Piotr Byzia
While this room has already more than 1k subscribers, I was thinking if we could run a survey to collect some info about us. This might be useful when deciding which other site we could use after FB's acquisition. I prepared questions at: http://docs.google.com/Doc... Feel free to discuss and edit :)
Also, do you know any platform that might be used to run a pool and easily collect raw results? - Piotr Byzia
The aim is a bit different than in a survey M.Barton organized: http://openwetware.org/wiki... , Michael, any tips to perform this one? - Piotr Byzia
Hi Piotr. The most difficult thing I found was dealing with free form text data after the survey had been collected. If you use multiple choice questions with drop down list as much as possible this will make it much easier for you to computationally analyse the answers afterwards. - Michael Barton
Getting a feel of the important issues people would like to see the survey answer is a good idea too. This could help you phrase the questions as multiple choice, rather than open questions requiring a text field answer. - Michael Barton
I'm a little confused about question number 7; what is it getting at? I agree with Michael, though; structure the possible answers ahead of time as much as possible to be able to analyze the results afterward. - Heather
I like surveygizmo. - Ruchira S. Datta
The first two questions (gender and age) make me wonder if we're talking about setting up a discussion site or a dating site? - Eric Jain
did you tried surveymonkey ? - Khader Shameer
Also you may add few questions about the meeting of "The Life Scientists" that discussed earlier. - Khader Shameer
I added the proposed option "like/comment on items in my home feed but rarely check the room directly" to Q.10, since this reflects my most common use of the room (I do check it directly maybe once a week, but more often end up interacting with posts in room when they turn up in my home feed via individual people I follow). - Andrew Perry
You could just use a GDocs spreadsheet Form to collect answers. Then you have all data in a spreadsheet to play around with. - Colby
Michael, thanks for your tip, that's one of the main reason I wanted that survey to be a collective initiative:) - Piotr Byzia
Heather, IT related question is to get some idea about what people are using as tools/languages in LS, this might help in possible "new FF" creation suggested by Deepak :-) - Piotr Byzia
Ruchira, Khader -- thanks for your suggestions, I'll take a look at those once the survey questions are completed. - Piotr Byzia
Eric, right, they might be too general and not entirely relevant... - Piotr Byzia
Khader, meeting related questions will be included, thanks for reminding it! BTW, I guess Pawel is too busy these days, I remember him talking about this a few months ago. - Piotr Byzia
Andrew, thanks for new use case :) - Piotr Byzia
Colby, that's interesting, I must just check whether or not one needs an google account in order to complete the survey... - Piotr Byzia
Getting this kind of feedback is a great idea. I have added a question about whether people like to use the LS room to discuss their data and research, following a discussion on Cameron's blog about possible 'friendfeed version 2' models and in particular whether there would be interest in a friendfeed version 2 for discussing research in progress, in contrast to the general discussion of developments and news that is the bread and butter of the current LS room. http://blog.openwetware.org/science... Rory Macneil - Rory Macneil