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Tara Robertson(Tarasview)

Tara Robertson(Tarasview) Pastor's wife and SAHM to 3 kids, oldest has Autism.
it's been lovely #MomBizMondays - see you all next time :)
RT @shelaghcummins: If you have a #MomBiz, we would love to promote your offering to other women - DM me for details. #MomBizMondays
RT @shelaghcummins: Ladies, don't forget next week is our monthly #giveaway chat, We have some great prizes already... #MomBizMondays
A7 Vacation planning - and it is already in my calendar :) #MomBizMondays
A6 my location doesn't... but NOISE & CHAOS does.... the crazier my house gets the harder it is to get motivated #MomBizMondays
I also have lists that remind me about deadlines & stuff - very helpful. #MomBizMondays
A5 I love Freshbooks for invoicing & time tracking. I love Sprout Social for scheduling & analytics. And lists for everything #MomBizMondays
A5 great systems & great accountability! #MomBizMondays
A4 if I really lack motivation I ask my team @LindsayDianne or @TanyaLavery to take over for me! #MomBizMondays
RT @sweetstellas: A3: I have two boys looking to me for guidance and I want to show them just how badass their mom is #MomBizMondays
I find my clients tend to be more... chaotic... during the summer. Harder to keep track of, harder to reach etc. #MomBizMondays
A3 oh- I am way less motivated in the summer. I wish I could just relax & read a book in our hammock or something! #MomBizMondays
A2 no set work schedule - but I do work some every day & average the same amount as during the year for the most part #MomBizMondays
A1 summer is going ok so far - the best part has been just being able to relax! #MomBizMondays
It's almost time for #MomBizMondays :)
Women Who are Ambivalent about Women Against #WomenAgainstFeminism: via @thebloggess
RT @rachelheldevans: Lots of great posts getting linked at Faith Feminisms today. Check them out:
goodnight #mombizmondays - see you next week :)
A6 good question. Set up a booth maybe? #mombizmondays
A5... what is this "summer travel" you speak of? #mombizmondays
A4 join in other people's summer challenges - there are tons going on. Get your name out there! #MomBizMondays
A4 do a summer-specific (or back to school etc) challenge/ or information sharing that relates to your target market. #MomBizMondays
Sprout Social - - I use it for a lot of my clients. So easy & great analytics! #MomBizMondays
A3 engagement. You just can't automate personal relationships. #MomBizMondays
A2 we automate information sharing updates & that helps a bit - but we do that all year long #MomBizMondays
A1 I don't really make any changes to our marketing during the summer #MomBizMondays
RT @highlyirritable: Attention parents of 9-11 yr-old boys: Primal Scream therapy is moved to 9PM to accommodate extended hours at the...
The Scene: supper time. Son: pokes me in the arm with his cob of corn. Me: "Don't touch me." Son: "I get that A LOT. I'm a corn ninja."
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