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Brian Rogers

Brian Rogers

corporate lawyer and contracts aficionado
RT @isaach: accidental venn diagram?
RT @nikiblack: Yes: "Are police in Ferguson violating the Constitution?" (ABA Journal)
RT @howtosellbiz: MT @ballantaylor - The 5 Words You Must Include in Any Offer to Buy a Business by @RichardDiomo - -
RT @park3: Now reading: yet another agreement with a Notices section providing notice by telegram. #boilerplatematters
RT @WCEllis: So much beauty and good and positive about #stl. I wish everyone could experience and appreciate it. @…
RT @JenniferMRomig: E-signatures, esp the part about prestige/power and single-letter signatures.
RT @DevonMSmiley: Watch the quirk and sass levels when drafting a contract. No one trusts a winky face. #negotiation
RT @LadyLegalWriter: “Vanna, we’d like to return a vowel…”--Georgia Aquarium sign misspelled
RT @KStandards: ContractStandards Updates - - New Clauses and Checklist Updates #contracts #legalanalytics
"I Gave My Business Away. Here Are 3 Reasons Why." interesting concept
RT @DigitallyDownld: Everything wrong with modern media in one screenshot:
RT @tedfrank: Twitter sees I tweet about law, feeds me ads from maritime basket transfer personal injury lawyers. Business model worth billions.
RT @_katie_lane: Ta-dum! It's part 3 of my conversation with the fine folks at @ShakeLaw: (3 just happens to be my favorite number.)
RT @JDSupra: Turns Out Your Complex Passwords Aren’t That Much Safer
RT @nikiblack: Sign of the times: "Client Search for Value Takes M&A Work to Smaller Law Firms"
RT @JMTLaw: Happy Left-handers Day to all of my fellow southpaws!
RT @KonciseD: My post about use of the 10b-5 representation in contracts that don't deal with purchase of securities:
RT @KonciseD: I'll have to go on a retreat to fully digest the 54 (and counting) comments to my post about "curing" breach:
RT @TMAttorney: Bear Grylls sues knifemaker for using the word "Bear," but reverses course when contacted by the company via Twitter:
RT @LawWriting: Split infinitives? Decide based on how they sound in context, not on gen'l condemnation by @VolokhC
"Who owns the copyright to monkey’s selfie? Wikimedia denies photographer’s takedown request" interesting
RT @Prof_Miller: U.S. Supremes Settle Breach of Contract Action Against the Court
RT @dianatwiss: Apologies to lawyer friends but too cute to pass. @CherylStephens #plainlanguage
RT @twkozlowski: If a monkey takes a selfie in the forest, who owns the copyright? No one, says Wikimedia. via @washingtonpost
RT @tcummins: Are your executives ready to sign-off on your contracts?
RT @DiligenceEngine: How Senior Partners Cheat — Mark Herrmann in @atlblog | here's how ppl cheat at due dilig:
RT @techdirt: New York Guest House Burns Own Reputation To The Ground By Trying To Charge Customers $500 For Bad Reviews
“@VisitMO: giant, billion-year-old granite formations in Arcadia Valley in Missouri. Where I love to backpack”
“@stlspeed: Amnesty Day gives St. Louisans a chance to clear misdemeanor warrants via @fox2now” need a clean slate?
“@dubaitara: Yup. The out-of-office reply, deconstructed” Brilliant!
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