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Medicinal substances from African plants could stop cancer growth -
Main Point: Researchers have reported that benzophenones derived from plants originating in Cameroon, country in west central Africa, could work effectively against cancers that are resistant to multi-drug. Published in: Phytomedicine Study Further: Multi-drug resistance is one of the most unwanted problems in the case of cancer as it reduces the chances of survival very much. In the present study, researchers examined more than 100 spices and plants in Cameroon for their cancer killing properties especially multi-drug resistant cancers. "We have already found an entire series of benzophenones and other phytochemicals that are able to elude resistance mechanisms and thus offer many new opportunities for continued research," Professor Thomas Efferth of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biochemistry – Therapeutic Life Sciences at Mainz University, stated. "The active substances present in African medicinal plants may be capable of killing off tumor cells that are resistant to...
Bambi Robles
Herbal Medicine - Herbal medicine, also called agricultural medicine or phytomedicine, refers to working a plant’s seeds, roots, leaves, berries, flowers or barks for healing purposes. Herbalism has a long ethic of use outside of general medicine. It is becoming more conventional as advancements in analysis...
Herbal Medicine - Herbal medicine, also called agricultural medicine or phytomedicine, refers to working a plant’s seeds, roots, leaves, berries, flowers or barks for healing purposes. Herbalism has a long ethic of use outside of general medicine. It is becoming more conventional as advancements in analysis and...
Natural Ways To Revitalize Your Body At Any Age -
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No More Dark Circles "Fuji pears -- or Asian pears -- were used by Chinese courtesans to get rid of dark circles under the eyes," says Dr. Mao. Fuji pears are chock full of vitamin C and copper, which can help protect the delicate skin around the eye from free radical damage. Dr. Mao suggests adding a tablespoon of honey to a pealed, de-cored pear and then steaming for 15 minutes. Not only is it a delicious dessert, but the copper in the pear contains superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that helps mop up free radicals that enter the body via air pollution, says Dr. Mao. - RAPatton
Erase Age Spots To combat age spots and improve brain function, introduce anchovies and sardines into your diet. Dimethyl-aminoethanol (DMAE) found in small fish promotes energy, focus, concentration and has been found to reverse age spots, says Dr. Mao. One problem, however, is that some sardines come salted in oil. Dr. Mao suggests purchasing sardines fresh or packaged in water with little to no sodium. - RAPatton
"Balance Your Hormones Lignans found in beans, nuts and seeds not only help balance cholesterol and prevent acne, but they also contain estrogen-like plant hormones called phytoestrogens that can increase your libido, says Dr. Mao. "Flaxseed oil contains a wonderful supply of omega-3 fatty acids, but lignans can only be found in the hull of the seed, which you throw away when you... more... - RAPatton
Live4Emma (L4S)
People eat that?! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
with a small fork! - Cee Bee
in this case with a large one. - Carlos Ayala
I heard it goes down slowly... - Jemm
well, people eat winkles, muscles, cockles... they're no different really. Insects are great sources of protein - alphaxion
Cooked with butter and garlic it's quite tasty. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
That's a lot of meat - Rodfather
heebie jeebies - Steve C, Team Marina
That has to feel...slickery? - That's So CAJ!
A crunchy shell with a chewy center! - Michael R. Bernstein
Anything cooked in a bunch of butter usually turns out to be not that bad. - Eric - Final Countdown
what kind of snails are they? They are awesome. Also, snails are mollusks, not insects. - JoEllen
Eric @ CS Techcast - not exactly... there is Finnish proverb (nasty one) Russians are always Russians even if you fry them in butter (ryssä on ryssä vaikka voikka pastaisi) - A. T.
@joellen I know, I was just on about all bugs in general be they gastropods or multi legged. was poor sentence structure. - alphaxion
ewwwwwww - Shevonne
i think i'm gonna toss my cookies. - Yolanda
they don't look like they're escargot yet. - Jim #teamFFrank
Nothing a shaker of salt can't cure... - Jeff P. Henderson
This post confuses me. Am I supposed to go CUTE! as if these are pet snails, or am I supposed to go NOM! as if they are delicious? Because I'm not really sure I can do either in good conscience... - Jandy
EEEwwww! - Brent - Yes I am
those snails are HUGE!!!!!!! eeeewwww! - Susan Beebe
nasty! - Alp
Banana Slugs! I've seen bigger. Also, EW! I like them from a distance. I can't imagine holding them like in the picture... Again, I say, EW! - Lisa L. Seifert
Protein! And as pointed out, quite tasty suteed in garlic butter. - Ted Russ
Sorry, did "Penthouse Magazine" just comment on one of my posts? o_O Not sure what to make of that.... - Live4Emma (L4S)
Mr. and Mrs. Snailski - AJ Batac
Barbara K. Baker
*sigh* I absolutely hate #hashtags in "Trending Topics"
Bill Maher on healthcare, need to be as functional as the post office humor classic post
Prescription Scores used to deny health insurance classic post
Ben Torres
Well its vacation time for me, so I wont be on for a while. Talk to you all soon, and live large.
