HTML5 Presentations in Markdown and Reveal.js -
HTML5 Presentations in Markdown and Reveal.js
Decided to give my OnePlus One some superpowers today. What do you think? This is Nova Launcher Prime with a wallpaper I downloaded from Zedge and blurred with Tholotis blur. The clock, weather, and calendar are all part of the Cyanogen lock screen click widget cLock (with customized colors). The icons along the top come from Power Toggles widget,... -
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It's an eye-candy day on my computer! I just updated to OSX Yosemite (which is beautiful) and enjoying the new UI for Google Play Music. -
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Phones nowadays have such great quality cameras we should use them more. Great smartphone camera tricks! -
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Hey #Android fans-- I have 2 free licenses for @JavelinBrowser Pro to share. Try it, it's good. - Ted Curran
Flipping Fantastic: Gain hands-on experience with technologies critical to flipped learning. - Ted Curran
The Whiteness Project "illustrates the extent to which blacks and whites really do inhabit vastly different worlds" - Ted Curran
"Instructional Design Models and Theories: Problem-Based Learning" #edtech - Ted Curran
Harvard Business Review -
"The Real Revolution in Online Education Isn't #MOOCs - (blog)" #CBE - Ted Curran
@tedcurran on "How to turn gainful employment lemons into business growth lemonade"! 9:45/PT #CAPPS @PearsonNorthAm - Ted Curran
I had some teachers that fit this description... "Study: Cadavers Better Teaching Tool Than Computers" - Ted Curran
Hi @salliegoetsch , which local #510 #415 hands-on #WordPress training do you recommend? A friend is looking at this: - Ted Curran
Our friendly neighborhood dive bar is all dressed up for Halloween! -
Chomsky on the #Corporatization of American Universities. I agree that defunding #highered makes us more precarious. - Ted Curran
#nowlistening to , the 2nd series of songs created by editing @youtube musicians together into original songs. - Ted Curran
Could a Newly Launched Metaphorical Search Engine Really Work? - Ted Curran
Talking white: Black people’s disdain for proper English and academic achievement is a myth. - #teaching - Ted Curran
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