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mlewis106 on Unmelted snow in shadow of tree -
"But does everyone see white ribbons of snow on gold rocks or blue snow against black rocks?" - Mike Lewis
"Clearly a fake. There are neither Verizon logoS on the front nor a screenshot of 900000 bloat apps they put on their devices." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Some kind of insect nest... thing... I found at work. -
"It looks like some kind of praying mantis pod but I'm probably way off as well as being way fascinated." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on A blue glowing orb going back and forth -
"It's the dubstep of gifs." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Just started playing Minecraft this week. Saw this on the drive home tonight and immediately thought "I need to get inside." -
"Don't stare too long at that enderman in the woods and either." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Doug the Pug with Tongue Part 2 -
"I have a feeling there are an unlimited supply of Doug the Pug with tongue shots. :)" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on So Chipotle's Twitter account got hacked again and jesus christ...the tweets :o -
"When will they find that hacker 4chan?" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on I'm Patient -
"I know and that's all I can see now." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on ENL throw a seemingly impenetrable field over Eastern VA -
"Active members of the military aren't even allowed, it's been tried. The recruit answer is an easy one until the cheater who hides behind a wall to farm uses those xmp's on your farms." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Art! -
"Almost..." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on ENL throw a seemingly impenetrable field over Eastern VA -
"There are several portals inside of a base here in Richmond that only a Res agent can get to. We've petitioned for months/now years to get those removed and to no avail. Their reasoning is that it's "accessible" even though it is certainly not accessible." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Travel apps (2015) -
"I book on Kayak, put my itinerary on Tripit and lately I'm using Google Now a lot for checking in and using tickets. I still check in with swarm and use yelp to find places of interest." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Battle of Yorktown -
"If you're a history buff, Virginia is loaded with great things. I live in Richmond. I would suggest tracking Washington through Westmoreland and Stafford Counties as well as Mount Vernon. If you go to Yorktown, make sure you check out Jamestown and Williamsburg as well. And that's just the Revolutionary War stuff." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Del. Morrissey wins back his 74th district House seat - NBC12 - WWBT -
"I'm convinced he could have been indited on something way worse and still would have won. Because blind dog." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on My Preferred Method of Trash Disposal -
"So lava and water aren't green?" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on NSFW CRING+ 1000 - GORE -
"He is borg. Nuff said." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Any Resistance Players in Washington, DC? -
"Yeah, there's a few." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Found this in the fridge while visiting my mom. -
"There's really only one way to find out." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Stress ball (x-post oddly satisfying) -
"I have squeezed one. It's a mixture of satisfaction and fascination." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Anyone else get this fuzzy-text problem on the search box/window? -
"I have it too but I have a feeling the dev team was off until after New Years. Hopefully it'll get fixed next week." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on My thumb nail. -
"That looks like a blood blister so I'm sure we don't want to know the specifics..." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Petition to add Seth Rogen to the list of approved companies for attacking iVerge -
"Literally Kim Jung Verge." - Mike Lewis
"I just had my first seizure. Thanks, Tumblr!" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Pixlr editor not working on one acer c720 -
"Did you try clearing out all cookies and history?" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Anyone going to Opeth in Philadelphia tonight? -
"I was at the show. Did Opeth's set seem incredibly short or was it so awesome it flew by?" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Step aside blueberries and quinoa, a real superfood is here: -
"But what about the riboflavin?!" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on This gave me tingles. -
"Ironically this cat was named Tingles..." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Owl-shaped protocorinthian aryballos (perfume bottle), ca. 630 BCE [768x647] -
"Bubo!" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Basically how The Pirate Bay works -
"The Amish Bay could be the future..." - Mike Lewis
Re: Xperia Blog Xmas Competition: Win a Sony SmartWatch 3 -
"This watch has my name written all over it." - Mike Lewis
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