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RT @monaeltahawy: RT @femspo: Thank you for all you do. We'd love you to read more about #femspo Your support would mean the world.
אחרי כל מה שעברנו, אנחנו כאן #no2bio #WeAreHere #WeAreHereToo
אחרי כל מה שעברנו, אנחנו כאן #no2bio #WeAreHere #WeAreHereToo
RT @dreahouston: This works for Toronto "carding" as well. RT @Copwatch: #myNYPD is racist, no matter what color the officers are.
RT @OccupyWallStNYC: Backlash against #myNYPD social media campaign spills over into user-generated #myLAPD hashtag
Peewee, the #python #database #ORM now has schema migrations. Not as heavy as #django #south, but then again &mda...
The way they bend the rules to target @StanleyCohenLaw is like racial profiling, only opinion-based. I'm sure there's a Russian word 4 it 😜
Hon. Norman A. Mordue: No Jail Time for @StanleyCohenLaw via @Change
My tox got vox now (ask me how) is sometimes dubbed "the open skype" and that means audio/video (or at lea...
RT @wikileaks: (fix) #NetMundial: Forensic differences between WikiLeaks #NetMundial draft release and final Outcomes document
#ff @OurNetMundial because mundial means "world" 😻 Not "world 𝐩𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫" 😡 #OurNetMundial
If you can understand you know you should sign and join #OurNetMundial
RT @jerezim: THEM: #netmundial: Old gov & corp, "multistakeholder". US: #OurNETmundial: The Internets, w/ cats & unicorns. SIGN
RT @wikileaks: US silently strips human rights from internet standards in #NetMundial (P25) negotiations
RT @carolina: You can give some feedback to #netmundial campaign in
Oops. Forgot the screenshot cc @ProjectTox
Remember when ? So we've started fixing it, and the desktop's a bit rough, but we have voice 😻 cc @ProjectTox
A guy (or someone who claims to be a guy) just proved to me that he(?) is not #NSA ![Signed statemend]( #Discuss.
For every tweet, author promises to add a cat (not sure if rt button counts) RT @jilliancyork CAT ROULETTE
Yess. Got Venom. Tox me (like it's 1999) @ProjectTox: issue resolved. Thanks 😇
If I had a #Prince cover band, I'd call it "The artist no longer formerly known" and #SEO snoops would never catch 𝐦𝐞
שמעו בדיחה: מתי כספי נכנס למסעדה רומנית, מזמין קבב כבש. מקבל שני קבבים בצלחת, אחד מהם כבש. שואל: איך זה שקבב אחד מעז? עונה שר הפנים: מה אחד?
RT @thegrugq: There's a message in here for someone...
RT @0xabad1dea: I'm sorry I find this hilarious
RT @kevinmarks: @quinnnorton @jilliancyork @zephoria I do sometimes wonder if #indieweb is the SCA for blogging, like predicted
Need #python / #crypto #hivemind help (tell a geek friends) The good news: I CAN HAZ SqlCipherDatabase: a pysqlci...
RT @justintroutman: "Encrypt everything" is a prophylactic for how our data is handled, but it doesn't fix how promiscuous *we* are with it. OPSEC or bust.
Still no net (except 4 this "dumb" j2me phone) but I CAN PUSHZ sqlcipher 4
RT @JamilaHanan: If the #Burma central gov let the hundreds of tortured #Rohingya out of its dungeons that would be a start. That's not 'ethnic conflict'!
still offline. Can't fork, so I ransack /usr/lib and will sort git out l8r
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