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Abhishek Tiwari
Hand to Mouth to India – Free to Read Online - -
Glad to see that someone else has discovered a book that I really enjoyed reading. - Miss Elle
Spidra Webster
"Thanks for playing. Here's your candy."
haha this is priceless!!!!!!!! - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
lol, who is she? - Franc, a rememberer
No shit... I was just chased up the path to my house by a pissed off koala...
OMG! Glad you made it in safe! - Rachel Lea Fox
What? No snapshots? - τorƍue
/me hums the Benny Hill theme - Bryce Roney
It was funny already but Bryce just tipped it into epic. - Spidra Webster
He didnt recognize you without the beard. watch koalas are very loyal ;) - Tony C (Unrated)
As you do. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
That actually made me laugh... needed one today, thanks Johnny! - Sally Church
crikey! - Phil Essing
Lol - Pete D from iPhone
How to speak Australian: *Johnny scrambles up his path with a koala snapping at his bottom* PUPPY. - Josh Haley from iPhone
LMAO Lindsey! - Sally Church
Doesn't this put your Aussie Man Card in jeopardy? All the Aussie blokes we see in movies and on TV do not get chased up anything, unless it's by at least a 60-foot long Croc :) Did the Koala look like a 60 foot croc when you first spotted him? - Patrick Jordan
You should keep some eucalyptus leaves handy to throw them off your trails. - Pete D from iPhone
so Australia is living up to the fantasy I have of it in my head, built from movies in the 80s like A Town Called Alice and Thorn Birds. NICE. - anna sauce
"Meggy! Meggy!" - anna sauce
It was Bruce. He is the dominant male in our area. I got out of the car and I heard some rustling from the trees. When I started to walk up the path, I saw him climb down and start walking towards me. He grunted very aggressively, something I don't want to stick around for so I bolted. I must have disturbed him having a root with one of his girlfriends. - Johnny
yes, Johnny certainly knows how to paint a word picture...! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
That's a MoW, right there. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I just love this thread! - Prairie & I Know It
this just proves the value of that welcome mat my mom used to have: 'Friends Welcome. Family - Make Reservations'. Maybe the little guy thought you were a distant cousin, and decided to relight the fire under the long standing family feud between the Worthingtons and the Koalas? - Morgan
Bruce is totally going to lose his endorsement deal with Qantas - Spidra Webster
POIDH! - Jim #teamFFrank
only in Australia. - Trish Haley
grrrr, ;) - chaz2b
Indeed - Johnny from iPhone
Did it have really big <makes hands look like fangs> teeth? - Kelly W.
Let's Party! Please come to my house tonight at .....MIDNIGHT!!!! ;)
寿司 ~1.JPG
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Happy Hoidays Keiko - VALZONE#NEWHIP
I would feel guilty messing up such neatly arranged food. Maybe if I could coordinate with some other folks so food could be removed in a symmetrical, harmonious, synchronized manner. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
wow che meraviglia ... Auguri! - allegra from iPhone
@ Cristo >a Tokioooo! ;) - keiko-san
@VAL D. Zone >Happy Holidays! to you, too! ;) - keiko-san
@ SuezanneC Baskerville >Hello! - keiko-san
@ allegra>ciao, Auguri! anche a te! - keiko-san
@Caroline >Happy Holidays! - keiko-san
I'm on my way. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
OK! We're waiting for you! don't be late! ;) - keiko-san
@Christopher A Carr >ha ha ha! ....nice!..... welcome to Shibuya & Keiko's house ;) - keiko-san
@ Jeff P. Henderson >Hello Jeff! - keiko-san
@Cristo >Yes, why not? - keiko-san
oh....I'm hungry! well....Let's begin! - keiko-san
