Can anyone point me Open Science/Research repositories? Things like "Sourceforge for science" where I can get open science/research data or join projects, improve collaboration, etc.
Yes - That's the idea! We are very keen to have people sign up in order to start projects, or contribute to others. At the moment we're focussed on tropical diseases, but are open to any collaborative project in biology/chemistry. Please post projects! - Matthew Todd used to literally be SourceForge for science, not sure what's happening with it nowadays though. - Euan
Good question, Neil. No, there isn't, but we should do that! Personally I have benefitted from concrete advice from others in my projects. We have not yet reached what I consider anything like the crowd-blitzing of open source work in software development. - Matthew Todd
I hasten to add that Jean-Claude Bradley's Usefulchem site has been doing fantastic work in open source science, and has had an excellent community response to his latest project concerning solubilities of candidate drugs for malaria. - Matthew Todd
I've been hoping for something like this, but haven't quite seen anything that fits how my view on how something like this would work - Deepak Singh
Most Open Source cheminformatics code can be found on SourceForge. - Egon Willighagen
It is also worth checking out the science sections of Linux distributions, e.g. via - Egon Willighagen
Should there be "central repositories" as opposed to loosely federated collections of people. In one sense there is a central repository here on Friendfeed in as much as a lot of people come through here and make contact. The other main effort is CKAN ( which is working on beefing up its records of Open datasets - Cameron Neylon
And OpenWetWare could function a bit in this way but the wiki format can actually be socially isolating - everyone in their own little space. The community part works around this but outside the wiki itself I think so this doesn't necessarily function as well as it might - Cameron Neylon
There was a story last month about Google's Palimpset: Considering what Google Earth (and Mars and Ocean) has done, maybe this is the place to begin. - Jack Powers
Unfortunately I think palimpset has gone down with a lot of other google projects. Which is a shame. - Cameron Neylon
The goal of data resources should be the ability to download, fork and mirror (to beat a dead horse), and there are some great data repositories already. What we need is resource collaboratories. A place for people to pick up projects. There are the informal avenues (conferences, The Biogang, etc), but we could use some ideafactories, where people could pick up ideas, and get into them. Kluster sounded good, but doesn't seem to have worked - Deepak Singh
Paulo: The vision of the LiquidPub project (whose "Snow Workshop" in the Dolomites I attended last weekend) comes pretty close to your "Sourceforge for Science" idea: They're actively working on it, developing both tools to make this a reality as well as researching potential business models for publishers (to make them move along, too). - Victor / Mendeley Team