Morning world.... how was yer weekend?
naw @AlanBleiweiss join THIS hangout. With @bill_slawski on entity audits hee hee
Talking Entity Audits tomorrow with @bill_slawski - should be awesome. Don't miss it.
Morning... got a great night's sleep, ready to rock and roll here today. How are U doin?
Talking 'Entiy Audits' this Friday w/ @bill_slawski - don't miss it
dammit... woke up at 6:30am... oh well... work it is... Good morning all!
Morning folks... ready to get this shit going on or what?
Morning folks... workin weekend. Oh the joy of it all. How U doin?
Friday SEO Chat is now underway - Join Us
Friday SEO Chat is in 1.5hrs. We're talking all things forensic SEO this week
Links are the new link building hee hee
Having fun out there this morning are we?? (chuckle). Hey, maybe some day we'll get there...
having a private SEO hangout in the afternoon. Want in? Let me know
And hey, if anyone has insights intto the most recent Panda (May 19th) I'd be happy to add U to the convo on Skype. Theories, stories...
Paging @AlanBleiweiss to the Bat Phone (Skype).
Ok my SEO geek friends... I have a Q about sub-domains. Care to assist?
Dear SEO geeks... go test yer awesome;
Good morning twitter... bla bla bla [link]... bla bla bla [link]. Do I fit in now? (stream madness)
The Regulators search news is now on the air!
The Regulators search news is now on the air
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Friday SEO Chat starting soon... join us CC @steveplunkett
RT @SEOdojo - Friday SEO Chat; site reviews. Live via Google HOA in 2.5hrs. Join us;
RT @SEOdojo: New @SEOdojo Radio The Regulators Search and Social News ~ video:
psst @steveplunkett was talkin GTAV with someone, reminded of Valentines Massacre re-enactment I did
Mel can have my drinks.. HIYA! @SEOAware @steveplunkett @lyena @lookadoo
RT @SEOdojo Google Ranking Factor #201 (feat @bill_slawski ) Must read;
The Regulators search news, is now on the air
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