Nancy Arroyo Perez
Facebook: Now you can control who can see that you're online Friends lists work with Chat—you can choose which lists can see you online.
Armando Fierro
Ange Recchia/angesbiz
@kimcoach I am full of Energy & Vitality #AffirMonday - That's the kind of delicious day I am creating =)
Stephen Dale
conversation matters: Knowledge Management: Where We've Been and Where We're Going - Part Two -
In this series I‘ve classified the evolving landscape of knowledge management into three categories. The first category is leveraging explicit knowledge and is about capturing documented knowledge and building it into a collection - connecting people to content. The second category is about leveraging experiential knowledge and it gave rise to communities of practice and reflection processes. It is primarily focused on connecting people to people. The third category is leveraging collective knowledge and it is about integrating ideas from multiple perspectives. Its medium is conversation in both its virtual and face-to-face forms. - Stephen Dale
Give @GarrenC a shout out and follow. He is a great guy!!!!
RT @Jenocide312 Klingon electronic dictionary (Please RT) #startrek
ThinkGeek :: Whiskey Stones :: Zoom! -
ThinkGeek :: Whiskey Stones :: Zoom!
Heather Solos
Hating IE with an unholy passion.
I've got some #iestories I could tell.... - Paul Reynolds
LOL. Is it time for another round of #iestories? - Araceli
Eric Schwartzman
New York Times | Maureen Dowd "Google is a leader in stripping away privacy." -
A VERY compelling perspective on Google's part in spurring the extinction of newspapers. - Eric Schwartzman
Gotta be careful using real name on the Internet. - TrafficBug
never heard of maureen dowd before, too many names to remember, error: stack overflow, system shut down - TrafficBug
hi . how r u? would u like go to visit my website ? i think u ll like my website - duyendang
Spoiler ... Punchline: "I feel better for a minute, until I realize that the only reason he knew that I wasn’t so easily replaceable is that Google had been looking into how to replace me." - Tim Tyler
Twitter's growth in Australia 'phenomenal' - BizTech - Technology - -
Twitter's growth in Australia "has been nothing short of phenomenal," rocketing 1067 per cent since the start of this year, reported Alan Long, research director at the Internet intelligence gathering firm. - Allison from Bookmarklet
Australia? Who wants to live there? I believe its a country with weird people doing strange things in there. And they belive twitter? Ha ha! hype mongers got them. - TrafficBug
Australia is the early adopter country weirdly, probably because we are so far away from stuffy traditional countries and stuff. Mind you we have no history, so we are apathetic as hell when it comes to actually getting angry about things. She'll be right mate - Allison
Stephen Dale
20 Essential Twitter Apps | Janet Fouts -
20 Essential Twitter Apps | Janet Fouts
You know how you find that incredible Twitter app, use it a couple of times and then can’t remember where it was? Me too. So I pulled this quick list together as much as a bookmark list for my own use as to share some apps you might not have seen yet. It is not at all comprehensive and I left out all of the desktop, iPhone apps and mash-ups for another post coming soon. - Stephen Dale from Bookmarklet
“Is it just me or is becoming a virtually unusable website, always extremely slow, sometimes you get no response when clicking on the follow button, sometimes the page doesn't even load completely and you can't read the text in the tweets! Getting annoying!” -
experienced the same some hours ago and gave up - thom
I almost never visit the website, it never loads correctly.. Thought it was because I'm on a extremely slow connection.. - Jaap Willem
no Jaap, I have the same problems on a T1 line at work. they are experiencing phenomenal growth but that's still no excuse. Scale, people. Scale or die. - Laura Norvig
Yeah, and the emails you get when someone DM's you has no indication as to which twitter account the DM was sent to... - TrafficBug
TB you should be creating seperate gmail or domain email accounts then... makes it a lottttt easier :) - Allison
See this a lot - Hutch Carpenter
You can thank @oprah and @aplusk for that. - Chris Johnston
desperately hanging out for happy hour coffee. 10am is SO FAR AWAY.
Rob York - Rosario @ScenariosUSA gala tonight...looking FABULOUS! - Rosario @ScenariosUSA gala tonight...looking FABULOUS!
Crystal seeking inspiration through the raindrops......
Ricardo Hernandez Canto
@profsaint 'bout time you followed me! :)
Tia Marie
I have a hair appoinent at 6:30, cut and dye. I'm going to go a little more edgy than last time with the colour.
Anji Bee
@joeygrana @asheridan @ebarrera - i've been thinking about coffee for the past hour myself. sounds so good...
Evening RT~ If We Are Able To Think It, Then We Are Able To Create It ~→ ← Enjoy Today's #Inspiration
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