wow!! wonderful... - claire ™
@claire >It looks delicious doesn't it? - keiko-san
@ Haggis (Sean Loyless) >Really??....ha ha ha...;) - keiko-san
osushi wa oishii desune! - keiko-san
Ahhhh *SBAV* - Esthar
ciao Esthar! Piacere! - keiko-san
slurp - Ciro Pellegrino
Hello Ciro Pellegrino ! - keiko-san
hmm .. delish - کلـیـشه
Hi !کلـیـشه . - keiko-san
hi keiko :) - کلـیـشه
if you can prepare this everyday, I'm offering you a room in my home in italy :-) - nastja
Nom. Nom! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Yummmmm - imabonehead from Android
@nastja >ciao, nastja! Siiiii, volentieri! :) - keiko-san
@Mathew A. Koeneker >Hi, Mathew! - keiko-san
@imabonehead>Hello! - keiko-san
ok Keiko, it's a deal ! - nastja
^o^:) - keiko-san
cheffameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! - Linda
^_^ :) - keiko-san
siiii! volentieri.....! ^_^ :) - keiko-san
davvero? - keiko-san Giappone....scuzami, eh! :) - keiko-san
^0^....:) - keiko-san
Italia 2008 : Mt. Etna, Sicilia
شما دماوند ما رو ندیدی انگار. نه؟ - Armand
it seemd that u have not seen our Damvand mountain, have you? - Armand
Damavand mountain?? - keiko-san
Iran, Mazandaran - Armand
I seeeee ! Also this moutain is volcano?? - keiko-san is - سهراب
Etna mountain. - keiko-san
TheNextWeb Forum
Avatar Is Killing The Box Office – Nearing 400 Million So Far -
Avatar Is Killing The Box Office Nearing 400 Million So Far Photo
The release was timed right to coincide with the holiday season, that is one of the reasons... - TrafficBug
AJ Batac
"Giant constrictor snake squeezing complete Copenhagen citybus." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
Just stuck two bucks in a slot machine $80.
Came out. $80 came out. Geez. #notdrunk - Derrick from iPhone
Anderson Cooper? - Derrick from iPhone
What great lucK! - Spidra Webster
Anderson Cooper finally came out? - Jill Hurst-Wahl
No Jill. He's too hung up on it. Allegedly. O_o - Derrick from iPhone
:) joey. - Derrick from iPhone
As a former denizen of Las Vegas: Quit while you're ahead. - Michael R. Bernstein
I am now back in my room watching ESPN. Pants? C'mon now... - Derrick from iPhone
Recipe for Sexy Time: Taiwanese Sweet Butter Brick Toast 奶酥吐司 | -
Recipe for Sexy Time: Taiwanese Sweet Butter Brick Toast 奶酥吐司 |
Recipe for Sexy Time: Taiwanese Sweet Butter Brick Toast 奶酥吐司 |
Show all
"Recipe for “Butter Milk” in Chinese courtesy of Flower Grass Garden. Ingredients: 1/2 cup of non-fat powered milk 1/3 cup of granulated sugar, dial down for less sugary result. 1/3 cup of salted butter 1/2 egg yolk 2 slices of 1″-thick brick toast. Margarine is actually a better substitute than butter as it melts much quicker into the bread, but a true carb whore will always drop her panties faster upon the smell of real butter. Here comes the tough part: don’t use regular bread and don’t even think about doubling up Wonder Bread. I use dense toast found at Asian bakeries, may it be Japanese/Chinese or otherwise. The last time around, the source of brick toast was Domie’s Bakery in Rosemead. The cashier girl, knowing the ultimate purpose for said loaf, smiled wide & deftly sliced the 6″ loaf of bread into fours, resulting in slices that are 1.5″ thick. This is good. Girls like it thick, so they tell me." - edythe from Bookmarklet
lord! that looks so nom! - vijay
doesn't it, though?! - edythe
Yeah, lots of breakfast places served us toast like this in Taiwan. Frequently they made it with different flavoured butters, like coconut or chocolate. - Louis Simoneau
omg, coconut or chocolate!! - edythe
I think i'd love it with peanut butter! :D - Bee
ahhhh the 626 - cysko
ha, cysko. :) - edythe
gonna try this one definitely - Shrés Mahésh
got some panties you need dropped, c'est mahéshieux? ;) - edythe
Want. I wonder if our Asian supermarket has that toast. - MiniMage
