Pawel Szczesny
The Life Scientists Poll: how did you find this room? How did you get on FriendFeed?
I'm trying to collect ways people have became members on this online community, to see if the principle "data find data, and then people find people" applies to making connections on FF. - Pawel Szczesny
In my case, I followed Deepak. So the connection was already present. - Pawel Szczesny
I found friendfeed through a techie I was following on twitter (about a year ago). Started finding science people (probably fooling around on a bored night) and got hooked - Kubke
Jcb said that I should join, circa 2008 - Rajarshi Guha from iPhone
I got on Friendfeed because I saw something from Euan and found it intriguing. I started the room - Deepak Singh
I don't remember exactly, probably May or June 2008 through the blogosphere. - Martin Fenner
got my invite from Deepak on May 23 2008 just like Neil and Pawel, it quickly turned out to be a better solution for in-depth bioinformatics/biology niche conversations than Twitter (no wonder) - Attila Csordas
found friendfeed while trying out various social network & bookmarking sites, enjoyed how it could tie together many sites (was using 20+ profiles around the web at the time). can't remember how TLS first came up, probably saw discussions that friends liked or commented on - Mike Chelen
I remember using FF to introduce the concept of Web2.0 in April08 at a talk - I thought I was just highlighting a fun new toy - I didn't realize it would come to dominate my interaction with the web in just a few months - Jean-Claude Bradley
Late December 08 / Early January 09 for me ... I think came to FriendFeed due to recommendation from Maureen Hoatlin, and then found TLS via someone's feed. Is there an easy way to access my initial FF likes and comments? - Steve Koch
I am trying to espand my network also here in FF and I find your idea very original and creative.congrats FF is the best!ciao from Rome ;) - Nicola Codipietro
@Steve: no. I was using Google Reader to "archive" my likes and comments via the RSS feed, but GR is badly broken (won't resort, has lost months of items, I'm subscribed to weird shit by Buzz and that's flooded my feeds, etc etc). You can presumably get at your earliest FF items through the API but I have no idea how to go about that. - Bill Hooker
On topic: I was following Deepak before he created TLS, so that's how I got to this room. Best guess is that I saw FF mentioned on various blogs and decided to try it out, is how I got to FF. - Bill Hooker
@Bill yeah, I discovered same thing w/ GR. And I can't go back very far in regular FF web interface. Good reason to tinker with FF API, but I'll resist for now. - Steve Koch
I was regular reader of Deepak's blog, he mentioned about FriendFeed and TLS community somewhere in the post, I cant recall that where. - Abhishek Tiwari
I think for me it was quite a lot of science contacts seemed to be using Friendfeed + a lot of links popping up on Twitter that linked to Friendfeed. @pansapiens wandering around the office with a Friendfeed shirt may have helped things a little. ;p - Mark Bate
As many others, I decided to give FF a try after Deepak's blog post about creation of the LS room. Then, I also started using Twitter. - Piotr Byzia from FreshFeed
Consensus seems to be that data find data and then Deepak finds people. :-) - Bill Hooker
yes Deepak for me too :) - Pedro Beltrao
I can't really remember anymore but I think it was probably through searching for open science on the web, finding some blogs, and then seeing FF mentioned in those blogs. Shall we start a "six degrees of Deepak Singh"? :) - Shirley Wu
got my invitation from Deepak - Pierre Lindenbaum
I have no clue - just one day I was here and found y'all were already there :-) - Björn Brembs
I don't quite remember how I found this room--I think I liked some items on FF by either Neil or Pedro, subscribed to him, and then found the room. As for finding FF, I think there was some sort of news item about it going into private beta (it might even have been in my FB newsfeed), so I sent a message asking to join, and eventually got an account. I didn't realize FF existed outside of FB for months (until one of the FFers told me in person). - Ruchira S. Datta
Here's a really old blogpost about FF: and here's an ancient NYTimes article: Neither of these is the one I saw, but it was around the same time. - Ruchira S. Datta
Come to think of it, I haven't found any other Datta on FF. ;-) - Ruchira S. Datta
From a post of Michael Neilson's -- probably "Future of Science" - Mickey Schafer
Blogosphere to deepak to friendfeed - Nils Reinton
Shirley, are there six degrees of Deepak? Every graph of my contacts and FOAFs looks like a cartwheel with Deepak at the centre. On topic: I remember the day when it was just Deepak, me, and Neil. - Cameron Neylon from twhirl
I was looking for a place where scientists network, and someone on Twitter (@andrewspong) recommended this. Still need to figure out how to use it! - Fiona Godsman
Thanks! I don't know Deepak, but I'm willing to bet there are less than 6 degrees between us! BTW, how do you find out more about ppl on FF? Are profiles posted somewhere? - Fiona Godsman
No profiles per se, but if you click on names you go to a "home page", where you can see a list of the services that person pipes in here (the row of icons under the name and tagline at the top of the page). That will take you to LinkedIn profiles, blogs, etc etc. - Bill Hooker
From one of Shirley's blog posts, around late July 2008. - Daniel Mietchen
Pawel: you introduced me to ff. - Iddo Friedberg
I stumbled in from one of the bioinformatics blogs I was reading about a year ago. Might have been Neil's, might have been someone else's. - Chris Miller
I followed Iddo here. - Mickey Kosloff
I found FriendFeed on a tech blog, decided to search for science-related groups/members, and stumbled on this - Benjamin Tseng