"Apple haven’t been gathering their own map data at all – all they’ve done is render Open Street Map data with their own stylesheet, miscategorised the status of some ways, conveniently forget to include any copyright attribution, and pass it off as their own!" - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
More shit from LANjackass, the king of the anti-Apple hater/loser/creeps. - Zato Gibson
Zato, can you please articulate and argument? Instead of gratuitously insult whom report verifiable facts, if you can rebate and demonstrate, for example, this isn't true and his statement is based on counterfeit data (which I don't believe) would be more appreciable. - Gilgamesh
LANjackass is an amateur anti-Apple propagandist and hater who feeds his audience of creeps their daily dose of Apple "fail", Apple "evil", and Apple hate. All of it is bullshit because it comes from a HATER. The creeps eat it up because they hate Apple too. They hate Apple because in High School, they they went to a LAN party instead of the Prom, like LANjackass. - Zato Gibson
My suspicion than Zato is actually Akiva continues ... - LANjackal
Hmm. Now I'm suspicious as well. - Akiva
Don't you gamer/creeps have some pr0n D/L'ing and masturbating to do? - Zato Gibson
If the hated M$ or Google did this copyright sleight of hand it would be quite a different story #hypocrites - WarLord