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t-ra: taking the piss

t-ra: taking the piss

also on twitter, untappd, & words with friends as tamarasabine
my favorite British-isms from this weekend:
"naff" is another way to say "rubbish" that originally meant someone is Not Available For Fucking, but now just means anything lame. - t-ra: taking the piss
"knickers" is only used for women's underwear (which disappointed me, honestly, bc I love the word). men's underwear are "undercrackers." - t-ra: taking the piss
"rude boy" is a term some are dubious of and others embrace. vaguely meaning a working class tough guy type I think. - t-ra: taking the piss
"hunters" are a kind of wellington boot worn by snobs. - t-ra: taking the piss
"undercrackers", eh? i'm sad it's not "undernadgers". - Big Joe Silence
Undercrackers aren't exclusively for males but they are predominantly so. - Mark H
"fairy liquid" is dishwashing detergent based on a brand name. - t-ra: taking the piss
they really do call cigarettes "fags". and they really do say "punt a fag" to bum a cigarette. - t-ra: taking the piss
they don't really say "saucy" that much. (also a disappointment) - t-ra: taking the piss
Never heard the term "punt a fag" used before; bumming a fag, yes. - Mark H
they felt "pulled pork" was a terrible thing to call food, as it seemed a vulgar phrase. - t-ra: taking the piss
Mark, maybe it wasn't "punt." It was another p word though that caught me off guard and became yet another conversation about lexicon. - t-ra: taking the piss
Could it have been pinch a fag? That would be a fairly common thing to say over here. - Mark H
ah... yeah, maybe. there was a lot of beer involved, you see. I'm trying to document from shoddy memory. - t-ra: taking the piss
overall I adored the melodic effect of ending statements in a question so that conversations have a kind of upbeat tempo regardless of the topic. that was infectious. I'm probably still doing it. "I couldn't rightly help myself could I?" "Lovely morning isn't it?" "They've done a smashing job haven't they?" - t-ra: taking the piss
oh, and saying "spectacles" instead of glasses. - t-ra: taking the piss
and "petrol". looking for a "petrol station to grab some fags" in Burlington was a fun errand. needless to say I did all of the direction asking on that one. - t-ra: taking the piss
and "dodgy". I was so pleased to learn dodgy is a real expression. I love that word. - t-ra: taking the piss
and "trainers" instead of sneakers. - t-ra: taking the piss
O hai! Was wondering how you got on ;-) - Heleninstitches
the naff etymology is likely... naff ;) - Pete
I'm still laughing at your discovery of fairy liquid... For hands that do dishes can feel as soft as your face.... - Heleninstitches
T-ra, I've heard something similar, like "pont a fag" before. - Big Fat Yeast Roll! from Android
Helen, we watched an insane film at the house night before last that mentioned it a lot. Can't remember the whole title... "Mr Jolly something something Next Door" I think? - t-ra: taking the piss
American-isms the Brits loved from the weekend:
"THAT TAMARA IS FOIN!" - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
"y'all" and "ain't" were big hits and made funnier by them having such difficulty pronouncing them. - t-ra: taking the piss
what? we say ain't all the time. - Pete
"mutherfuckin cocksucker" was funny for some reason, though that doesn't strike me as particularly American. - t-ra: taking the piss
B: that one didn't come up. Pete: really? - t-ra: taking the piss
our gallon is smaller and so are our pints. so the joke was that was surprising because isn't everything supposed to be bigger in America? - t-ra: taking the piss
The measurements are smaller, so the number of units required is bigger :-) - Slippy: Potato Croquette
biscuits and gravy was a novelty. their "biscuit" is a scone I think, so what we call a biscuit was a treat at brunch. - t-ra: taking the piss
not sure if "koozie" was really an unfamiliar word to them or if they were just teasing me for bringing one. - t-ra: taking the piss
something being "shitty" was funny bc of the way I said it I think, like "shiddy" without enunciating the t's at all. - t-ra: taking the piss
Tamara: yes, though where I come from it sounds like 'ent' or 'int' - Pete
That's because you don't pronounce things properly up nor... er, in the midlands... Pete. - Mark H
They're from Oxford mostly and still live in that area. - t-ra: taking the piss
Hehe. The Black Country equivalent of ;ain't; is 'bay' as in 'I bay doin' that' - Pete
Back at Boston airport to fly home. I lost my glasses, a shoe, a coffee mug and some dignity. Bumps and bruises will heal and my heart is so full of love and gratitude. Best wedding ever. UPDATE: coffee mug has been found.
