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Mary Canady
Asked this on twitter and didn't get a great response, so here goes. What are your favorite life science wikis? By wiki I mean a real wiki built using a wiki app, not just a page with links (as I've seen some use the term more broadly). Or, is wikipedia the best? is pretty good, as is OpenWetWare, but perhaps the best work is being done in Wikipedia itself, as part of the project led by Andrew Su at GNF (who's also on friendfeed). - Mr. Gunn
Thanks! Followed a few links and saw that isn't active, which is a shame. Are the wiki projects always undertaken by academic groups? Would it be inappropriate for a company to sponsor? - Mary Canady
Similar thread (a bit aged): . Some bio ones are also in . - Daniel Mietchen
Clarification of the topic noted. That link I sent was just for background, not meant as an example. Also, GNF is not an academic group, so I'd expect it's entirely appropriate for a company to sponsor a project like this. - Mr. Gunn
EColiWiki: ; Topsan: ; SNPedia: and of course Andrew Su's stuff .... I don't recall any commercial ones - Deepak Singh
I suspect there will be an eventual explosion of microbial wikis, Subtiliwiki is also rather good - Daniel Swan
Proteopedia is very cool ( and you can also check out (shameless PR) this post - - Nir London
THX! I'll likely do a list and a little analysis, 'coz that's what I do...would be interesting to consider how much some of these could grow/benefit if some life science tools companies took interest... - Mary Canady