RT @chrizmillr: He had an itch to travel amongst the stars: https://twitter.com/chrizmi...
Time to rise and both national anthems tonight. I blame @rit and shall attempt to fling things towards his seats. #imanadult
RT @iam8bit: Win Free Stuff - Sunset Overdrive! RT and follow us to enter. Lots of codes to give away thanks to @insomniacgames https://twitter.com/iam8bit...
Yarr and Order: Special Parlay Unit #PirateTVShows @midnight @wilw
. @SFBART I thought it was the #1 location where #2 occurs.
This is the Future. I am playing Pepsi Man for PS1, emulated on a Raspberry Pi in HD. I have no idea why this game exists.
In a San Jose street fight, does the ref have to count to 0b11? #WWESanJose
RT @kethryvis: If this main event is a "San Jose Street Fight" i expect to see Macbooks and iPhones involved. #WWESanJose
RT @skie: Please do not challenge me to dump ice water on my head, this state is experiencing a severe drought :(
RT @disneylandcats: Permanezca sentado y mantengo las manos, brazos, patas, colas, pies, y piernas dentro de vehiculo.
RT @disneylandcats: If you need me, I’ll be sitting in the Genie’s lap and purring for the rest of the evening. #RIPRobinWilliams
Who has 2 thumbs and played SNES games on the Raspberry π instead of moving up laundry at a decent hour? Not @shippouthedog who lacks thumbs
RT @shippouthedog: Dog park dog park dog park kisses kisses DOG PARK! https://twitter.com/shippou...
While I may have felt like a grownup and had endless boneless wings w/ salad for dinner, I should think about the aftermath next time. #urgh
RT @BadJokeCat: Today is National Orgasm Day? What is the world cumming to?
RT @fluffyguy: RT 4 ur chance to win a FREE #FluffyMovie promo plush talking doll featured on http://www.fluffyshop.com/ https://twitter.com/fluffyg...
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RT @fluffyguy: RT this for ANOTHER chance to win a #FluffyMovie personalized autographed poster. :) https://twitter.com/fluffyg...
South Bay beware: a wild @skie has been spotted in Milpitas. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. #loveyoumeanit
Saw #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy , nearly laughed as much as #FluffyMovie last week. If @fluffyguy was in GotG... *MIND BLOWN*
RT @KarlTheFog: Welcome to Fogust.
RT @woothome: $79.99 : Emson Pressure Cooker Smoker - 5-Qt. or 7-Qt. http://home.woot.com
I got the 5qt a few weeks back. The 50-minute brisket is AMAZING, and cleanup is a snap. - Neal Krummell
RT @shippouthedog: If at first you don't succeed, go back to sleep. #dogthoughts https://twitter.com/shippou...
TV edit: "Jeepers creepers, that thing was real!?" -- The Matrix on TNT, parasite removal scene
This mix is neither awesome, number 1 or a tape. #NerdistSDCC #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
The Rock was cooking the coke. #NerdistSDCC
Where do recycle bins go when they're no longer useful? #NerdistSDCC #lifequote
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