Lot's of sweaty flirting and innuendo? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
B, how did you know? The worst of us took a bad tumble on the last night. I'm not the one who landed in the fire, but I did roll down a rocky slope for a bit. I've got an array of oddly colored bruises and sore spots all over to show for it. I did get a good night kiss for my trouble though. ;) Still, I owe a few apologies, which I have settled in to write now. - t-ra: taking the piss
Oh I know you young folks. Envy you, too. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I love to travel, truly. But dang is it good to come home. Here's to sleeping in your own bed! Also, people noticing you were gone is sweet.
Some of the Brits have never seen lighting bugs. They are stoked.
Until recently I didn't know that lightning buds weren't everywhere. We don't see them much in the city, but we all have seen them at some point. Where don't they live? And why? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
We don't have them in SoCal. It was one of the things I missed when we moved from MO. - Anika
Fireflies, lightning bugs, whatever you want to call them - to me they represent summer. Miss them a lot living in CA. - Corinne L
I've never seen 'em. - Spidra Webster
There are fireflies in the western US, but I think the ones that light up as adults are much more prevalent in the east. - John (bird whisperer)
[oops, did not read John's comment!] I have never seen any in california or in Colorado - thinking they don't go west of the Rockies? Such a magical vibe - I love them. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Growing up with them I tend to forget not all see them. Our Japanese guests were so excited at their first sighting. - Janet
On the shuttle to the airport. Step one of travel odyssey achieved.
Where are we going today,Brain? *NARF* - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
At the airport and checked in with 2 hours to spare. Part one of step two achieved. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Flight to Boston delayed an hour. Part 2 of step 2 not yet achieved. Was hoping I'd get through this without going to the smoking lounge. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Arrived at the happy couple's home with two visiting Brits. Their flight experience was worse than mine, so I sucked it up. There's beer. All is well. Step 3 of travel achieved. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
(I want to watch Pinky and the Brain with Barry.) - Big Fat Yeast Roll!
I just earned the 'Here Comes the Brew' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Here Comes the Brew' badge on @untappd!
I'm in Boston surrounded by British people.
are you going to have a party with them? have you found ichabod crane? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Care for some tea? - JA Castillo
invite them to a tea party down by the harbor. It's the nice thing to do. - ellbeecee
I have discovered I love the word 'rubbish'. Love it! - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
I've always loved "rubbish bins." They sound like they're for discarding bad ideas and other nonsense :) - Eivind
Has the 'cheeky chappie' turned up yet? - Heleninstitches
Helen, I was wondering the same thing. ;) Not sure yet. Update: yes he is. And oh my. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Oh my... have fun ;-) - Heleninstitches
Random fact: there is no Canadian word for 'bin'. The receptacle and contents are both referred to as 'garbage'. So it's fine to say "I'll put this in the garbage." #extractfromNoBearsinEngland - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Take it up a notch. Go to an Irish bar. Most of them in Boston are filled with actual Irish people. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
You'll definitely meet more cheeky chappies in an Irish bar. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
We've migrated to the campsite in Vermont now. This 'cheeky' guy hasn't so much as glanced at me more than once, so I call bullshit. In other news, seeing rad ladies after five plus years of life is overwhelmingly beautiful. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
I'm 15 minutes from Boston and wondering where all these British people are hiding. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
RT @mergerecords: Search #merge25 at Instagram for some wonderful shots of our festival!
Description of this phenomenon by @shemcb: 'Being out of town is great. Getting out of town is a hassle.' #travelersremorse #justgetthere
Tonight is the weird in between time when all that's left to do is wake up in the morning, shower, get dressed, toss the last minute stuff into the carry on and catch the shuttle. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Believe it or not I will probably go out for a beer, as you do. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Ooh, marine biologist guy is here. Romantic pre trip silliness in effect. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Hmph, never mind. I don't have the patience for brick walls at the moment. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Wait. I just realized from Friday night to Monday morning I will have no friendfeed. Not cool. Y'all pretend you'll miss me, k?
