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Good list. Sleep Display is on there twice though and you can actually accomplish the same that as Sleep Display does with the built-in ctrl+shift+eject, which instantly puts your monitor to sleep. - Antoniu
Thanks 321, I updated the list. Didn't even notice I did that. LOL :) - TheHenry
1Password is a "must have" - Jeff Jensen
Can't believe you've missed QuickSilver, can I also add Nambu too. - Keith Bennett
A very useful list - thanks for sharing, but, no love for Little Snitch or Evernote? :) - Andrew Terry
While Apple enjoys having billions in the bank, some iPhone developers are having a hard time getting paid | Hardware 2.0 | -
"While it seems that Apple is having no problems whatsoever selling iPhone apps in the App Store, and taking money for them, the Cupertino giant is slow in passing on the developer’s share of the take." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Bbbbaaaahhhhhssssttttaaaaarrrrrddddddsssss. - Robert Scoble
Apple is saving to buy twitter :D - Mihai Secasiu
I wonder if he checked to make sure his app wasn't listed as free. ;) - Joshua Schnell
It always depends on the agreement between the parts. But the programmers' testimonials gives us a hint on how the things were done.. :P - arnaldostream
Leo Laporte
In Major Shift, Apple Builds Its Own Team to Design Chips - -
People familiar with Apple's plans expect former P.A. Semi engineers to help create ARM-based chips that could improve the performance and battery life of future iPhones. Apple's hiring spree in semiconductors started well before the acquisition and has continued through the past few months, according to postings on the networking site LinkedIn. The site contains more than 100 people listing current Apple job titles and past expertise in chips, including veterans of Intel Corp., Samsung and Qualcomm Inc. - Leo Laporte
I hear that battery development is making great leaps. - Matt Leitch
8 Awesome Safari plugins to Enhance your Browsing Experience | Smoking Apples -
8 Awesome Safari plugins to Enhance your Browsing Experience | Smoking Apples -
Kol Tregaskes
How to Use Depth of Field to Create Portraits with Blown-Out Backgrounds - Psdtuts+ -
How to Use Depth of Field to Create Portraits with Blown-Out Backgrounds - Psdtuts+ -
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"Photographers can benefit by learning some camera and shooting principles that will improve their results. A strong photograph has a clear subject, and using depth of field to create a blurred background is one of the classic ways to isolate and play up the subject." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
"An understanding of this will also allow you to adjust your photos to create natural looking depth of field effects in Photoshop when needed. Let's look at seven such principles and techniques that will help you with adjusting depth of field to focus the subject in your photos." - Kol Tregaskes
Here are some examples in my Flickr stream. - Russellreno
Thanks, Russell, I liked this one: - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks for the favorite. - Russellreno
Patrick Jordan
Review: WinAdmin for iPhone – The First Real iPhone Terminal Services Client App | Just Another iPhone Blog -
Review: WinAdmin for iPhone – The First Real iPhone Terminal Services Client App | Just Another iPhone Blog -
Sweet - TheHenry
I grabbed it when it first came out. It works! - Rodfather
I've got another one to try out now - Jaadu RDP - based on a reader comment. :) - Patrick Jordan
Fremen V
Too much spice? - Brian Sullivan
Yeah, kinda freaky. - Mike Nayyar
Muad'Dib? - mikepk
don't tase me bro :) - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Next step, stain your lips :p - Ari Braginsky
Maud'Vib - Veronica
That's no stillsuit... - Mike Nayyar
tell me of your homeworld usul - Trish Haley
Freaky! Does Ryan know about this? - Fee501st
May thy knife chip and shatter! (Dune quotes, they never get old) - Mike Nayyar
It is by will alone you set your mind in motion (if we're going to start quoting Dune...) - Ari Braginsky
"I must rule with eye and claw as the hawk among lesser birds." (I can't resist either) - Fee501st
"Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration." - Veronica
"I have a girlfriend, and she is so blue." - Eiffel 65 - Jason Wong
"You have met the Atreides gom jabbar, Grandfather." - Steven Perez
Damn the local bookstores for not having God Emperor of Dune in stock. I'm buying each book in order and reading them as same. - Chris Charabaruk
Now I want to whisper to myself the rest of the day - Fleagle
Tell me of your homeworld, Veronica. btw, I love that you love Dune. *high five* - Josh Haley
HI BLUE EYES :) - Mich D.
