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Scott Wilson Badenoch Jr

Scott Wilson Badenoch Jr

CEO & Co-Founder of &; Dedicated to realigning our society with nature through business methods.
Obama Democrats...the new Reagan Republicans. NSA, drones, prosecuting whistleblowers, Guantanamo...Iran Contra, Grenada, Samuel T Morison
RT @AverageChirps: More Than 15 Million Americans Now Live Within One Mile of a Fracking Well
RT @jayrosen_nyu: The Guardian goes all out — all in — on explaining why the Snowden revelations matter to readers. THAT is commitment.
RT @SmithsonianMag: Humans produce a lot of garbage—and we're going to keep producing more and more of it for the foreseeable future
RT @elaineishere: Not good. CO2 levels jumped to 395 ppm (up 2.67 ppm) in 2012. 2nd highest rise since modern record keeping began.
RT @MicahZenko: Wow. US officials disavow Jan. 6 and 8 drone strikes in Pakistan. “They were not ours."
RT @JesseNewhart: Bay Lights Project turns SF Bay Bridge into a ‘big-ass display’
RT @ClimateCoLab: How to get involved in the Climate CoLab,
RT @EdgeofSports: For W. Coasters, my piece @thenation about how the naming of stadium is now ground zero in fight vs. New Jim Crow.
RT @CatherineCrier: 'Homeland Security': The trillion-dollar concept that no one can define via @thenation
RT @beezling: Oh yeah, by the way, I almost forgot to mention, no big deal, but they cured #HIV
RT @kmo231: The bulls just had Teague, vlad rad, bellinelli, nazr, and butler as their 5 on the court #thibsishigh
RT @aurabogado: Must read @lhfang's article on how the private prison industry influences immigration policy:
RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Nobody puts Boehner in a corner. #SequesterMovieLines
RT @drgrist: "Keystone isn’t a perfect battlefield, but neither was Selma or Stonewall. In a war, you don’t always get to choose where to fight."
RT @SustainablDylan: RT @inhabitat: A new WHO report shows that the cancer risk is 70% higher for female infants near site of Fukushima.
RT @biofriendlyblog: 6 Things Grosser Than Horse Meat In Your Burger | Popular Science
RT @nathanLfuller: Updated live-blog recapping Bradley #Manning's statement:
RT @MotherJones: "They got the most shots," says a Chicago SCHOOL KID who likes high-capacity magazines. "You can shoot forever."
RT @MotherJones: Newtown "Changed America," But Will Congress Change Gun Laws?
RT @JanieceStaton: Don't be fooled by @BP_America's PR machine, the gulf is still suffering. #BPtrial #makeBPpay cc: @TheJusticeDept
RT @TheWeek: If you missed it: Stephen Colbert, out of character, stumping for his sister —
RT @Windbaron: "@SenSanders: The US has tripled its defense spending since 1997 and spends more on defense than the rest of the world combined. #Sequester"
RT @daveweigel: NBC poll: voters support minimum wage hike by 58-36 margin
RT @drgrist: Climate change could dry up some of America's biggest, most important reservoirs: Quick. Cut taxes.
RT @MotherJones: 12 ways the sequester will screw the poor:
RT @aheram: Bloomberg's "soda ban" will result in more damage to the environment and massive profits for the plastic industry.
RT @leedrutman: Jack Lew's contract w/ Citi included a bonus to leave for a "high level position with the United States government or regulatory body."
RT @alexisgoldstein: If you think Wall Street is the free market, you're an idiot. Wall St = preserving high commissions w/ anti-competitive practices.
RT @TH_RSS: BP oil spill trial starts today.
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