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The China Business Network

The China Business Network

The China Business Network
peter horsfield
Kinect-Like eBox Expected to Launch in China Next Year
My China Business Success 2010 Good Luck Lantern in Shanxi Taiyuan China
How China Finances U.S. Development «'s The China Tracker -
How China Finances U.S. Development «'s The China Tracker
"Twenty years of failed isolationism brings us to 1978, "Opening and Reform," characterized by trade with, investment from and integration with the outside world. But now that China is rich enough to pay its own way to development, it’s time for a new brand of self-sufficiency. A global kind, with Chinese characteristics. For instance, China’s economy needs natural gas, but the Kazakhs don’t want to spend the money to develop the pipeline. China bankrolls the development, secures the supply of what China needs. Now, what does China “need” from the U.S.?" - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Что это за спам? Зачем столько комнат? - слова бивиса и элвиса
Бля. Зачем это? Зачем это вообще? - Alexis Nazarbaev
Ебать. Как жить дальше? Кто все эти люди? - daharms
Кто здесь? - ебайтудай жопатам
и мои пять копеек. Зачем это? - atner
Hi There. I am looking to make contact with Chinese business women and groups. Can anyone here suggest some contacts? Thanks!
Jeffrey J Davis
Shanzhai RMB Money, Popular With Children In Shanxi -
Shanzhai RMB Money, Popular With Children In Shanxi
Mathew McDougall
Digital Ministry - Interview: SinoTech Group CEO, Dr Mathew McDougall: The Future of Digital Marketing in China -
Tom Carter
Thank you for supporting photojournalist Tom Carter's CHINA: Portrait of a People, the most comprehensive book of photography on modern China ever published by a single author. Available now from Blacksmith Books or Haven Books online. -
Tom Carter
China's New Investment Rules. Second Tier Is First Rate And The Service Sector Shall Reign. -
8 Places To Experience Unspoiled China -
Right on! I've been to a couple of those spots. Would live to get to the rest. - blackChinahand
Dimitar Vesselinov
First Open Web Asia Conference October '08 to Focus on Social Web - WordFrame Blog -
Bernard Moon
It's better we specific the topics here , like SNS in China , Online ad etc ...
i'm confused about this FF "rooms" concept, from a practical standpoint. How can this work for me, in terms of sharing information about, say, technology trends in China? Could it be that I am actually ahead of the curve, for the first time in living history?a bit - sage brennan from twhirl
Jianjun Zhang
My first post here. Thanks to the new release of Twhirl, this place will become hotter. We can now easily disucss matters in FF rooms.
Carsten Ullrich
Shanghaiist: If you're thinking about adoption... -
Let's share something sensible. - Carsten Ullrich
Christine Lu
welcome to the room. we're out of fortune cookies but expect another shipment soon.
Carsten Ullrich
Hi there! Nice room, even though it is still a bit empty.
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