It's no good crowing about your achievements without recognising all those who helped. My top 20 sources:
Thanks to the giants upon whose shoulders I stood -
telescope or epocselet? Which way are you looking? -
Brand storytelling could be a recipe for success -
Daylight Robbery – the hidden fees charged for annual patent renewals -
Apologies to all the marketing people I've insulted -
IT's role in Marketing Automation - CIO UK via @ciouk
There’s Nothing to Fear in the New Flexible Working Rules -
Free, downloadable, pocket-sized booklets on business writing and media handling. Enjoy.
My (overdue) goodbye to Felix Dennis blog post:
Social Business: an issue that troubles you? Maybe this will help:
25 years of clients: alive, eaten and dead -
Python 2 or 3? Lesson learned <sob>.
A quickie on Python. Version 2 or 3: lesson learned.
5 Easy Steps to a Happier Office Workforce -
Marvellous news. Congratulations @evrything
From the personal computer to the web: a searchable archive -
Interested in the pre-web world? Here's a searchable archive of 263 of my articles/columns ('79-'95)
Seems like Typepad is back in the land of the living. #typepadstatus
Silo (or Solo) - Collaboration - Social -
Good sub-editors are the unsung heroes of the professional writing world. Here's why:
Hats off to @DT for introducing me to Grandfos - a company that knows its social business onions.
RT @mylearningworx: We've just added two new free courses from @tebbo to the course library. Find out more about them here
RT @mylearningworx: End of an era, but the start of something new for @tebbo.
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