Stephen Mack
--> Apple iPhone 5 Live Event discussion! <-- EDIT: No iPhone 5! Say hello to the 4S.
Engadget is hosed for me. - Stephen Mack
Kevin says (!...), "Macworld and Verge/ThisIsMyNext feeds seem hosed. Engadget's running smoothly." - Stephen Mack
Non-iPhone people: No harm if you choose to hide this post! :) - Stephen Mack
Cards. No hemp paper option? - Rodfather
Yeah, I gave up on Engadget. - Trish R
Heh heh! Rod, give them this, though: No one predicted cards. - Stephen Mack
From 20 minutes ago, these customer satisfaction numbers are amazing: - Stephen Mack
And crashed. - Trish R
Gah! OK, trying ThisIsMyNext next (thanks Ömer). - Stephen Mack
It comes back if you refresh it. It's just going down on auto refresh. - Trish R
Like the camera sending it to the cloud and other devices. - Trish R
I like free messaging between iOS. - Stephen Mack
yeah, i like that a lot too! - Georgia
ThisIsMyNext has more pictures, but fewer text updates. - Stephen Mack
Find my friends. Stalker app. - Trish R
I never have my location stuff on. I'm good. - Derrick
I don't like using it, either. - Trish R
Just go back to when I was in high school and drive by the boy's house in your out of town cousin's car! - Trish R
I like the idea of it automatically switching off (if you're using that sort of thing). And heh heh, Trish. - Stephen Mack
5gig of cloud storage free seems eminently reasonable. - Stephen Mack
But will it make me a sandwich? It's lunchtime in the central timezone. - Trish R
OK, that Mickey Mouse watch is amusing. - Stephen Mack
The nixie clock one caught my attention. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Games, huh? I can see what's about to be on every Christmas list. - Trish R
RIP iPod Classic - Stephen Mack
"Finally, realtime koi." hah! - Stephen Mack
Better than realtime coy (LOL @ Engadget) - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Attenuation, really, they're just going to gloss over that? - Stephen Mack
ThisIsMyNext is now being a lot more detailed than gdgt. - Stephen Mack
That site isn't loading for me. They're all suffering from all the traffic. - Trish R
Love the new camera stats. - Stephen Mack
The new sensor sounds nice. - Rodfather
I assume it's digital stabilization for video. It might be wonky, but I guess it's better than nothing. - Rodfather
"What do Droid Bionic customers have to do between taking pictures? Get coffee?" Yeah, but they have to stand in line between iPhone 3 photographers. - Stephen Mack
Curious how they improved on the lens with the same amount of space. - Rodfather
Any luck, Trish? Engadget is looking better for me but gdgt and ThisIsMyNext are both down for me now. - Stephen Mack
I'm mainly watching the feed at Yeah, Engadget stays up 95% of the time now. - Trish R
"To many customers this will be the best still camera they've ever owned and the best video camera they've ever owned." Tall claim. - Stephen Mack
Siri sounds like the public location annoyance factor will be huge. - Trish R
SOLD - Adrian
Gah all these sites are popping up and down like whack-a-moles. When's Apple just gonna stream this thing? - Stephen Mack
They keep going down as I"m reading and then I forget where I was when one comes back. - Trish R
Hope the dictation translation is better than Google Voice. - Trish R
My guess is they are partnering with Nuance. The company that makes Dragon Speak. - Me
"LogEx, here is the privacy policy you asked for. I've also scheduled a call with the EFF for 12:30pm, after you pick up your medicine. Your favorite pizza will be waiting at 12:45pm. I hope you don't mind, but I also ordered some for the person you were texting yesterday." - Stephen Mack
Not feeling Siri. I saw Kubrick's 2001. I know how this ends. - Derrick
Well Dragon Speak sucks. - Trish R
Hope there's a Texas accent version of Siri or she's gonna eff up everything. - Trish R
I'd be surprised if it wasn't Nuance's technology. They have all the voice recognition patents (IBM's included) along with the servers already to do the on the fly recognition setup and running with the Apple technology. - Me
One more thing? - Stephen Mack
Giving away the iPhone 3g? - Me
3GS, right? - Stephen Mack
64 gig finally (for the 4S) - Stephen Mack
whoa thats it? - Me
Wow, Oct. 7. That's Friday. - Trish R
Yeah, good question LogEx. But there's an A5 chip, and iOS 5, there should be an iPhone 5 :) - Stephen Mack
No iPhone5 announcement? - Me
Nope! It's over. - Stephen Mack
LOL! - Me
Heh! A shocking twist that none of us predicted! - Stephen Mack
Yeah, piss on Sprint. Yay. - Trish R
They did announce iPhone on Sprint: "11:35 am And for the first time... iPhone on Sprint." - Stephen Mack
But not an exclusive iPhone 5 for Sprint. - Trish R
Right. But a single world phone, thanks to some impressive antenna design. - Stephen Mack
Nice updates. Not sure if it's a big enough upgrade from a 4. - Rodfather
What Rod said. I'm sure going to iOS5 is enough to make me happy. Actually, I'm already happy with my 4. - Derrick
Siri is a 3rd party app though, right? - Rodfather
Let's say you go high end, $399. Over an existing iPhone 4, you get, what, 32 more gig and a better camera? (Edit: Oh, and a bit better battery, faster A5 chip, and possibly a better antenna.) - Stephen Mack
I have a 3GS with missing buttons so anything is an improvement for me. :-) - Trish R
Upgrade, Trish! :) - Derrick
Well, the HSPA support might be worth it for GSM users. Too bad there's no LTE, but that's not close to being widely supported anyway. - Rodfather
Derrick, I thought you were going to just be hiding today? - Stephen Mack
Sigh. - Derrick
Ostriches giving you too much trouble? - Stephen Mack
I don't even know how to respond to that. Guess I will tap out. - Derrick
Derrick, I am upgrading. I've been waiting on this announcement today with my duct-taped hoopty phone. - Trish R
No no, just teasing, Derrick, don't go! (Was referring to - Stephen Mack
Photo gallery from the hands-on: -- it basically looks identical except for that extra microphone line at the top. "Pictured above is the new dual-core A5 processor-equipped, dual CDMA / GSM iPhone 4S -- awash in Siri-enabled voice control. You can snag this black or white update on October 14th in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB configurations for $199, $299 and $399, respectively." - Stephen Mack
I will most likely be upgrading to the 32GB and trading in my son's brand new iPhone 4 for a 16GB 4S. - Trish R
Hmm... faster proc + double storage + better cam. What were people expecting for the iPhone 5? Just a slightly larger screen? - rønin
As far as specs go, it's like going from the iPad 1 to iPad 2. Not spectacular in upgraded features. Still very nice for those upgrading from a 3G/3GS. - Rodfather
Bigger screen and thinner. That's about it I guess. NFC support. - Rodfather
Yeah, and people actually thought they'd do that, call it a 5 and release it at the same time as the 4S? Heh. - rønin
Ronin, why not? They did the equivalent in terms of effort last year when they released the 3GS and the 4. - Stephen Mack
The 3GS came out the previous year not last year. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Hmm, you're right (, I was misremembering because they had introduced the low end 8 gig 3GS with the 4. - Stephen Mack
Yeah, I bought a 3GS when they came out and I've had it over 2 years. - Trish R
Me too. I guess I'm on the S upgrade cycle... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I'll wait. - Akiva
So what if they had called it the iPhone 5 instead of the 4S? Would we feel it was too similar to the 4 to deserve a new number? - Stephen Mack