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Anthony Di Iorio

Anthony Di Iorio

I am a blogger for The Tech Zone LIVE, I DJ on weekends.
Assetto Corsa: DIY Tablet Dasboard -
Assetto Corsa: DIY Tablet Dasboard
RT @Groupon: We have decided to abandon our pending trademark applications for #Gnome. Read more: #defendGNOME
RT @dcuthbert: Dear @Groupon Don't be those guys, innovate rather than copy.
Google Music + Chromecast = Google Fireplace
Can anyone in Canada recommend me an ISP that doesn't suck? Bell's shitty hardware keeps losing all my settings and wasting my time.
RT @mikko: Need to run Space Invaders on your Cisco switch? But of course you do. See #Cisco #Catalyst /by @evilSnobu
USB Charger Doctor Review -
USB Charger Doctor Review
RT @stroughtonsmith: Remember when the Dell Streak was so big they had to call it a tablet? Good times!
I don't think I've ever been so hyped
Finally spotted a Tesla Model S today. Such a nice vehicle.
RT @ClickHole: ICYMI: How an inspiring group of Reddit users came together to supply content for websites
RT @t2t2: help get as many past broadcasts get archived to as possible
Apple called back. I’m getting a new phone :)
Called Apple, they wanted me to restore my device. How would a software reset help remove the physical pieces of dust under the display? Ugh
Alright, here's the dust
Took some macro shots. Looks like a mix of dead pixels and dust. Will upload raw files later.
WTF there is now exactly 1 metric ton of dust under my display.
Oh my... “Building A Graphics Card For The Internet” by imgix via @imgix
RT @badbadnotgood: AYE WERE ON @CBCRadioQ THIS MORNING AT 9:30AM EST!!!! TUNE IN YAY!!!!
My MiniLock ID: RJ3SCphTWdXhX1Keiaxj7jyQJUSnDuXm3HnoFZpWSD1i8
The unboxing to end all unboxings
Just went geocaching for the first time and it was tons of fun! To think I go by these caches all the time without noticing them…
Well I've been stumped... On a side note, really really awesome app @ManythingApp
Oh and best part is you can properly shut down a computer without being logged in.
Dad: “I shut down your PC because our power meter is getting replaced” Me: “how?” Dad: “I unplugged it” mfw
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