Andrew Su
did I miss any? I'm specifically targeting wikis around biological entities, rather than wikis for labs, protocol sharing, etc. Feel free to add if you know of any others... (just adding the resource URL is fine -- I can add the edit and editor counts later...) - Andrew Su
although the focus is definitely on biological wikis, I've also added a couple non-biological ones too (and the column for others to do the same)... - Andrew Su
Filling some numbers - Pawel Szczesny
Does for example WikiKidney qualifiy? I assume there's a lot of biomedical wikis which store and share knowledge not protocols. What to do with those? - Pawel Szczesny
Adding questionable wikis as "possibly related". - Pawel Szczesny
Great resource. I can't think of any that is not already there. - Ricardo Vidal
There are also many manuals, e.g.: UCSC Genome Wiki - Pierre Lindenbaum
Nice! thanks all for the contributions... (Note on the "edit count" and "editor count", I'd like to count the periods between 12/20/08 and 1/21/09 only, and main namespace only. Makes counting by the "Recent changes" link easy... see the "comments" for more details) I've changed a few of the edit counts -- please let me know if you disagree. - Andrew Su
Pawel, when you say the arraywiki edit count includes uploads, did you restrict to the one-month period? I can't find an easy way to get upload counts... (and for fairness, I'm not entirely sure they should be counted) thanks! (FYI I've been counting edits by recent changes, 30 days, 500 max, main namespace, then copy-paste to excel for some quick filtering...) - Andrew Su
Andrew, that's funny - when I checked before, all uploads were listed on the recent changes page (I've checked last 30 days, max 500, exactly as you wrote). Because uploads were coming from some batch there were few hundreds of them. Now, when I check, uploads are gone from the list - weird. Anyway, I'll make sure I don't count uploads next time. - Pawel Szczesny
not sure what "counts" here is mine which is for data and project coordination and domain knowledge - Jason Stajich
Am I the only one who can't get into wikis? I need convincing, they tend to turn me off. - Sally Church
@Sally, yes, I'm afraid you are the only one left... ;) can you put your finger on what turns you off about them? - Andrew Su
biased, but you probably want on there, while it has protocols and labs, there are also a variety of areas devoted to biological topics. e.g.:,, - Jason Kelly
Whew, outstanding list! Thanks everyone... (Also noticed yesterday that the GO folks have a wiki themselves at - Andrew Su
very nice list - Abhishek Tiwari