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The Bat-Chart of (Nearly) Every Bat-Villain Batman Ever Beat
Fruit from Trader Joe's, Costco recalled due to possible Listeria contamination
RT @mdsteele47: A strong analysis of why the @GovWalker call for repeal of #CommonCore is foolish. @onmilwaukee
What Do Wild Animals Do in a Wildfire? via @NatGeo (I always worry about them. Always.)
A break from Facebook might do you good. Can you make it 99 days?
Just took out the garbage wearing my bathrobe. Because I'm THAT neighbor now, apparently. #crazycatlady
RT @RockAquaJays: Our Wisconsin State 2014 Ending Pyramid.
Plants are talking and these sensors let us hear what they're saying:
Watch this Video, Feed Cats in Shelters via @sharethis
Let's talk about this week's #RisingStar on #tvtag
Great. Just like that, my Internet is out again. Twice in one week. #firstworldproblems
Argentina President: Grant freedom and a LETTER OF ENFRANCHISEMENT to the polar bear ARTURO. via @change_br
"Wow, being on hold is GREAT!" said nobody, ever.
For the record: I'm aware of the potato salad kick starter. I'm not fundraising. I really do just want a good recipe. No shenanigans, pls.
I'm on a quest for the BEST. POTATO SALAD. RECIPE. EVER. Please tweet me links to your faves. Thx.
The State of The American Dog via @EsquireMag
There should be more interactive shows like this. #RisingStar #tvtag
Milwaukee Art Museum
On the birds and the bees ... and the monkeys - Me: whoah! That is one big, ugly bumble bee! Sandy: nah,...
My howling dog could be on this show and Kesha would vote yes for her! #RisingStar
I don't care what the triplets sound like. Milli Vanilli that shit up. They're pure eye candy. #RisingStar
I like the interactivity of this show but so far not overly impressed with the talent. #RisingStar #tvtag
The Pewaukee Lake Waterski Club -
The Pewaukee Lake Waterski Club
Gotta get 'em when they're ripe!
What Are the Best Looking Beer Cans in America?
RT @AfricasaCountry: #MythBusters "Despite Peaceful Reputation, #Sweden is a Major Weapons Exporter to Human Rights Abusers"
My entire feed is filled with hockey, soccer, & gay marriage talk. WHERE ARE ALL THE CAT PICTURES?!
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