RT @alyssadehayes: Video: .@bambaraband debut this brutal new sound at #Slopfest this Saturday in #AthensGa
RT @_whiteviolet_: Tomorrow. Sneak peak. #whiteviolet #staylost
RT @_whiteviolet_: Tomorrow. Sneak peak. #whiteviolet #staylost
So pleased to see #GirlsRockAthens on the @FlagpoleMag cover! Camp week will in fact rock. See y'all at the @40WattAthens. #athensga
At times, the energy saved and upper hand gained by not engaging is a winning ratio. Not always, but sometimes. Those times can be sweet.
I both love and hate how I can deal with people like a chessboard. Isn't that the way with instincts though? - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Ah, cute boys. Thanks for being cute.
In related news, I am NOT getting into any trouble tonight. Nope. Not gonna do it. No. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
I love the rationalizing I do when packing.'I'll just buy one there if I really need it.' Leave the guns take the cannoli, is real y'all.
Honestly though. I have a list of things to pick up at the airport. Because I know they'll be there and it's one less trip I have to make before I leave. This is a 'throw money at the problem' situation and I am okay with that. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Also 'Low Spark of High Heeled Boys' just came on at the pub, so nobody needs to be bothering me right now.
so many things to do before this trip and I am motivated to do none of them. sigh.
went to the store and got canned soup, granola, Larabars, fruit leathers, and a hot cup to take with me. I am starting to have food anxiety about camping for four days without knowing what the situation or plan is for meals. This is a serious oversight on my part and I'm bummed and pissed for not thinking about it sooner. Best I can hope for is they've got something in mind for at least once each day and I have enough to snack on inbetween. - t-ra: taking the piss
Not surprisingly, beer was a proper motivator. Got stuff further packed, did some laundry, sent some emails, and feel slightly more prepared. Now having a beer and making a mental list of what to do with my last day tomorrow before travel Thursday. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
Lady friend can give me a ride to the airport shuttle! Oh thank you baby Jesus. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
I am feeling the damage of the past few days. Just got food in me for the first time today and hell if I can hold a thought longer than 10 Mississippis.
Praises be for real people. Here's to all the authentic among us just being who you are. Thank you.
I'm a real boy! - Steve C
I am just a script. :P - April Russo
Rockclimber Guy I've been messaging with for a few weeks on OKC is driving here from Atlanta to meet me this afternoon. No pressure.
Ooh. Exciting. You'll be amazing. Good luck! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Good luck, sugar. And tell him to behave himself. You got people. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Unless you're looking to not behave. Then we, things to do elsewhere. - CAJ hates pants
we had a great day bar hopping and story telling. he seems like a good dude. we'll see. - t-ra: taking the piss
Heard someone describe @WaterLiarsMusic as 'some sexy motherfuckers' and had to wholeheartedly agree with that assessment. #truefacts
In case you needed further evidence of how rad @WaterLiarsMusic is, they got koozies. So your argument is invalid.
In case you needed further evidence of how rad @WaterLiarsMusic is, they got koozies. So your argument is invalid.
But seriously, y'all. Sometimes I think I am having too much fun for real life. Everything is awesome! #legomovie #earnedit #lovinlife
Straight through my heart every time. @WaterLiarsMusic at @GreenRoomAthens #athensga
Straight through my heart every time. @WaterLiarsMusic at @GreenRoomAthens #athensga
"Kiss me where my mouth is." Dang. Preston Lovingood at @GreenRoomAthens #athensga
"Kiss me where my mouth is." Dang. Preston Lovingood at @GreenRoomAthens #athensga
The guys in @WaterLiarsMusic just walked by me while I was parking my bike. I am living the dream! #athensga
Lady dates are the business! Why don't I do this for myself more often?
We could have Skype dates... - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
we should! we should have a FFeed Ladies Date Night. that would be so fun. - t-ra: taking the piss
I'd rather come hang with you in Athens, if that's all right. - Corinne L
Anytime, Corrine! :) - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
To everyone working weekend graveyard shifts at a mini mart across the world: do whatchu you gotta do to make that shit tolerable. Respect.
I've been there. - Jenny H. from Android
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