i do the same things to my pics lol. Awesome! - Shawn Miller
Children of Dune - This was Muad'Dib's achievement: He saw the subliminal reservoir of each individual as an unconscious bank of memories going back to the primal cell of our common genesis. - shayne catrett
Can I like this post twice? - Christian (Simply X)
Awesome!!!! - mjc
wow! this looks great - Dan V
This picture remember me Dune - Jorge Mota
wow blue eyez - w43l
Welcome to Dune - Özkan Altuner
mmm SPICE!! share!! ;)'d you do the spice effect? - Susan Beebe
paul atreides. fremen =) so much mel'anj - Furkan Tunalı
Did you find some way of turning "red-eye" blue? It looks like you were taken at night and exchanged backgrounds. close? - Melanie Reed
That's a serious Spice look. - Doug
:D xD - Özgür KORKMAZ
"He is Mordeep! The chosen one... Barron." LOL - Drew Lucas
Loic Le Meur
Flickr is in troubles too according to @om maybe I should start backing up my years of photos
Interesting. Backing up photos sounds like a good idea either way. What is the best way to back up Flickr photos? - Adam
There's an interesting paid service idea, archive repository. Just API in and grab the photos etc? - David Eedle
i thought people UPLOADED photos to Flickr, meaning that the originals are on some other computer. that's been my M.O. backup what? my local HDD? already done. - .LAG liked that
But how about people like Robert Scoble who uses Flickr as the repository for his blog's photos? It sounds like a lot of work to go in and relink all the images to a different location. - Edmund Tay
Hmm. I have almost 4000 photos on Flickr and many more on local storage. Where to next? - Victor Panlilio
Use picasa to sync ALL your library online. I just dragged my albums into folders and BLAMO everything is backed up AND synced online :) - Jaime
I use Flickr as my backup... :-( - Benoit Cazenave
i keep all photos on flickr. yikes. - drew olanoff
Lawrence: There are pros and cons to hosting your images on Flickr and linking to it. Pros would be "unlimited" storage and bandwidth and being able to link to that same image from multiple locations. Cons is of course being reliant on the existence of Flickr and also those funky filenames that get generated when you upload to Flickr. That makes migrating image links pretty difficult since your original image filename won't match with that on Fllickr. - Edmund Tay
...interesting. it never occurred to me that some folks would look at Flickr as permanent storage solution. I've always just seen is as an efficient way to share a selection of my photos with people i know, through time and space. - .LAG liked that
Interesting info, guess I'll have to find some other place for my externalized backups... - Benoit Cazenave
I was just looking for the best way to sync my iPhoto lib and a service like Flickr or Smugmug. Not bad to have a service like Flickr to backup 20GB of images for less that 25$/year - Frédéric Sidler
I was just looking for the best way to sync my iPhoto lib and a service like Flickr or Smugmug. Not bad to have a service like Flickr to backup 20GB of images for less that 25$/year - Frédéric Sidler
May be Yahoo will sell Flickr as eBay is wanting to do with Skype. May be SmugMug can purchase Flickr from Yahoo and make it the free/social version of SmugMug? - Vinko
Ok, Flickr are laying off people but there isn't anything to substantiate that they are in trouble - David McDonald
Meh, time to look for a tool to migrate nearly 200 photos from Flickr? - Tyson Key
Yah, but what do you do when you have 20,953 photos on flickr? And all those comments and tags? The thing you want to save is all that social networking, organizing and tagging, you already have a high-res copy somewhere on your hard drive at home... - Paula W
Hmm, but what if you don't, out of interest? For what it's worth, I've used Flickr (and Picasa) as a "final destination" for images after I've taken them, and tend to delete or otherwise archive image files after I've uploaded them. I'm sure there are a few others who do that, too. - Tyson Key
I used to be able to BackUp my Flickr Crap using Website Downloader which was Super cuz it also Backed Up all my Flickr Comments + those from Flickr Friendz - I gotta look into it again cuz they have some Restrictions on me + I don't like it 1 damn bit!! ;)) - Billy Warhol
Lisa Bettany
Thomas Hawk
Annie Leibovitz Talks About Her Shoot With Demi Moore -
A great interview by Marc Silber with celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz talking about her famous photoshoot with Demi Moore which resulted in one of the most iconic celebrity photos of all time. - Thomas Hawk
SanDisk recently picked up sponsorship of Marc's show and it's really great to see another photography video series available online. Marc and I shot an upcoming episode of his show last night out at the Golden Gate Bridge and got some amazing pics. - Thomas Hawk
Interesting article on the sugars we eat -
Mike Doeff
Photowalking at Dream Machines - Half Moon Bay on Vimeo -
Photowalking at Dream Machines - Half Moon Bay on Vimeo
"Photowalking at Dream Machines - Half Moon Bay" dreammachines09 (shot with a Flip Mino HD) - Mike Doeff from Bookmarklet
It's weird how the propeller is frozen and then "bent" by the Flip's progressive scanner. - Robert Scoble
You can see the plane that Robert and Thomas rode in at the 1:13 mark. - Mike Doeff
Nice job putting it all together! Great amalgamation of the events! Esp. the "taking a picture of the jet" tutorial. - Gregg Le Blanc
Kol Tregaskes
"Learning to see abstractly is one great way to add interest to your images. One of our forum members Andrew Raimist (see his blog here and flickr account here) submitted the following tutorial and images on the topic." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Cool. Thanks for posting. :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
No worries, Matthew. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I always like being turned on to new folks in my own town. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Kol Tregaskes
60 Incredible Aerial Photos You Must See - -
