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Anthony Di Iorio

Anthony Di Iorio

I am a blogger for The Tech Zone LIVE, I DJ on weekends.
Just got off the phone with Apple. Finally getting my lock button replaced
Movable type @ Mackenzie Printery
I'm at BBQ Mirabel
Awesome, got a $20 gift card on Google Play because of the Chromecast Thanks Google!
I'm at Patisserie Alati Caserta (Communauté-Urbaine-de-Montréal, QC)
I'm at Caffè San Simeon (Montréal, QC)
Just beat a massive group of summer campers at St-Viateur Bagel. On a side note, the bagels taste so good
I'm at St-Viateur Bagel (La Maison du Bagel) (Montréal, QC)
The Chromecast is so awesome. Everything is just seamless.
Alright got it replaced. This time it’s sealed!
Looks like its defective…
Wtf plugged it in and it was used. Fuck you Staples.
Better late than never
tfw you switch to a mechanical keyboard after using a laptop for a trip.
Feels so good to be home, but I’d love to move to Toronto in the future.
I’m pretty sure we have the worst roads in all of Canada here in Montreal.
You know you’re almost home when the signs are French and the roads are terrible.
Almost home (@ Frontière Quebec-Ontario Border)
RT @kaepora: In the 90s, computer viruses were creative, beautiful, and deadly. Such a shame that this era is gone. Revisit them:
You don't see these flags on Quebec highways...
I'm at ONroute Odessa (Odessa, ON)
Bye Toronto! Hope to come back soon :)
Although kinda peeved it wasn’t out before I got to Toronto. Last day :(
Holy smokes! Ingress is now on iOS and I don’t have to tether the Nexus 7 anymore until I get an Android phone.
I'm at Niagara Falls (Canadian Side) (Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls)
Just passed by Zimmerman Avenue in Niagara Falls @deadmau5
Niagara on the Lake, where your phone thinks you’re in New York and Rogers turns into AT&T. @RogersHelps install more antennas!
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