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Tampa Bay News Channel Takes Shot at City of Detroit After David Price Trade via @bleacherreport
Well, this is sad. :( Giraffe Dies After Hitting Its Head on Highway Bridge via @mashable
Chopped jalepeno peppers last night w/o gloves. Hands are STILL on fire. #killingitasagrownup
There's a guy in country music named Chase Rice?! Isn't that what kids in third world countries do?! #countrymusic
RT @kristianbush: #Sharknado2TheSecondOne premieres tonight on @Syfy. Which means it is time to repost this!!! @littlebigtown
RT @kristianbush: #Sharknado2TheSecondOne premieres tonight on @Syfy. Which means it is time to repost this!!! @littlebigtown
make it that day. Saw you & @JenniferNettles in Toledo a couple years ago, BEST SHOW EVAR.
Do Mosquitoes Get Drunk After Biting Intoxicated People? via @sharethis
Also, listening to the Kristian Bush song, "Trailer Hitch," all I can think is, "Who knew Silent Bob from Sugarland could sing?" #country
Finally listened to that new Jason Aldean song, "Burnin' it Down." Is there ANY part of it that's NOT auto-tuned? WTH happened to country?
News Media, There's a War on Elephants. Act Like It. via @HuffPostGreen
Happy birthday to @martinamcbride, my favorite singer EVAR!
Carson City man assaults with banana, crashes into casino #headlineoftheday
I'm tuning in large, what'd I miss? #RisingStar #tvtag
My mom discovered the video feature on her phone today. Her first upload to FB was a 30s video of her cat drinking out of the fish bowl.
Music festivals are environmental disasters:
Try a bike map app that shows the best routes for the whole world:
The Bat-Chart of (Nearly) Every Bat-Villain Batman Ever Beat
Fruit from Trader Joe's, Costco recalled due to possible Listeria contamination
RT @mdsteele47: A strong analysis of why the @GovWalker call for repeal of #CommonCore is foolish. @onmilwaukee
What Do Wild Animals Do in a Wildfire? via @NatGeo (I always worry about them. Always.)
A break from Facebook might do you good. Can you make it 99 days?
Just took out the garbage wearing my bathrobe. Because I'm THAT neighbor now, apparently. #crazycatlady
RT @RockAquaJays: Our Wisconsin State 2014 Ending Pyramid.
Plants are talking and these sensors let us hear what they're saying:
Watch this Video, Feed Cats in Shelters via @sharethis
Let's talk about this week's #RisingStar on #tvtag
Great. Just like that, my Internet is out again. Twice in one week. #firstworldproblems
Argentina President: Grant freedom and a LETTER OF ENFRANCHISEMENT to the polar bear ARTURO. via @change_br
"Wow, being on hold is GREAT!" said nobody, ever.
For the record: I'm aware of the potato salad kick starter. I'm not fundraising. I really do just want a good recipe. No shenanigans, pls.
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