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AC is out in the office and I do not mind telling people that I am a hot mess today. A hot mess!
Stand back, I got this!
I almost wished I had a parka vest this morning.
So my wife picks the night I'm not wearing my adult diaper to watch horror movie trailers.
But look who's the happiest. Go #RVA! RT @LanceUlanoff: Study reveals 'unhappiest' cities in the U.S.
An EMP that blows out large car stereo systems. I'll pay for it and use it with incredible malice.
mlewis106 on The Moon Eclipses Saturn [1200 × 675] -
"That's not a moon...." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Found on reddit. warning - possible trigger? -
"This pie takes the cake." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Bacon with a side of bacon and some bacon dessert. Enjoy. -
"9 of the 4 food groups right there." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on We had the worst, now, what's the best notification sound you've heard? -
"I go back and forth between the ringtone on the Matrix and the codec ringtone from the original Metal Gear." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on They never grow up -
"Taking the train?" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on What's the worse ringtone/notification sound you've come across? -
"Those ringtones that say "HELLO, IT'S YOUR MOM CALLING PICK UP PICK UP PICK UUUUUUUUUUUP". Seriously, eff those ringtones." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on [TRIGGER] Strawberry in my Freckled Lemonade -
"Yeah, that's the stuff..." - Mike Lewis
RT @metalinjection: PERIPHERY Announce "Escape from the Studio" tour with THE CONTORTIONIST, INTERVALS, TOOTHGRINDER
mlewis106 on MRW someone asks do I believe there is good tumblr-gifs. -
""my nip"" - Mike Lewis
RT @taber: Now for iOS, Ingress is a real-world game unlike anything you know. Install, go Enlightened, and join me :)
I am going to be interested in knowing how many watched the #WorldCupFinal via streaming. It streamed okay, but it crashed a ton today.
Just be careful when Googling the goal scorer in the World Cup final. #trustme
RT @SavedYouAClick: Did you hear that Germany won the World Cup?
Such a great World Cup. Congrats, Deutschland!!
RT @InFlames_SWE: GÖTZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #WorldCupFinal
YES!!!! #GER
mlewis106 on Pinfeathers sprouting on a chicken neck -
"I raised chickens....I imagine it can be triggering." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Country Stores near Richmond? -
"Moore's out towards Lynchburg. Come for the tree growing out of the building, stay for their hot dogs." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on I'm almost in awe of the shittyness. -
"I think you have to be from the Hamptons to get this." - Mike Lewis
RT @googlemaps: Three hours in flight time. Eighteen hours in road-trip time. Four years in @KingJames time.
If you're ever looking for someone to Yo, my Yo name is the same as my Twitter, yo.
mlewis106 on In the US for 7 weeks, which cellphone carrier and plan to choose? -
"T Mobile" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on In the US for 7 weeks, which cellphone carrier and plan to choose? -
"Walk into a TMO store and walk out happy." - Mike Lewis
Amazing! The big bad German diesel machine is roaring. #ger
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