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Techy Questions

Techy Questions

Got an answer? Answer the asker, not me.
cheap international calls with Vyke app #tech
How Social Technology Is Taking Greatest Minds Out of Shadow #tech
Advantages of Being a Female Tech Entrepreneur #tech
And does LinkedIn work in terms of expanding your business? Do you get new leads and accounts? #tech
How do you use LinkedIn for your business purposes? Are you happy with results? #tech
Do you prefer to purchase music in a shop/store or download via an online portal (web shop, torrent site etc) #tech
Can yoomoot benefit from the predicted rise of Quora in 2011? #tech
What is the average lifespan of a new website? #tech
In a future comments management system, why would someone want to allow their comments to be edited? #tech
Is it ethical to edit a users comment on a blog post or webpage? #tech
Google Wave could be reborn as Apache Wave. #tech
Would comments posted via YouMoot comment management automatically surface on YouMoot? #tech
How would YouMoot comment management differ from Disqus? #tech
Social media and networking are becoming a norm for jobseekers. What do you think about it ? #tech
Does cybernetics describe a web focused orgs. digital communications with networks distributing information #tech
Do presents have to have a physical form? #tech
Are the only people who buy CDs people with no or slow internet access? #tech
Is the CD in its death throes? #tech
Should the intellectual property laws be abolished? #tech
Should it be legal to use other people's intellectual property for entirely non-commercial purposes #tech
What's the best way to mix RSS feeds? #tech
What are the advantages of the auto retweet on Hootsuite? #tech
Hootsuite: Why you should consider disabling Twitter web retweets? #tech
Do music streaming services like Spotify reduce the one pound price to around ten pence to free? #tech
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