60 Incredible Aerial Photos You Must See -
60 Incredible Aerial Photos You Must See -
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"A compilation of 60 Incredible Pictures, all taken by the very talented photographer, Yann Arthus Bertrand. Each and every one of these pictures are truly incredible, and the selection of pictures includes spectacular aerial views from various countries around the world." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
wow! Incredible! - ◄ 道 ► D/\\/|I|D ッ
His book "Being a Photographer" is an excellent book about, well, being a photographer. And my copy came with a cool DVD version of the book too. - Brian Johns
Kol Tregaskes
"Without any big fuss, a face-recognition feature has been added to Flickr." - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
"Today is Earth Day, a day set aside for awarenesss and appreciation of the Earth's environment, and our roles within it - this year marking the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. As a way to help appreciate and observe our environment, I've collected 40 images below, each a glimpse into some aspect of the world around us, how it affects and sustains us, and how we affect it. Happy Earth Day everyone." - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
Shooting In The Sun | Digital ProTalk: Technique Tuesday -
Shooting In The Sun | Digital ProTalk: Technique Tuesday
Shooting In The Sun | Digital ProTalk: Technique Tuesday
"Hey gang, I've got a nice treat for everybody today. Ray Vilalobos, Director of Multimedia at Entravision Communications and Adjunct Instructor at Seminole Community College was in the audience when we brought the Digital WakeUp Call tour through Florida a few weeks ago." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
The Photographer King Needs No Tripod - Sigma | Gizmodo -
The Photographer King Needs No Tripod - Sigma | Gizmodo
"Photographer Marco Sitzia rocks the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III with a monstrous Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 EX DG lens. For reference, the Sigma weighs about 35 pounds. Hell yes" - more info here: - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
totally ridiculous but... f/2.8 at 500mm, in a zoom?? WOW PS: the envious comments on that page are hilarious - Iphigenie
Thomas Hawk
Congress Should Wear T-Shirts With Endorsements: Caroline Baum - -
Congress Should Wear T-Shirts With Endorsements: Caroline Baum -
"Senator Chris Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut and ethically challenged head honcho at the Senate Banking Committee, files into a congressional hearing room, wields his gavel and calls the committee to order. The dress code is business casual: collared shirts, no jacket required. Dodd is sporting a pink Lacoste shirt, with his “endorsements” emblazoned across his chest in large, black letters (the corporate logos go on the back): Citigroup Inc. $428,294 United Technologies $380,550 Bear Stearns $347,350 American International Group $281,038 Deloitte & Touche $270,220 And that’s just a list of Dodd’s Top 5 lifetime contributors, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The list goes on: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Transparency is a good thing! - Craig Eddy
@Craig: transparency of the contributions, not the shirts, I hope you meant. old wrinkly guys in sheer tops. - grant fox
I think it would be great if they had to wear their top 5 contributors on their shirts. They might be more careful about who they take money from. This money obviously is meant to buy influence. - Thomas Hawk
heh, they do it in nascar and it doesn't stop them from forming embarassing partnerships with sponsors.. - grant fox
"I yield the remainder of my time to the gentleman from the NRA." - Daniel Dulitz
LOL @grant...Can you IMAGINE Senator Kennedy with a see-thru top? CSPAN's ratings would fall off the edge of the earth. oh, wait.... - Craig Eddy
@Craig: heh, unfortunately I did imagine that. Been trying since to erase it from memory. - grant fox
What a great idea! Their sponsors' name and logos should be plastered all over their cars, like at Datona. - Stan Scott
Dan and Grant have it right. Just like Auto Racing...Logos everywhere, size determines amount. Get the info from Fundrace. Publish where anyone can easily review. Have broadcast media specify "Chris Dodd (D) (AIG, Citi, United Technologies), CT on the screen. It would create a level of transparency that would revolutionize the way today's public understands the workings and influences (good and bad) of their Nation. - Matt Weeks
Even if the money isn't meant to buy influence, entities give to reps they agree with (which is why campaign finance reform was do stupid) an excellent indicater of true stance. - Robert Hafer
Verizon releases early data-focused LTE specs, CDMA nowhere in sight -
Cab driver this morning said the Taxi Magic app for iPhone is a game changer for his biz in a good way. Bypasses dispatch, pay via phone.
I definitely could see that. - Adam Martin
I've used it in Chicago and it works great. The extra fee is tolerable given the status updates you get. - Charles Hanskat from Alert Thingy
Jason Calacanis
Wow, Facebook has really ripped off Twitter with the new default/homepage huh?
Worse. They haven't done a good job of it. - Warren Butler
Isn't it more of Friendfeed rather than Twitter? o.O - embee
bit of both.. - Rob Sellen :o)
Is ripping off the sincerest form of flattery? :) - Chris Lamprecht
Sarah Lane
Paul Thurrott
Leo Laporte
Re: Can Microblogging Power A Blog Community? -
"This is an experiment we tried some time ago at TWiT and it's been a rousing success. A microblog focused around a community is a very different experience from the hurly burly of Twitter, and more satisfying in many ways. One also tends to use a small microblog differently - the public stream, for instance, is much more useful. I don't even follow anyone; I just read the public stream. We used Laconica for the TWiT Army install and it's working very nicely." - Leo Laporte
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