Bah. Yu Yu did not have the toast (9/12). :( - MiniMage
aww, sorry, mage. :| - edythe
yummy, but half a yolk makes my brain hurt, though... - Michael W. May
a wicked hhaahaahaaah to @edythe - cysko
VICTORY IS IMMINENT! I never could find the Japanese bakery in town, but I'd totally forgotten about a little market I used to live near named Hibari. Fortunately, Asian people know where to get Asian foods; imagine that! - MiniMage
I like the somewhat similar but easier-to-make sweetened condensed milk toast - you just spread a whole bunch of sweetened condensed milk on toast and pop it in the toaster oven. - Andrew C (✔)
I like the subtitles on this post. I kinda doubt sweet butter brick toast will get you an Asian girl in Vancouver; I mean, I think you have a decent chance of just finding this at your local bubble tea/snacks joint. But haha to "smarter than Chowhounders." =) - Andrew C (✔)
If I thought this would make an Asian girl--or any other girl, for that matter--sleep with me, I would not make the toast! - MiniMage
hee, minimage. :) - edythe
I suck! Last night, I bought milk in case mine had gone sour (it had) and butter, in case I was out. Got home after a birthday party and discovered all my eggs were bad. Bought eggs today, then got home and realized the recipe said POWDERED milk, which I've never had in my life. This may be worse than the misadventures I had after reading Mona's moaning about steamed mussels and fries. FML? - MiniMage
aw, minimage. are you sure your eggs are bad? i think they're actually good from 3-5 weeks after the sell by date. - edythe
The eggs were definitely bad. I still haven't found powdered milk. - MiniMage
Michael Fidler
Happy Chanukah to everyone on Friendfeed, twitter, and everywhere else!  - Here's a little info about The Chanukah Menorah -
Happy Chanukah to everyone on Friendfeed, twitter, and everywhere else!  -  Here's a little info about The Chanukah Menorah
Did you mean: friendfeed
Yep...this should get FriendFeed hopping again...LOL - Rahsheen
FTW! - chaz2b
Boo-YAH - Josh Haley
*whistles innocently* - Rahsheen
Iz ze New Wave ? - Desirade
hahah awesome! :D - Susan Beebe
Oh man if Google bombs weren't terrible terrible things, that would be an awesome one. However, they are terrible so don't think about it. - EricaJoy
OMG Google does know everything! It sees through the PR Spin: the same but different *eye roll* - sofarsoShawn
Victor Ryden 美久太阿
Inflatable Chimney Balloon Saves Energy » Coolest Gadgets -
Inflatable Chimney Balloon Saves Energy » Coolest Gadgets
"Created from a durable plastic laminate that is both air tight and tear resistant, the Inflatable Chimney Pillow can be inflated and stuffed up just about any unused chimney to block heat from escaping up the plume and cold air from drafting down the chimney. It can be deflated and stored when using the fireplace, and then re-inflated to reinstall." - Victor Ryden 美久太阿 from Bookmarklet
How To Reduce Your Energy Bills / Energy Conservation Begins at Home Imagine leaving a window open all winter long -- the heat loss, cold drafts and wasted energy! If your home has a folding attic stair, a whole house fan or AC Return, a fireplace or a clothes dryer, that may be just what is occurring in your home every day. These often overlooked sources of energy loss and air leakage... more... - Mark D. Tyrol
John E. Bredehoft
Locks of Love helps disadvantaged children suffering from medical hair loss -
Sunny (The Geek Lord)
Do you ever think that you need more then 24 hours in a day ? Or its just me
Always:) - Mitra_s
In-order to keep up with so many things in my life I need at-least 48 hours in a day :) - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
And the bad new is I HAVE to keep up with them coz all of them are important and not to miss..So what say ? ...I suppose I need time management for them. How do you keep up guys/gals ? - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
