techky on So...first impressions? -
"I kid! Congrats on the job!" - techky
techky on So...first impressions? -
"Don't think so. It looks like a fatal case of "Alabama bangs" to me." - techky
techky on How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring. -
"Link?" - techky
techky on What if Richard Sherman's face were only his mouth? -
"Someone needs to buy a bunch of these from fathead and use them during the NCAA tournament." - techky
techky on What clip have you listened/watched the most times? -
"This one where Sal and Richiard imitate Gary. It wasn't even on the real show, still cracks me up." - techky
techky on How can we suggest additions to "Where to Eat" Section? -
"Who am I to turn down free cheese? Nobody that's who. :)" - techky
techky on How can we suggest additions to "Where to Eat" Section? -
"I've never been but it sounds awesome!" - techky
techky on How can we suggest additions to "Where to Eat" Section? -
"I was out of town all week and didn't see this until now. I'll make some changes. Yeah Buster's definitely needs to be removed. I'll do it this weekend. Yep, always open to suggestions." - techky
techky on The number of Americans struggling to pay medical bills fell last year for the first time in nearly a decade -- the latest sign that Obamacare is making health care more affordable -
"Swig of water for the working man." - techky
techky on W1D1 finished with my furry friend. -
"It looks like you may have a clone of my dog." - techky
techky on Experience with Allegiant Air out of Bluegrass Airport? -
"If think I remember them saying they only accept credit cards during the flight but I could be wrong." - techky
techky on Experience with Allegiant Air out of Bluegrass Airport? -
"It's fine. No problems with the flight, crews, or plane any time I've flown them. It's a low cost airline so tickets will be cheap but you will be charged for everything else. They charge to print boarding passes unless you do it at home. Charge for checked bags. In flight snacks and drinks aren't free either. Besides that I think they usually have good deals. More frequent fliers may have other opinions. I'll be interested in reading the other opinions as well." - techky
techky on My mom got me this for Christmas. Thought you guys might appreciate it as much as I do. -
"Dogs > people in movies." - techky
techky on What is your favorite live music recording? -
"James Brown playing [The Payback in Zaire]( in 1974. He's at the height of his powers. Plus this song kicks ass." - techky
techky on [Game Thread] Kentucky vs Louisville (2:00pm ET) -
"I understood this reference." - techky
techky on Reddit! Let's make a Millionaire! -
"I'm ready. Good luck!" - techky
techky on Google blurs the Statue of Liberty -
"Looks like I just found the cover of my surveillance state documentary." - techky
techky on Met this tall at a show - tattoo says "superior genepool" -
"This is relevant to your interests." - techky
techky on My Dads (guy on the floor) bands photo from the 70s -
"As the age of the members of a reunited band increases, the odds of one of those members wearing a backwards flat cap hat approaches 100%." - techky
techky on State Of Ky. Withdraws Tax Breaks From Noah's Ark Park -
"Thank God. Oh wait, no, yeah, that's right." - techky
techky on Nathan, PM me if you need pictures of your car. -
"Yes." - techky
techky on Synology DSM 5.1 is now released -
"Would also like to know the answer this. Have any brave people running Sickbeard or Sab upgraded to 5.1?" - techky
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