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mlewis106 on looking for abandoned places in NE Ohio -
"Cleveland. I kid, but there are bound to be some old warehouses." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Android Circle Jerk Word Association -
"L" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on The only password you need. -
"Which direction does it go?" - Mike Lewis
Watching GIFs load is the new watching grass grow.
RT @metalinjection: OPETH & IN FLAMES Announce Co-Headling Tour; RED FANG To Open
My package thinks it can escape delivery and spend the day at the beach. Come back here, package!
New Post: Thoughts on Williams
So I'm watching South Park...
mlewis106 on Niantic boardroom meetings -
"More media!" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Running out of things to do in the RVA area! -
"There is a thriving Ingress community around town. They get a lot of exploring done and they have meet ups." - Mike Lewis
Boom! Happy BDay, @Rajman . RT@Wik: @Rajman Happy Birthday man, hope you have a good one!
Poo Grant #ShartCelebs @midnight
I just got a Yo!!!
Ready to binge watch this last season. #TheKilling #tvtag
mlewis106 on [TRIGGER] Pebble beach California -
"Yep, that's a good one." - Mike Lewis
I'm actually really enjoying Windows 8. Mostly.
Shartnado #NewSyFyOriginals @midnight
Out of all the gadgets and tech I've owned, the coolest thing I have on my person is still my library card.
Netflix and AT&T reach a peering agreement. On one hand, facepalm. On the other hand, eat it, face and palm, I got AT&T and Netflix!
XMen Danes of Future Past #DogMovies @midnight
Silence of the Labs #DogMovies @midnight
Pup Fiction #DogMovies @midnight
AC is out in the office and I do not mind telling people that I am a hot mess today. A hot mess!
Stand back, I got this!
I almost wished I had a parka vest this morning.
So my wife picks the night I'm not wearing my adult diaper to watch horror movie trailers.
But look who's the happiest. Go #RVA! RT @LanceUlanoff: Study reveals 'unhappiest' cities in the U.S.
An EMP that blows out large car stereo systems. I'll pay for it and use it with incredible malice.
mlewis106 on The Moon Eclipses Saturn [1200 × 675] -
"That's not a moon...." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Found on reddit. warning - possible trigger? -
"This pie takes the cake." - Mike Lewis
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