Wow, this Iran v Nigeria match is boring. This is why I do not support Nigeria in World Cups, simple Iran they are struggling...
Are we witnessing the death of tika-taka? What a game! #WorldCup
RT @pipublic: This tweet goes to the guy who is responsable for the outages of #Feedly: F**K YOU!
ManU pulled out of the Fabregas deal because his wages of 200K was too high. Wonder how they justify paying an 18yr old 160K then.
only two hours left for you chance to score an invite
I just entered to #win & you can too: "Invites to Buy the OnePlus One". Enter the #giveaway here:
It's raining invites, Hallelujah, its raining invites
RT @MKBHD: Giveaway: MKBHD Edition Nexus 5! - RT!
RT @MKBHD: Giveaway: MKBHD Edition Nexus 5! - RT!
RT @BrandSanderson: FIREFIGHT is now up for preorder, with new cover art! RT to win a signed ARC (US/Canada).
Freebie: A set of 50 crisp minimal vector icons by @hugonoorlander //
Was thinking of getting @belkin #Wemo.... till I found out the app is only for IOS.
In hold with southern electric and having to listen to a static-y skipping track. Not cool.
Tolumi hates packing and moving. Will need a proper massage by the time this is all over.
Cartoon envy RT @addhass: Saturday morning cartoons in bed with the Gummi Bears!
RT @gurubob: Skills to look for in a great link builder (outsourcing advice):
Why Windows will continue to lose market share "@dannyguk: "Fuck you Windows, that's a step too far""
I'm checking out @TweetLanes, a brand new Twitter app for Android. Looks pretty cool so far.
"not provided" in GA just increased RT @TechCrunch: Firefox 14 Launches, Now Encrypts Your Google Searches By Default
RT @TechCrunch: Google Puts Nail In The Coffin For Static Analytics, Real Time Now The Only Option by @gallagherbilly
#onrepeat MJB ft Drake - Mr Wrong, loving this song right now.
RT @LINGsCARS: RT @Ed_Miliband: If David Cameron doesn’t order a judge-led inquiry, he will be failing to understand scale of this crisis > Oh, do fuck off
So Kalou, Drogba and Bosingwa are out now.... Still waiting for the good news that Malouda has been sold.
finally @chelseafc thinking is getting rid of #Malouda... About time. Less thinking more getting rid.
Listening to Skrillex...
I say thumbs down: Do you like the new name for the Football League Cup?
RT @OlajuwonBSM: Money can't buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Ferrari.
Drrooooling at the new Next gen Macbook Pro #WWDC
Waiting to see what gadgets Apple is going to make me spend my hard earned money on now #WWDC
RT @flyosity: Go change your LinkedIn password. They hashed it with no salt and 6,500,000 credentials were leaked.
#GameofThrones season 2 over :(. One thing I can say about GRRM, he knows how to end on a cliffhanger.
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