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mlewis106 on Philadelphia, PA [OC][2048 x 1366] -
"Was just there this morning. Beautiful station." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on DAE shouts "Oh Samsung" instead of "Oh sh*t"? -
"I call bullsamsung." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Vince Gilligan named the show "Breaking Bad" because in Virginia, where Vince is from, it means "to raise hell" -
"I head people using that term in Roanoke but I was young (1980s). I think it's one of those terms that died out." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on The most depressing portal when on a bus. -
"Ingress is a game of centimeters." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Waifu! Waifu! Waifu! -
"Suddenly craving waffles." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on this....happened by accident. thanks microsoft gif animator. -
"This gif restores my faith in humanity." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on much drunk. many spin. -
"Bartender: How was your day? Doge: Wow. So ruff...." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Test post please ignore. -
"It's not possible to clone or imitate our Lord, so it has to be THE ONE!" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on I've been working on this for awhile. I had an itching to play a lot since I'm majoring in Architecture. -
"Tremendous!" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Seriously, this dead horse has been beaten and conquered. Petition to add techcrunch to list of unapproved companies and to list of bad journalism sites. -
".1% =9,000,000,000,000 Android users. Suck on that on TechMunch." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on "Miss Adelaide Hughes caused quite a little excitement on F St. Saturday when she strolled on the busy street with her pet fox," Washington, DC, 1924. -
"I imagine it's easier to walk a cat." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on My cute baby bulldog -
"I would immediately change the name of my dog to Chewbacca if Peter Mayhew commented on my thread. Just saying." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on photo of my parents :) -
"I can see their joy. Makes me wish I could draw." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on This is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships. -
"But will they ship my ship anywhere in the flat world?" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Who is your daddy and what does he do? -
"My Dad is 72 years old. He's a service tech/manager at Coca Cola. He grew up in post depression eastern shore Virginia and has a 7th grade education. He could have been a doctor. He's a brilliant man and a master problem solver. I wish more people knew his story or got to know him the way that I have." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Trouble getting started -
"Keep hacking, recruit, organize. I've seen entire cities flip just because people get tired of playing or new blood comes in." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on PushNullet no longer working post recent update. (Chrome Browser & Textra messaging) -
"PushNugget" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Fried lotus root -
"Vomit O's." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Main Street, RVA, ca. 1905 (x-post from /r/historyporn) -
"I actually wished we had trolleys here too as the main form of transport, but not living downtown it's easy for me to wish that on someone else." - Mike Lewis
Hey, Richmond, I'm on a new career hunt. Let's see what you have to offer.
mlewis106 on He really loves his toys -
"So that's what joy smells like. Butt." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Run The Jewels -
"This looks like one of the 200 auto awesomes I have in my Google Plus photo area." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Chronicles - Origin -
"(curious if you are still working on C2)" - Mike Lewis
Mike's one word Interstellar review: Contact
Hey @altonbrown, enjoy our city, dude! #RVA #rvadine
Re: [Protip] Play Music for desktop now has a visualizer -
"Now if I can only have the 7 million visualizers that Winamp offered me, I'd be set!" - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Sorry guys -
"We're pushing 18 trillion in debt. And most of our population are entering their twilight years too. Do you really think we'll recover?" - Mike Lewis
50 days until Christmas. Don't hate me.
mlewis106 on Sorry guys -
"Live where you like. That's the beauty of living in America. If you don't like it, please, God, leave." - Mike Lewis
mlewis106 on Seriously, it's like America doesn't want people to vote. -
"Most if not all Americans are given time to vote from their employer. I have no problem making it a holiday, but it not being a holiday has nothing to do with interfering with capitalism or making poor people work for their meager earnings." - Mike Lewis
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