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Joi Ito
Jon Lebkowsky
Sav Khetan
Now this is a lot of information presented in a easy to understand graphic. Beatles authorship visualized -
Joi Ito
Someone I've never met found my Android phone and sent it to me from a city I've never been to without ever talking to me directly
Ah, that's something nice to read. :-) Up with (good) people! - Absentee
Always nice to hear those things. I lost my phone at the Mori Building in Roppongi and had it back in my hands a day or so later in a different part of Japan. - Chris Burke
Jon Lebkowsky
"If we are never consumed by the transforming fire of desires, -
Scott Beale
Republican Congresspeople Running Away From Huffington Post Reporter -
Scott Beale
heh...thought this was photoshopped -- it ain't, it's for real :) - Stephanie Segel
ha! good find! - Tofu De la Moore from BuddyFeed
OMG... too much! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Too bad it doesn't go to 140... - CJ Guest
Scott Beale
Couple From Iconic Woodstock Photo Still a Couple -
Couple From Iconic Woodstock Photo Still a Couple
Howard Rheingold
1 cool thing I learned via tweetup w/ @hexayurt in London: (attention Burners!)
Make: Online : Solar sunflowers at Austin's Mueller development -
Make: Online : Solar sunflowers at Austin's Mueller development
Make: Online : Solar sunflowers at Austin's Mueller development
"Austin's new development at the site of the old Robert Mueller airport includes a small solar farm consisting of fifteen of these lovely blue "solar sunflower" collectors, designed by Cambridge's Harries/Héder Collaborative, whose concept was selected from a pool of 37 applicants to Austin's Art in Public Places program. Details of the project are available here. The collectors, which have been installed but aren't yet active, will collect energy during the day and release it at night as light for the nearby hike-and-bike trail." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Andy Baio
E_B_A tells the story behind the "Suing for Hotlinked Images" screenshot -
the conversation from 2005 is making the rounds (again) on Digg, Reddit, and Fark, without the followups - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Wow. That's ... awesome. - DeWitt Clinton
I found that hilarious - Jamie
Poor... obie fernandez. - Robert Konigsberg
Jamais Cascio
Jon Lebkowsky
Wildflowers are still going nuts in the Hill Country.
Howard Rheingold
Loic Le Meur Blog: The coolest way to buy creme brulee in San Fran: the Twitter food cart -
The foodcart movement was started by Korean BBQ @kogibbq and suddenly 100 people can show up where the cart appears. It's the food smartmob. Blake Engel who tweets under @urbanhiker explains what the food cart movement is all about. A few really smart food producers or chefs have gathered a community around themselves and they move around in the city or even in the US and they tweet where they are, the members of their communities just go get food when they are nearby. This is too cool. Annotated link - Howard Rheingold
Love that - maybe I'll set up a food cart here in Austin? (We knew Vietnamese who came postwar and set up food carts to sell egg rolls.) - Jon Lebkowsky
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