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Anthony Di Iorio

Anthony Di Iorio

I am a blogger for The Tech Zone LIVE, I DJ on weekends.
USB Charger Doctor Review -
USB Charger Doctor Review
RT @stroughtonsmith: Remember when the Dell Streak was so big they had to call it a tablet? Good times!
I don't think I've ever been so hyped
Finally spotted a Tesla Model S today. Such a nice vehicle.
RT @ClickHole: ICYMI: How an inspiring group of Reddit users came together to supply content for websites
RT @t2t2: help get as many past broadcasts get archived to as possible
Apple called back. I’m getting a new phone :)
Called Apple, they wanted me to restore my device. How would a software reset help remove the physical pieces of dust under the display? Ugh
Alright, here's the dust
Took some macro shots. Looks like a mix of dead pixels and dust. Will upload raw files later.
WTF there is now exactly 1 metric ton of dust under my display.
Oh my... “Building A Graphics Card For The Internet” by imgix via @imgix
RT @badbadnotgood: AYE WERE ON @CBCRadioQ THIS MORNING AT 9:30AM EST!!!! TUNE IN YAY!!!!
My MiniLock ID: RJ3SCphTWdXhX1Keiaxj7jyQJUSnDuXm3HnoFZpWSD1i8
The unboxing to end all unboxings
Just went geocaching for the first time and it was tons of fun! To think I go by these caches all the time without noticing them…
Well I've been stumped... On a side note, really really awesome app @ManythingApp
Oh and best part is you can properly shut down a computer without being logged in.
Dad: “I shut down your PC because our power meter is getting replaced” Me: “how?” Dad: “I unplugged it” mfw
Just rain (and a fire truck for @schmal)
Just rain (and a fire truck for @schmal)
Lego Black Champion Racer 42026 Review by Anthony Di Iorio -
Lego Black Champion Racer 42026 Review by Anthony Di Iorio
New video! Lego Black Champion Racer Review
New video! Lego Black Champion Racer Review
It shouldn’t take all day to make a 6 minute voice over.
I think a shotgun mic would be more appropriate for this sort of thing.
Perfect rain sounds, phone rings, fire trucks drive by… Ugh
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