Mr. Gunn
Social Networking Trailblazers Pull the Plug on Cliqset -
Yall were right to oppose the move from Friendfeed to Cliqset, but what now? Are we really to be faced with the choice of Facebook or nothing? - Mr. Gunn from Bookmarklet
I thought the whole point of science3point0 was to take over part of this functionality? - Brian Krueger - LabSpaces
liking so I can remember I don't need to worry about this tool anymore. It's too bad - cliqset had pretty good functionality - though not quite as good as FF. - Elizabeth Brown
s30 still far away from FF, though... - Björn Brembs
That's what were trying to do, we're growing steadily, half the people who have commented so far are members so what's stopping the others and what would you like to see? - science3point0 from iPhone
One needs to be able to set up a personal starting page where all the news are ordered the way they are here (with best-of functionality). Now I have to log in, click on activity to see the news. I'd need to be able to set 'activity' as the starting page. Last I looked, all comments were visible, this needs to be more like here. Finally, It seems the buttons are larger than the text, which makes it difficult to take in large amounts of info quickly. - Björn Brembs
Moreover, liked items need to move to the top. Also, 'liking' is not an activity that gets reported, what for, when the liked items appear at the top of my stream? In all, neither functionality nor the functional design is quite there, yet. - Björn Brembs
Thanks Bjoern, this is precisely the kind of feedback we were looking for. I'll get to work on all of them. From what I'm hearing, people want an exact replica of friendfeed along with the additional features and the opportunity to ask for developments. We already have the groups option and additional features operating that I think makes us more useful in other ways such as the #hashtagging and @name mentioning. There's also the ability to divide up the activity stream based on, users you follow, tweets, facebook , youtube and flickr updates, @mentions of yourself, blog posts etc I can organise the 'like' system, maybe having a system similar to the 'most liked' set up at Currently, everything that is commented on is bumped to the top of the activity stream. With regards to the personalised page, that's interesting as I did have it redirecting to your homepage but due to user feedback, namely Hope Leman, it now leaves you on the page you were on when you log in. Perhaps this is something to discuss further. The buttons resizing is something that should be a relatively quick fix. Ps. If friendfeed had support I'd definitely be asking them to sort it so that you can push 'return' without posting. Drives me crazy! - science3point0
One aspect that shouldn't be neglected (and is probably quite difficult, because it involves psychology) is a design that somehow (and I can't tell you how to do that) maximizes the flow of information. With FF, I can scroll quickly over my page and the important and most active threads 'jump out' at me, sort of. Here's a screenshot of what my FF page looks like: Note there are no avatars, but service icons: 'what' is more important than 'who'. My own comments are colored different from those I follow and again different from those I don't follow, etc. - Björn Brembs
This is all very true Bjoern, this is the standard we at S3.0 are working towards and beyond. Its a very achievable goal. As mentioned before, this is only one aspect of the site but in terms of the constant developmement of this element, I would argue against the statement of facebook or nothing. - science3point0
I think you all should really get behind Mark if this is something that you don't want to see die. He's very passionate about it and willing to make the website exactly how you'd like to see it. Google isn't going to waste its time creating a niche site for scientists. Mark will. Help him do that. - Brian Krueger - LabSpaces
Something I noted about Friendfeed that might be important... the Dunbar number may figure more than it does with Twitter. The latter has a strictly time-oriented list (at least on Tweetdeck), so I can go back as far as I like and catch up. The FF approach of promoting popular stuff is great, but if the number of my contacts grows too great, then stuff popular with my friends (but less so with me) may completely overwhelm stuff I would have liked... - Chris Rusbridge
Isn't the FF code open source? Called Tornado or something? Since we all like FF, why not just do a local install of that (or run your own Diaspora pod)? - Mr. Gunn from YouFeed
+1 Brian, but I just think custom-coding a site is a waste of time when there's good code avail. Design is hard, too. - Mr. Gunn from YouFeed
I looked at it... it's a very bare framework. It's not start and tune; it's like a library and requires you to develop the full GUI. - Egon Willighagen