friendfeed had pre-plans to be absorbed by facebook? was ff inspired by facebook?
Scoble is spending more time elsewhere than being here though his content is being posted consistently, why are people moving on?
my chosen collection of WordPress themes, Autofocus , Cleanr , Thematic , Hybrid , Journalist 1.3/1.9 , Notes Blog Core Theme...
friendfeed is great to have discussions but a reader? no... especially if you are a read what you like type, people post only stuff that they think might be of importance, but it is not that i don't love it. i spend most of my online time on friendfeed :)
people at friendfeed don't read commoners, they read only the reputed ones, figured it out from comments/likes at this there have been many posts to groups and from individual feeds on chrome frame but there weren't much likes/comments. strange!!!!!!
need to cut my list of 30 subscriptions i can't keep up :(
love the Theme 14 of twitter designs, nice perforated background :)
Google must be ruing why the idea of a yelp didn't occur to it. it is much more than adsense, google could have integrated such an idea with maps maybe, interesting to know how people at google feel about yelp
how bing works? i tried searching in both google and bing while google doesn't show my friendfeed account bing seems to have problem wit twitter, at google twitter account is in top results, while at bing friendfeed account is at the top
there are a lot of sites based on BuddyPress i didn't know there were this many, but most of them are using the default theme same old bphome (the orange-grey) but i found this yesterday it has a cool white - grey theme
love the community blog at it's theme basically, its got a great look - testbeta
opened up chrome today and it surprised me with the new look well it updated itself i loved the older layout :(
wish i had the money to buy friendfeed :)
love the idea of twitter notifying users of the change in their terms of service Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
twitter 404 page not fund page has changed from that dotted sketch of the bird to the new one with a flying bird and search bar too
changed the color too green clouds/sky? no blue is okay it will take sometime for me to come to terms with this new change, i loved the way it was before:( - testbeta
thanks for they kept the original design too :) - testbeta
have to skip my friendfeed session today, tomorrow is the day of make-up reading i would have to do ;)
it is time i should start writing myself and start reading things first hand, lot of stuff that i read now is through human filters as Louis Gray puts it, though most of it is first hand since there are links to the original articles but still relying on others means, i miss things that i like...:)
have been lazy a lot of late - testbeta
people are nice around here
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there is nothing like friendfeed i virtually spend my whole day reading stuff people write, it is difficult for me to read whole the stuff appearing in my home feed screen, and i have only around 20 subscriptions wonder how people like Scoble manage
if you have louis gray and robert scoble in your subscriptions list you need nothing much because they roam a lot of places, just sit back and read - testbeta
That's relying on human filters. For many, it works. - Louis Gray
opera should have the remember password dialog like firefox and chrome have
did you know it? the photos and files link are in flash, earlier i thought it to js or AJAX etc, but i found it just now as shockwave crashed in chrome
twitter has created itself a place on web, i don't think it is going anywhere in near future but it would have to bring new features and think something of the spam accounts to be able to keep itself going
blip isn't the fastest streaming place for videos or otherwise the videos are not very well optimized for streaming, mean youtube's streaming is seemless, and it isn't that i hate blip
super bored
there is a lot to be read/done - testbeta
Record downloads of Opera 10 indicate appeal of turbo browsing Opera 10 Downloaded 10 Million Times In Its First Week
i love its operamini what an application! - testbeta
open link in right click menu is obsolete, open in new tab should be on the top - testbeta
pray to god, please don't give me fame if it is like the Scoble fame
RTing stuff means people have to go through a lot of repeats
was sitting idle and happened to search the copied text i had on clipboard in friendfeed search it returned about two page results - testbeta
When you report spam, don't RT the msg - just report the username. Otherwise, you might accidentally get suspended along w/spam!
while market analysts die fighting over things others have developed i love the way some developers live remaining away from the public/speculations while their products make it big
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