OpenELEC Is a Fast-Booting, Self-Updating Version of XBMC for Home Theater PCs [Downloads] -
This makes me feel like my smartphone isn't being used properly -
This makes me feel like my smartphone isn't being used properly
Animoog music synthesizer for the iPad -
Video: How to start a car with a dead battery without jumper cables -
What you don%u2019t know about your apps -
Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses: a Tumblog of Greatness -
The Cycle Wherein Apple Creates a Product and People Copy It and Then ‘Improve’ Upon the Design and Then People Ask Apple to Do the Same ‘Improvements’ and Apple Doesn’t and Then People Get Mad at Apple and Apple Keeps Making More Money Than Everyone Else -
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Configure iCloud for Multiple Apple IDs [Icloud] -
Ball-camera that you toss in the air for a 360° panorama -
Fat werewolf eating a cupcake in a Michael Jackson "Thriller" jacket tee -
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Backify: Up to 512GB of Free Online Storage -
Laser pointer leads to quick arrest -
Neiio Consolidates All Your Online Contacts for You to Import Anywhere—for Free [Webapps] -
Horn Bike: the bike-mounted passive amplifier for iPhone 4 -
Flash Matic Tuning, a device to shut off long, boring commercials -
Dennis Ritchie, 1941-2011: Computer scientist, Unix co-creator, C programming language designer -
Peter Sichel: ‘When Market Share Is Used to Mislead’ -
Video: Man power-washes his new Mercedes-Benz CLS - inside -
Excellent Nollywood movie trailer: Mass Destruction -
iPhone 4S 8-Megapixel photo looks incredible -
MyTunes for iPhone gives your music an impressive kick -
The New Yorker cover: Steve Jobs, knockin' on heaven's door -
Spotted in Los Angeles: Thank you, Steve -
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