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I got visitors when someone moved the dog carriers. Little one was hiding under the bed, just a tiny nose poking out.
Bring back my Sirius, please!
RT @qwertee: "MEGA" is today's tee on ReTweet for a chance at a FREE TEE!
RT @sjsharkie: Want to win a framed nameplate print? All you need to do is RT this and follow me. 1 random winner. US shipping only.
What's wrong with your feet? "I have socks on them!" -- @thewigglyolive
after #RAD : Hair rinsed out yellow, face was mostly pink, right nostril was blue, left was purple. #itsnot
TouchID works through a plastic Baggie!
If you're watching the sharks/kings game at home, we are atop the 'Authentic Fan' section. Usually get airtime in second #BeatLA
RT @sjsharkie: not just pants, but jersey, socks, etc: @kethryvis @IAmJericho @TBLightning
One day, LSI WebBIOS will have to use itself and the world ends. #failureinUI
RT @teefury: Who wants to win 6 free grab bag tees? Just retweet this and you'll be entered. Winner chosen in 1 hour...
Worst. Chest burster. EVAR.
Pondered going to Drive-in to see @TheMuppets Most Wanted movie, then remembered I didn't hook FM antenna in on new radio. #schadenfreude
RT @brodiebrazilCSN: Exclusive CSN camera angle of @Burnzie88 sniping #sjsharks 3rd goal…
Hey @SIRIUSXM I wouldn't call only sports and Canada channels a "subscription update" but c'est la vie!
Relevant info: Wienerschnitzel has dipped cones. And a Drive-Thru window. Together. #mindblown
Whoa and FF is importing tweets again. - Neal Krummell
Tron: Legacy - Complete Soundtrack HD -
Tron: Legacy - Complete Soundtrack HD
Umloud 2012, When You Wish Upon A Death Star! -
Umloud 2012, When You Wish Upon A Death Star!
Trying to find my waking pace. Midway point is Psycho Donuts. Yay nutrients!
I've been worse places to kill an hour.
*CAUTION: This is LOUD* Type "do the harlem shake" into the search bar on YouTube. Press enter. Wait 15 seconds.
Dear brain: Yes, creating a line of Star Wars-themed mobility devices is awesome for many, but blaring out IMPERIAL WALKERS ARE THE FUTURE?
Ho boy... @thewigglyolive picked out my shirt for today: "It has kitties!"
Ugh, these pants warmers take forever to get everything up to temp.
PS4 Announcement - Abridged Version -
PS4 Announcement - Abridged Version
Some people have a doorman, we have a door princess with entourage.
Yo dawg, I heard you like outlets, so we put them in these cars in Gilroy! At the outlets! #badjoke
Nothing says Valentine's Day like a giant penis drawn in lipstick on a windshield down the street.
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