RT @crtr0: How am I not listening to @NodeUp more often? Just had the best time listening to latest podcast, a NodeForward show http://nodeup.com
que calor hoy
4 hours away from the computer and my hand is not numb anymore... Time for a new desk I guess. :)
Some nights are just beautiful, tonight is one of those nights!
Think I'm weird? Me too! I am currently scheduling daily meals into my calendar. If I don't, I just do not eat :)
Feeling like millionaire buying million dollar shit :) Fall Out by Method Man #nowplaying http://grooveshark.com/s... via @grooveshark
Cubital tunnel syndrome, weird one.. I always thought I would get Carpel tunnel syndrome, instead I get Cubital.... https://www.facebook.com/jim...
Me encanta la lluvia en #CostaRica
Stallone commercials for #xboxone; PLEASE STOP!! Making me want to move to #playstation
RT @SymposiumTech: Some good tips for migrating from a legacy CAD system: http://www.9-1-1magazine.com/Falkow-...
#Perception that is all
Beautiful day outside, however we lost power?
He estado aquí por más de una semana y, finalmente, aquí está la fuerte lluvia
RT @vamosticos: Si #Robben quiere tirarse, lo esperamos en la Fuente de la Hispanidad para celebrar el triunfo de #lasele #CRC https://twitter.com/vamosti...
Fin de semana — at Bar La Choza https://www.facebook.com/jim...
RT @PececilloVerde: Costa Rica, the team that made FIFA look like fools :)
Relaxing :-) — at Boulevar Relax https://www.facebook.com/jim...
The airport is afraid of lighting so we're sitting here waiting for the storm to pass. Craziness
Halfway — traveling to San José, Costa Rica from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport https://www.facebook.com/jim...
I have so many good friends, gonna miss those I'm leaving in the US
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo...
Bloody Mary's — at Middletown,CT Eagles Club 681 https://www.facebook.com/jim...
Just a few?! :-) — at Middletown,CT Eagles Club 681 https://www.facebook.com/jim...
Mi último fin de semana en Connecticut :-)
RT @gmail: Happy to see the excitement for the new Gmail API. Developers can now work with IMAP, POP, or the API! Get started: https://t.co/PSHsGzIqgY
Tickets purchased, will be in #CostaRica on July 1st :-)
Passport in hand, #costarica here I come!
It's been 18 years since I got my first #mcp #mcse. Wow, I'm an old man
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