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SMS, IM, OMG?!? Private Messaging Apps and Your Circle of Friends #socialmedia - Ted Curran
Answer by @tedcurran to Why do people use WhatsApp instead of Google Hangouts? - Ted Curran
Elegant solutions for creating news layouts in HTML5. "Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps" - Ted Curran
Action-Oriented eLearning | Don't forget the humble WebQuest! (updated) #PBL #edtech #eLearning - Ted Curran
I call it "background research". Cyberloafing at Work Makes You More Productive - Ted Curran
@songza Aha! No, but my VPN probably is! Thanks! - Ted Curran
Using an #Android Tablet with Active Stylus To Create Screencasts Easily and Inexpensively #edtech #androidedu - Ted Curran
After all the white bread, butter, and wine we had in Europe, nothing compares to a fresh smoothie of carrots, ginger, orange, and greens. Mmmmmm. -
Check This Out: The Spritz Reader Can Actually Change How You Read #edtech - Ted Curran
"Netflix to @FCC: reclassify Comcast and Verizon so they can’t choke the internet" #fftf - Ted Curran
I expect to see this on @waitwait soon: "Study: Smelling Farts is Good for Your Health" - Ted Curran
Why didn't somebody tell me this sooner? -
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