Daniel MacArthur
Does anyone know of an icon that could be placed in the first slide of a conference presentation indicating that the following slides are "safe for live-blogging"?
Following my mildly catastrophic foray into live-blogging at Cold Spring Harbor ( http://tr.im/oJfV) I'd like to encourage presenters to state explicitly whether they're happy to be blogged - independent of the official conference policy. - Daniel MacArthur
Maybe the RSS symbol. Or some schematic representation of a dude in his parents' basement hunched over a computer in his pajamas. - Rich Meisel
CC/RSS symbols seems like a good place to start, although I was originally thinking of a more explicit symbol. Rich - your second suggestion might might be confused with the symbol for "Warning: bioinformaticians at work." - Daniel MacArthur
How about this ? http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs27... It basically says broadcasting allowed. - Nash
Nash - that's near-perfect. Is the image itself CC, though? I'm finding it difficult to track down the source (back-hacking through the URL doesn't work). - Daniel MacArthur
scratch that, I found the source and it is CC - thanks, Nash. - Daniel MacArthur
Any other suggestions welcome: I'll put them all together into a post tomorrow for comments/votes. - Daniel MacArthur
For me the image says "I am broadcasting, not "we all can broadcast", so it might not be easily understood. Add the twitter bird? Or show re-broadcasting somehow? - Bob O'Hara
It is a nice icon, though. I'd still use it if that's what you go for. - Bob O'Hara
@DM "take me to your leader" - Iddo Friedberg
Daniel - great suggestion, although I agree with Iddo that it's rather alienesque... - Daniel MacArthur
OK, so here's my initial post on this for further suggestions/comments (http://scienceblogs.com/genetic...) - once we've decided on an icon it would be great to get some help in disseminating this idea to other potentially interested scientists. - Daniel MacArthur
Great conversation - my only thought was is what is needed less single logo and more a panel of statements a la the descriptions of the CC licenses on the landing page e.g. http://creativecommons.org/license... - "You are free to: 1. Copy, re-use, or re-purpose the content of this talk in any form for any purpose. 2. Broadcast the content or presentation of the talk in any form or media. Provided that: You attribute the source of the material..." - seems to me that many aspects of re-use could be made clearer - Cameron Neylon