I usually have blues on monday :| for exmaple Hard to get up etc, etc - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
I would like fewer hours in a day though, may be its just me. Its not for coping with tasks but for better scheduling... - TrafficBug
Everyday besides the days that i am tired. - Xavier Mathews from email
Nah, we don't need more time. Just the hands off of those who don't have a right to it from stealing it from us and our families. Pssst. Big Business are you listening? - Melanie Reed
Not sure i understand. - Xavier Mathews from email
Srikanth AD
Got addicted with FarmVille? then Try New FishVille Facebook App | Tech Inspiration -
Got addicted with FarmVille? then Try New FishVille Facebook App | Tech Inspiration
hah, I'm already addicted to both.. and cafe world from zynga too :P - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
Lisa zahara Hopkins
Writer Evan Ratliff Tried to Vanish: Here’s What Happened | Vanish | -
Steven Perez
Owakudani Black Eggs | Hokane, Japan | Atlas Obscura -
Owakudani Black Eggs | Hokane, Japan | Atlas Obscura
"Owakudani, meaning the Great Boiling Valley, is located in the mountain town of Hokane. One can take an aerial tram up to the hot springs, or walk up the 1 km path. On clear days either route delivers spectacular views of the ominous Mt. Fuji. Once the springs are reached, kuro-tamago, or black eggs, can be purchased five at a time. The eggs are ordinary chicken eggs but the shell turns black due to being boiled in the hot sulfur spring. Local tradition holds that for each black egg eaten, seven years is added to one's life. However, some say that eating more than two is not recommended." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
Swindon to become the first UK city with Free WiFi. -
Well, now the folks from Swindon can feel proud of something instead of complaining about the weather and how there's nothing on. ;-) - Spidra Webster
The only thing I know about Swindon is Ali G. :( - Rochelle
The biggest thing I know about Swindon is XTC. - Spidra Webster
There isn't much in Swindon. A small town then lots of HQs for big companies like Nationwide. - Kol Tregaskes
Oh, don't they have that roundabout? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Isn't "The Office" set near Swindon? (I'm not a fan of either the British or American series so I don't know for sure.) - Spidra Webster
Spidra, in the British series, there is an office in Swindon, yup. - Rochelle
swissmiss | Clients From Hell -
swissmiss | Clients From Hell
"Clients From Hell is a collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers. Made me laugh." - edythe from Bookmarklet
makes me think of Anika. :) - edythe
LOL I think it's pretty sad reading some of those, I could give names. - Anika
awesome - I think we've all met these people - I going to have to go with the *eyeroll*! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Michelle Jones
Christmas Creep: Nordstrom Continues To Oppose Christmas Creep -
Christmas Creep: Nordstrom Continues To Oppose Christmas Creep
Christmas Creep: Nordstrom Continues To Oppose Christmas Creep
Bad ass. - Michelle Jones from Bookmarklet
that is awesome. - holly #ravingfangirl
Wasn't that the name of the substitute teacher that Lisa falls in love with in the Simpsons? - Glenn Slaven
That is very cool - Tamara, #TeamMarina
I applaud. - Stephen Mack
And this is why Nordstrom continues to be my Thanksgiving-revering father's favorite store ever. - Katie
AWESOME!!! - Ordinarybug Heather
Christmas Creep??????? I have a new phrase!!!!! I luff it! - Martha
"名叫"Virtual Wall"是一個新發明的人行橫道裝置,當紅燈時利用鐳射光線,顯示出一面虛擬的牆,來更好保護行人穿越馬路。設計師是Hanyoung Lee。" - Jackie from Bookmarklet
Mona Nomura
He proposed.
