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Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World
I'm confused about what the pie chart is supposed to show. Is that some kind of breakdown of the sum of all the average speeds? Japan is just under a quarter of all the average speeds? That doesn't seem to make any sense. - Andy Bakun
I expected to see USA has the highest speeds at the lowest costs. But it seems its Japan . - TrafficBug
It really shouldn't be a pie chart, there is no "total" for each slice to be a percentage of. - Jason Wehmhoener
Isn't that the fact that Japan and Korea has one of the highest speed? That is the fact! :( US has those bureaucratic channels that companies have to go through(regulations) yikes! - polou/indigo_bow
The problem has less to do with government regulation and more to do with old telecom monopolies. - Jason Wehmhoener
Anyone who thinks Japan and Korea are unregulated markets has been sharing a crack pipe with the Free Market Fairy. - Michael R. Bernstein
Actually Michael R, u know Japan's market is regulated too, on the mobile phone side, oh its very complex, I have relatives living there they can let me in more about it. - polou/indigo_bow