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that chicken-crust pizza from @dominos looks like such a food abomination that I kinda want to try it.
Happy Passover for all those who celebrate. (I haven't in years, but should.)
I want to pretend it's not snowing outside right now but OMG IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW. WILL THIS WINTER EVER END?!
I can't believe there are still situations that require Windows in order to submit something. If you've got iOS, you gotta go old school.
one of these years I won't wait until April 14 to do my taxes. Ugh.
If you're watching #nova join me & 15 other fans on #tvtag
I really think that @st_vincent is like, the American version of @bjork. That's a good thing, trust me. :)
I've always looked to @EmmylouSongbird (Harris) as a role model for going gray, now I can add @nataliemerchant to the list. Love it!
.@NatalieMerchant looks so damn awesome with gray hair it makes me excited to go gray. I'm totally serious.
RT @NatalieMerchant: Join Natalie & @AlaindeBotton for an evening of conversation & music at @TheSchoolOfLife May 15. Book now:
RT @nprmusic: Watch a video for "Giving Up Everything" from @NatalieMerchant's first album of original songs in 13 years.
Via @nprmusic: First Watch: Natalie Merchant, 'Giving Up Everything' I can't get enough of this. Haunting yet awesome
Map: Milwaukee hit with 5 shootings in 2 hours I don't wanna hear any more snide remarks about Detroit anymore.
Procatsitnation: avoiding what you should be doing because there's a cat sitting on you.
So there's George Strait + Miranda Lambert tonight .... Tonight the bottle let me down. #countrymusic
I want a Hee Haw revival with @blakeshelton @mirandalambert et al... I say why not?
I love Blake Shelton but wtf, Luke Bryan? #ACMs #tvtag
Milwaukee, I'm hoping you forgive and you're nothing but real... Sad things, but appreciative nonetheless.
I passed the olive branch to an old friend tonight, hoping she'd accept. It's a long night hoping for forgiveness online.
the ppl who live across the street get Jimmy John's delivered ALL the time. How do I know? Every time their doorbell rings, so does mine
There's a cpl down the street who never walks their dog on a leash. Just passed their house, they're outside doing yardwork, dog is tied up.
This show is hella fascinating. #OrphanBlack #tvtag
Know what's creepy? When Facebook suggests I be "friends" with people I know for a fact are now deceased. #wthfacebook
I love @jimmykimmel so much. Just saying.
Never mind teeth or nails, a cat's fur is its most powerful weapon. "Oh you're wearing black today? I need to sit on your lap! I love you!"
Found out a kitty I kept visiting at Petco was finally adopted & will be going home tomorrow. That made me ridiculously happy. :)
I'm getting a TON of wine enthusiasts following me here lately. Sorry, but that's not my bag. Please follow my friend @LeahVoice instead.
Hey #Milwaukee, anybody got an extra ticket to @St_Vincent this wknd? April 04 | Turner Hall Ballroom #mke #music
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