? - Rodfather
??? - Johnny from iPhone
???? - sean percival
???WELL???? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Chris Prillio proposed????? - Roberto Bonini
?????????!? - Johnny from iPhone
????¿¿¿¿??? - Spidra Webster
??? O_o - John Wang
!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (sound of breaking hearts of online geeks everywhere :P) - Adam Lasnik
Who? what? - Tudor Bosman
& YOU SAID??? - sofarsoShawn
You're still thinking, right? - Ruud van Wijngaarden
*taps foot* well? :) - Jemm
*turns up unrequited love-esque country and western song on the radio of his pickup and dreams of what might have been*.............. - Johnny from iPhone
Lucky for Google that it's not that into you! :-) - Daniel Dulitz
????? - DGentry
Did she just drop that and run outta here without responding and explaining? Man. There outta be a law ........ - Martha
Maybe she ran off to Las Vegas to be wed by the Elvis... - Jemm
???????????????????????????????????? - Micah
Mona!!!! Spill????!!!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Wtw???? - Kevin Fox from iPhone
Again??? - Jim Norris
He went to Jared's!$%!! [swoon] - Akiva
The end of this subject better not be "...that we go get some burgers tonight." - Kevin Fox
*double-take* - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Or "a race around the world in 80 days" - Johnny from iPhone
still no answer.. !! - Peter Dawson
The Jared's comments are why we flock to FriendFeed. +100's to both JA and Akiva. - Bryan R. Adams
I'm not sure. Mona has maintained radio silence for a long time - I hope she is ok. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Maybe she eloped? - Jim Norris
No. - Mona Nomura
well, at least she's alive. :) - Tudor Bosman
Barely haha - Mona Nomura
Mona! Keeping it secret or are you going to tell us? - Rachel Lea Fox
No to everything in this thread - especially Pirillo. GROSS. I'd rather eat a tub of year old bacon grease. And thanks everyone. - Mona Nomura
I normally never share personal stuff but this caught me so off guard I Tweeted it as a knee-jerk reaction. Stupid mistake I ever made. But now I know. And knowing is half the battle! - Mona Nomura
*checks TMZ for latest Mona gossip* - Spidra Webster
More like 'stupidest Tweets EVER dot com' ;) - Mona Nomura
Eat some menudo.. it'll make you feel better ;) - Rodfather
Hahahah fo sho. - Mona Nomura
well that tweet made me do a double take... :) - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
It was a fun tweet anyway. *hugs* - Rachel Lea Fox
WHAT?!!! - @CrystalinaB
so you're NOT getting married? damn, it would have been a fun wedding to go to :) - Tudor Bosman
No I'm not, but when I *DO* get married, you bet your butt it'd be fun. And all my FF peeps are invited. Wedding favors would be like conference schwag: t-shirts and totes. Food would be like conference food: gummi bears and Swedish Fish. FTW. - Mona Nomura
You could get your wedding photos from Twitpic... Can I also suggest the #monasgettinhitched hashtag? - Johnny from iPhone
Makes me wonder if anyone's invented a wedding bouquet gun for geek brides. - Spidra Webster
Hashtag needs to be shorter for RT value - something amongst the lines of #killme (I'm just kidding) - Mona Nomura
Bacon cake, I hope? - Tudor Bosman
#shotgun :) - Johnny from iPhone
I'll be there if it ever happens Mona.! :) - Rachel Lea Fox
Awwww! I wish I knew you and Kevin sooner - I would've TOTALLY crashed ;) - Mona Nomura
Tudor, the cake would be THIS ONE. - Mona Nomura
Mona & (fill in the blank) - The Vegas Wedding Conference - Speakers include.... - Rachel Lea Fox
Mona, me too! You would have been welcome to crash!! I would have even leaked you the info! ;-) - Rachel Lea Fox
Keynote: FF RealTime Widget ...Rachel <3 - Mona Nomura
*lol* A conference themed wedding would be totally awesome! Would the groom be required to attend Mona 101 earlier in the day before the ceremony? - Rachel Lea Fox
No, his only duty would be to make sure there are enough power strips and the WiFi is working ok LOL - Mona Nomura
Oo. I want a badge.. and a title. We'll toss our business cards in fishbowls to see who gets the center piece. - Rodfather
Nice!! - Rachel Lea Fox
I would have an MsSurface for folks to exchange contact info. And quit bringing up Pirillo - seriously, I'd rather eat a tub of year old bacon grease (like I said up there) or even a garbage bag full of popcorn jelly beans (which I HATE with a passion) than marry him. Seriously. GROSS. - Mona Nomura
