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Brian Rogers

Brian Rogers

corporate lawyer and contracts aficionado
"How Do I Value My Company So That I Can Grant Stock Options?" helpful piece by @joewallin
"The Measure of a Seller’s Damages for Breach of a Real Estate Sale Contract" via ContractsProf Blog
Short piece about unbundled legal services
More Businesses Turn to 'Near-Sourcing' to Save Time and Money | via @entmagazine
Ambiguous punctuation leads to loss of attorney’s fees (or is it attorneys’ fees?) via @minorwisdom
"How to Move Your WordPress Blog to a New Host | Tips and Tricks" ... for those DIYers out there.
RT @joewallin: Repeal Prohibition, Again
Auto-renewal term provision in a lease created an option to terminate, which was to be strictly construed. (8th Cir.)
8th Circuit bars negligent misrepresentation claim in contract dispute due to the economic loss doctrine.
"Why Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be Better Than Eight - WSJ" (no paywall)
"The Most Expensive Domain Names in Internet History" interesting list
"Airbnb 'Squatter' Nightmare: Does the Sharing Economy Need a Security Overhaul?" Sounds awful.
"A Guide to Contract Interpretation (July 2014)"by ReedSmith's Vinny Martorana. I'll be checking it out.
RT @aimeeinstl: Great crowd @1MillionCupsSTL! People must really like: 1) beer 2) #startup secrets 3) @kickstarter magic @SynekSystem @MJWerner8211
RT @ClassicPixs: Smoking a cigarette while riding the Tour de France, 1920s. '
RT @DCToedt: Forestall a fraud claim: Disclose ghost-written material that suggests you have expertise
"Can LLC Members Pay Themselves a Salary?" LLCs vs. Corps. Via inVigor.
Banana Republic to launch line of outfits best suited for The Corporate Guy & Startup Guy. How about Contracts Guy?
RT @letour: Michael Rogers wins! #TDF
RT @kevinokeefe: Rent to own! FindLaw selling pre-owned law blogs/sites on existing domain w/previous owner's content. - @conradsaam
"When People Fight Over Clear Language" via @KonciseD Re pay if paid language in construction contract.
RT @DCToedt: Simple tweaks to a contract form can save a lot of negotiation time via @tcummins
RT @ronfriedmann: RT @kevinokeefe: Twitter testing a “retweet with comment” feature - @Forbes || I'd like that!
RT @jaredcorreia: RT @rodneydowell: Law Firms’ Own Employees are Among the Major Cyberthreats to Guard Against: | via @ABAJournal
"Traveling Coach on U.S. Flights Has Become a Serious Pain" via @entmagazine
RT @SimonTheTam: @RonColeman Federal judge forbids Redskins from using their name: (in addition to USPTO ruling)
"Arbitration Award Vacated Because Arbitrators Were Impartial" via Arbitration and the Law
RT @saralingafelter: Lawyer friends: take a minute & help me prep for an upcoming CLE? I'd greatly appreciate a RT & your response!
RT @DouglasReiser: Down down down RT @chrischeatham: Cloud companies having to figure out services to get revenue? You don't say...
It's Christmas in July: high of 76 in St. Louis. A record.
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