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RT @LiveEventTrivia: CLUES FOR THE WEEK! #LiveEventTriviaClue 1) Research Dr. Charles Drew and the Blood Plasma for GB Project 2)...
The beatings will continue until morale drools more. #bliss
This little pile of green attic is going to make for a fun time in the car.
RT @GerryDuggan: (•_•) Looks like Brazil... ( •_•)>⌐■-■ just got WAXED. (⌐■_■) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA #BrazilvsGermany
RT @CAExtremeOrg: Print it, post it, pass it around -- the flyer for this weekend’s California Extreme classic game event! #CAX
I got belted across the face.
RT @qwertee: Win this FREE HOODIE today on Just Follow @qwertee and ReTweet this to enter! Good Luck:)
Knife: 0 @anonemoose : 1
I think he's trying to do a seahorse impression. Some days it's best to not ask.
A day near the beach -
A day near the beach
Insane conglomeration of Pac Man and air hockey found at Santa Cruz Boardwalk - Neal Krummell
That looks pretty fun. - Stephen Mack
RT @Charles_HRH: For Sale. Only used twice.
Crap, I think I'm an adult now: looking forward to buying a new toilet seat. The toilet trifecta will be complete #getoffmylawn
Speaking for Sachi as if she were a Yes Man is kinda fun. #yesboss
Cleaned the surface of the toilet so hard my phone won't unlock with my left thumb #hardcorecleaning
RT @qwertee: "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" is today's tee on ReTweet for a chance at a FREE TEE!
The Best Goals From The 2013-14 NHL Season -
The Best Goals From The 2013-14 NHL Season
The Funniest Hockey Bloopers From the 2013-14 NHL Season -
The Funniest Hockey Bloopers From the 2013-14 NHL Season
Because I thought today was Saturday, I switched to a watch with day week readout. I was ready to chill out and even go for a walk, too!
Dessert, caramel and cotton candy dipped cone. NOM NOM NOM
Both Airs (iPad and MacBook) updated to IOS8 or 10.10. No explosions yet. Chrome behaves a little weird, but work email stuff still works!
Like staying home for once?
(Most) German animal names broken down into a flowchart:
RT @GeorgeRRMartin_: I don't know why I wasn't invited, I'm great at weddings... @KimKardashian @kanyewest
My eyebrows, quite literally, disappeared into my hair for a while at this one. I don't think they've ever shot up that far or fast... - WebGoddess
Only took about 50,000 miles to get the Highlander out of CA. #uselesstrivia
Saw new xmen as a work event. Hooooly crap, skip caffeine, you won't wanna pee. And there is a post credit bit.
Back into the Trivia zone: Tonight 8pm @LiveEventTrivia at @7starbar tomorrow 7pm @fibbarmagees
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