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Thomas Amberg

Thomas Amberg

This is my lifestream. For less posts with more thought check
Honoured to become a member of - thanks @robvank
Lakeside #Thymio hacking at Rote Fabrik with @DoDock18 and @mechatronicart
@claib thanks a lot for coming, and for the ublox / mbed dev kits!
Here’s the Instructable for today’s @IoTLive demo "Call my #Arduino"
RT @kartben: #IoTLive starts in 5min! Tune in to the live stream of the European demos here:
Did the #RaspberryPi just get a lot easier to integrate into consumer products? (via @adafruit)
Amazon’s new service avatar for one click groceries shopping - wondering how they deal with bored kids home alone...
RT @boosda: Medienkulturgespräch Internet der Dinge zu #IoT, MeetUps, Makers, SmartCity, Lesetipps mit @tamberg Fabrikzeitung
@pquade here’s the IoTFoosball Arduino code
Will present "Call my Arduino" April 9th, 13:30 CEST at (an #IoT day G+ hangout)
@miraculixxs war wohl sharely
If you’re looking for DIY #IoT hardware in Germany, check out (via @libelium)
How to pair the @adafruit Bluefruit EZ-Key #Bluetooth HID module to a Samsung Smart TV (just one at a time for now)
@cburgdorfer fear I won’t make it today - thanks for organising a great hackathon
Another #IoT foosball incarnation at Colab Zürich - happy #Arduino day
Built a widget for the OpenLetten temperature feed from #MakeOpenData at the Samsung Smart TV Hackathon
Learned a lot about smart street lights from a guy who sells them to cities - astonishing what’s already out there today
TrueVault, a secure API to store health data, makes HIPAA compliance easier for mobile, wearable apps (via @marcfrei)
Oops, Saul G*r*iffith, of course (
Glaucus - a DIY Saul Giffith style soft robot from printed moulds (,
@olliesmeenk re #Sodaq starter kit - nice addition, just got more or less those parts (forgot LCD) from @seeedstudio to complement the Moja
Great presentation on gender and technology (via @bratwurstkomet)
Cool, "Arduino Web LED" has passed 100k views on Instructables
Nice introduction to #Java 8 (via @marcfrei)
RT @trmpt_wnsck: i was infected with #IoT at #mtc14 . this is due to the tracks of @hansamann @choas @tamberg and @gy4nt ... thank you :) #yam
@hansamann thank you, man!
Here are my slides ( and text (German, of todays #mtc2014 presentation on #IoT connectivity
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