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RT @justintroutman: "Encrypt everything" is a prophylactic for how our data is handled, but it doesn't fix how promiscuous *we* are with it. OPSEC or bust.
Still no net (except 4 this "dumb" j2me phone) but I CAN PUSHZ sqlcipher 4
RT @JamilaHanan: If the #Burma central gov let the hundreds of tortured #Rohingya out of its dungeons that would be a start. That's not 'ethnic conflict'!
still offline. Can't fork, so I ransack /usr/lib and will sort git out l8r
RT @virtadpt: #ATT throws a tantrum because the #FCC wants to auction spectrum to smaller #telecom companies:
Landline died. No smartphone. Can't #NSA send someone over to fix it?
RT @cracked: Stephen Hawking doesn't like a braggart. The 45 Most Badass Lines Ever Uttered in Real Life -
We've got an avocado plant Frank Moses could kill for cc @warrenellis
Yay. got a @ProjectTox address. See It's toxic (i.e. no audio/video), but fun
RT @ThaiFoodBlog: סליחה על הקלישאה אבל נותרו מקומות בודדים בסדנאות הבישול התאילנדי שאערוך בהוד השרון ובהרצליה במהלך חודש מאי. להרשמה
RT @BestEarthPix: Colorado switched mile marker "420" to "419.99" because too many people were stealing it.
I hate it when I do something otherwise clever, but spell #fourtwenty wrong
RT @_emint_: taqwacore!! RT @KhaledBeydoun: Taking Muslim Hipster-dom up a notch, or two.
RT @deannaothman: “@nippon_en: Japanese 3D latte art” @fzuberi
RT @shunradan: @lgbookworm @ShunraCat @TheRealDod PTSD-induced PTSD.
RT @ShunraCat: @TheRealDod "JOKING ABOUT LICKING". On her transcript. FOR REAL. ::shakes head::
RT @ShunraCat: So, Herself tells me that she was written up by the school disciplinary office for speaking inappropriately about potassium nitrate. >>
"Not working [normally]" is my middle name :) ![What do I need a walkman for? I'm a sitting woman](
Turns out the folks who do The Highway Code are on twitter (@GlobalDrugSurvy) 𝐚𝐧𝐝 @TwisterPtoP 😎
The Highway Code A guide to safer, more enjoyable drug ...
RT @chefjoseandres: in Norway a fisherman found a vibrator inside a codfish! @Bourdain @ericripert funny ,isn't it?
By the look on her face, he's not very good at it
RT @rj_gallagher: Great new suspected Banksy piece on a wall in Cheltenham, the home of UK spy agency GCHQ:
סיפור חדש של אתגר קרת הופיע בידיעות. הנה פדף:
#AYB gets a darker meaning ![Putin does MLP]( v twitter::@thegrugq
יש לנו חתולה כל כך קצרה שאם היא היתה הולנדית, אז מפאת הקוצר היא היתה הודית. בגלל שהיא תאית, היא יוצאת tight
Details (or something):
Join the #potathon: #Bake something out of #fourtwenty #RSS to win fame in dubious circles 😵
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