Or drink an entire gallon of egg whites. With pickle juice. Mixed with Spam. Omg I just threw up in my mouth. - Mona Nomura
Not to mention he's already married - Mo Kargas
Who is this lucky Pirillo fellow? - Jim Norris
Or sardine bones mixed with corned beef drenched in beet juice. - Mona Nomura
Really? - Mo Kargas
Or wheat grass juice with raw broccoli leaves with chopped up three day old liver. And worms. YUCK. - Mona Nomura
All I have to say is...I'm relieved that the rumors of your engagement have been greatly exaggerated. :D - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Dude. NPH is on Twitter. omgomgomfg. @actuallyNPH #SWOON - Mona Nomura
NPH proposed to Mona? *runs to TMZ* - Spidra Webster
NPH is legendary.... And yay! Mona's ok! Woot! - John Wang
I love you guys <3 - Mona Nomura
Define "he". - Rochelle
*cracks knuckles* What's this about a proposal? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Best man speech would be a powerpoint presentation, I assume? - Kevin Fox
Invitations done in ASCII Art!! - Rachel Lea Fox
don't forget the chorus of "Wind Beneath My Wings" played by an orchestra of iPhone Leaf Trombones and iPhone Shakuhachis. - Martha from BuddyFeed
In group photos, everyone *bitchlips* - Rodfather
Ocarina FTW! - Mona Nomura
Nomura no-more-a? - Christian Anderson from iPhone
Mona's marrying Mr. Bacon Man?? - imabonehead
The non-proposal heard 'round the world. Mona, we await your next over-tweet :) - Micah
She's a trollette thankyouverymuch. - Micah
lol - imabonehead
I'd prefer "troll-op" - Spidra Webster
:-) Spidra wins. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Troll-op-erative. The most covert kind of troll. - Martha
Iván Abrego
ZooBorns: Black Jaguar Baby -
ZooBorns: Black Jaguar Baby
ZooBorns: Black Jaguar Baby [Reposted from dreamer via lelwani] - Iván Abrego
Kol Tregaskes
A man in Syracuse, NY, Mr. Stan Munro, works with toothpicks!
Show all
It took Stan Munro (38) 6 years to build this toothpick city. He used 6 million toothpicks and 170 litres of glue. He can spend until 6 months to create a building and each of his creations is built to 1:164 scale. He works at the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, New York ( USA ). Look at the amazing works of one of the most patient men in the world. - Kol Tregaskes
The best part about this article for me is that I was born & raised in Syracuse, NY ... Lived there until 2004. Don't know the guy though but his work is obviously speaks for itself... Great find Kol :-) - Tim Tunnicliff from email
3rd picture from the top is the toothpicks put together to match the church behind it, I have been inside that church, that location is called Jefferson Square along Jefferson street. The church sculpture is near the corner of Madison street, which the very old library used to reside for years before they moved to The Galleries of Syracuse. Oh the memories lol.. anyway Stan's work is nothing less than awesome! I am very excited Kol that you shared a talent like this and my old home town as well :D - Tim Tunnicliff
This is absolutely amazing. I would never have the patience to do anything like that. What a fabulous artist also, to be able to recreate so many iconic structures. - Laura Morrison
"A SOFABED THAT DOES DOUBLE DUTY, Mobelform's Doc folds out into not one, but two twin sized beds stacked one atop the other: in short, a bunk bed." - Jackie from Bookmarklet
Jason Toney
if you’re a skinny, pimply 14-year-old who has to deal with a lot of confrontation, putting your hood up means that, from behind at least, someone might take you for something more dangerous than you really are. (via On style in the ’00s: “Defining the Noughties” • Tiffany B. Brown) although the accompanying picture doesn’t convey what I think of... -
if you’re a skinny, pimply 14-year-old who has to deal with a lot of confrontation, putting your hood up means that, from behind at least, someone might take you for something more dangerous than you really are.
(via On style in the ’00s: “Defining the Noughties” • Tiffany B. Brown)
 although the accompanying picture doesn’t convey what I think of when I think of cats in hoodies. — misterjt
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