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RT @ThaiFoodBlog: כתב הנ"י טיימס החליט שהמשחק המגניב ספאק-טאקרו הומצא רק ב-2011. הוא טועה, כמובן
RT @No2Bio: הנשיא מצביע ברגליים נגד המאגר הביומטרי. הגיע עם רעייתו להנפקת דרכון ביומטרי דיפלומטי שאינו מחובר למאגר. @rubirivlin גם אנחנו רוצים #no2bio
RT @ThaiFoodBlog: לבקשת הקהל: החתול החדש והקליפ שהוא הכי אוהב לראות
#LOL Pakistani support ticket screenshot via leaks target details 😱 Who gave them a license?
RT @brittaplease: “@JimmyPrinceton: These two tweets from @SenatorDurbin are priceless.” #prisonindustrialsystem at its racist & best😒😒
RT @BennieItIs: Don't forget. The govt deemed the Black Panthers a terrorist group bc of the free lunch program they put in place. You read it right.
RT @the_intercept: Intercept Reporter Shot With Beanbags and Arrested While Covering Ferguson Protests:
#ferguson cop @buzzfeedandrew compared to Robocop (@stltoday v @BoingBoing). I have an idea for a sequel.
#FourTwenty: עוד רבע שעה בכל מיני מקומות ובברזביל, שזו מילה שמצחיק להגות בעברית נכונה
RT @shunradan: @TheRealDod צודק מי שצודק אחרון.
RT @RaniaKhalek: Israel killed 30 Palestinian humanitarian workers in Gaza: 11 UNRWA workers, 11 medical staff and 8 firefighters
מה אם יתברר יום אחד שבעצם כהנא צחק ועם ישראל חי בשגיאת כתיב כל השנים האלה?
RT @ShunraCat: Israeli right-winter: "Hitler was right - but he got the nation wrong. [Jews] are the chosen people." v/ @Eyal6699
RT @mwest_: @ryan_ramage_ What Happens When Police Officers Wear Body Cameras
RT @TorEkelandPC: To me #ferguson is a constitutional crisis that the elite legal academy is ignoring because it's not digested in a casebook. #ferguson
RT @anya_fennec: Milkor Multi Grenade Launcher RT @tressiemcphd What is THAT? MT @wesleyverhoeve: not a game
RT @MatthewKeysLive: A reminder that three Al Jazeera journalists have been jailed in Egypt for 234 days (#FreeAJStaff) -
RT @headhntr: Interested in paid position researching censorship and surveillance? Apply for a fellowship with @citizenlab!
RT @johnjcook: The St. Louis Police Department needs to release @rdevro immediately
RT @CassandraRules: Holy shit. So many cop sympathizers.
The color #ffnord makes some browsers blink in a frequency that makes you forget the last 5 minutes. Not many developers remember this.
"Swedish prosecutors...violated the rights of...the two Swedish women who wish for a prompt resolution to this case"
RT @bluey705: #qanda poor peoples car suggested by Joe Hockey
RT @BiancaJagger: RT @btselem Families bombed at home, Gaza, July 2014 (initial figures)
RT @GeorgieBC: Borders are here to divide us and kill us separately, to make our enemies seem different and our comrades seem enemies. #NoBorders #refugees
RT @HaikuHare: #AmWriting #pedantic #muse #haiku #senryu #micropoetry I write random thoughts In 5-7-5 format And call them haikus.
RT @scrafford: It’s been a month since the security certificate became invalid.
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