm never online then). I had a friend "volunteer" to get it for me. Only after 12 email exchanges does he tell me that he has an hourly rate and that I'd be charged 2 hour minimum. This is a "friend." I have no words.
Apparently, he is unclear on the concept. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Tamar, I'll do it for free. Seriously. - Louis Gray
what a douche. - Scott. Cat Herder.
sorry, my bad what a "douche"! - Scott. Cat Herder.
That's nasty! I'd do it for free too but I'm not able to be online Saturday midnight either. - Jim #teamFFrank
Tamar - was he a fellow clansperson? I assume not! - Lester Greenberg
Lester, alas, he was. And he knows all about the laws. - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar - I will do it for you for 2 metrocards - Allen Stern
Huh? Why even say he would? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Technically, we're not even allowed to hire goyim to do our work on Shabbat for us. But, also, you are allowed to do work if it will very negatively affect your livelihood. - Akiva
but a friend (of whatever or no religion) would not normally charge someone to do what will be a straightforward task - I don't understand why he would do that. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Tamar don't roll on Shabbos. - Rochelle
What Akiva said. And you're definitely not supposed to make a "profit" on Shabbat either. He was planning on having a colleague of his (not Jewish) do it, which would put me in the clear. But to charge me for that? C'mon. - Tamar Weinberg
what the...? :| sorry, tamar. - edythe
+1 Louis. I would do it as well for free. I know I'll be online whenever that is, since that is not work to me - guruvan (Rob Nelson) from PeopleBrowsr
He should've done it for free or let you know upfront that he'd be glad to do it for $. :( It's to bad he wasn't upfront about it. - James Stratford
Louis beat me to it. - Josh Haley
Thanks all for offering -- I'm trying to figure out what to do. - Tamar Weinberg
You guys rock. - Tamar Weinberg
Jorge, write it for free for me. Sell it for everyone else. PROFIT! - Tamar Weinberg
With friends like that.....sad. - susan mernit
M.A. on the other hand would have done a T.C. post on how Facebook recruited his "friend" to do this, in a plot to prevent him from getting said username, or to steal T.C. pageviews. - Richard Walker
Funny :) - Charlie Anzman
Oy vey. What a jerk. - Ben Greenberg
I'll do it for free!! what a jerk! email me - susan.beebe@gmail.com - Susan Beebe
I'd have happily have offered to do it for free also, some friend that sounds. I am in the UK however so I guess it will be early hours of the morning when we can choose a username. - Geoff Jackson