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RT @adamisaacUK: Just setting up for tonight's gig at @TH_Southampton...
Building C# on MacOSX with Sublime Text -
Building C# on MacOSX with Sublime Text
Building C# on MacOSX with Sublime Text: It's been a while since I last cranked up mono to compile some C#, and ...
The Full Monty - from Ruby to Python n00bie: Ruby developers are a pretty spoilt bunch these days. The communit...
The Full Monty - from Ruby to Python n00bie -
The Full Monty - from Ruby to Python n00bie
RT @customerexplabs: Humor --> How Microsoft got their new logo -
RT @rossdawson: Stanford announces 16 free online courses for fall quarter, including Technology Entrepreneurship
RT @50ShedsofGrey: I have to admit to one fetish - MILFs . . . Mowers I'd Like to Fix.
My twitter client keeps showing ads for "find a foreign husband". Perhaps I need to tweet more aggressively.
RT @benkepes: "@MarceI: @benkepes don't forget to fold your Post-It twice for 2-step auth." Hot security tip!
Luca to Delphi for 320 denarii? Wonderful interactive maps of the Roman World
RT @Zee: Posted this late last night....This letter from Paypal’s President might just make you believe in the company again
RT @ntouk: ... my CIO column on the public sector's move to open technical standards for software -
RT @danbenjamin Bacon in pan. Pan into cold oven. Temp to 400°. Timer to 20 minutes #sciebacon
RT @WSJ: "Downton Abbey" fans, brace yourselves. There's a new trailer for Season 3. Watch it here:
RT @hughmason: Average age here at #swperth looks more 30-sth than the 20-sth I expected from other SW's. Stats say success likelier:
Did something today you don't often get a chance to do "in a startup" .. got certified! (ScrumMaster) w00t!
RT @judacris: I think Sherlock is taking so long to film because no building management is willing to let Sherlock reuse it to explain his suicide.
How to write a ruby gem? Read: How to make it hawt? Use this instead: via @mfeathers
so @dbsbank replaces my trusty football ID token for a new device (no reason given) and the LCD fails after a month. Confidence -> 0%
Spent over $400 with @OReillyMedia this year. All other ebook retailers got $0 due to region restrictions and DRM (incl @amazon). Sod em
RT @jfdiasia: Straits Times: http://JFDI.Asia founders @mengwong and @hughmason are officially now sugar daddies - to start-ups
RT @destraynor: If we changed the language of “notifications” to that of “interruptions” it’d change behaviour. “Interrupt me when…” is a different thing.
RT @mashable: Google Doodle Celebrates Julia Child's 100th Birthday -
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