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Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis

Multimedia Mom on a Mac. I'm goofy and geeky. 
If tomorrow starts without me -
If tomorrow starts without me
How To Make an iPhone Wallet -
How To Make an iPhone Wallet
RT @kiala: Woken up by a text from Walgreens saying my ambien refill was ready. Can't go back to sleep now.
RT @SketchedComedy: Robin Williams. Number 120. #sketchedcomedy - Bigger than life since before I was born. Thank you sir. #RobinWilliams
I win. Finally no more falling out of sockets! (I had resorted to Velcro to keep this plugged in!)
...and it's out! this outlet is sad. Poor Hubby. The things I make him do to This Old House for this modern mamma
#littlefuckers #yeahbitch! Vice grip + Hubby muscles FTW! A 3-prong outlet is in our future!
Living in a 1940s house is just awesome. NOT! friggin stripped screw heads. grrrrrr!
There are 2 apps I thought that were designed incredibly well but both are missing or charge extra for the reproductive section. What gives?
Just did a search in the App Store for a kid's health app I wanted to recommend. Enter "kids body" & tell me there isn't some creepy stuff!
Witnessed #KD fight the Nods in his carseat during afternoon pickup drive. The Nods won. NPR+road noise is no match. #RearviewMirrorMemory
Every night after eating his dinner, #KD jumps out of his chair & says, "Look! I getting bigger! Right Mommy?" sigh. They don't stay little.
#LD lost 2 baby teeth this week. I told him he should put both under his pillow so the Tooth Fairy would get a twofer his teefies :D
Calling all critter experts: can someone identify this spider? It's terrorizing my mailbox!
RT @WilliamAder: Found out my therapist has been unstraightening the pictures hanging on her waiting room walls before my appointments. Well-played.
Looks like I’ll go back to manually syncing photos via USB instead of letting iCloud do it. I figured as much. :(
testing theory that edits made in iOS 7.1.2 Photos app are not preserved when syncing to OS X 10.9.4 iPhoto 9.5.1
The photos I edit on my iPhone don't seem to show up in iPhoto on my Mac after sync. What gives? Testing now.
I never realized just how much iCloud compresses the photos I take with my iPhone! Kinda bums me out. How about you?
RT @Mona: It really bothers me when iPhone or iPad are spelled with a capital i. So much so, I refuse to even type it.
Can barely even read through my tears. This is tough to process right before bed. Almost wish I'd waited till the morning.
No. No. No. No. No. I can't. Really? gah. Heartbroken. Not fair. Not. Fair. Helpless. Really? Speechless about Robin Williams.
.@BabyCenter that's like me telling you I don't think you're using your phone correctly so I'm not going to **allow** you to use it.
Would you trust this bank to invest on your behalf? #justsayin
Anyone else excited about the Runtastic Orbit? I'd need to sell a kidney to afford it, but I'm nonetheless excited about waterproof.
Remembering Whitney Houston on her birthday lest we not forget we've all had better days & brighter days to come.
Aim to live a life that is retweetable. RT
.@brianmmonroe that time I set up a client's laptop & showed them how to select their WiFi signal, the "No Porn Here" SSID was helpful.
.@brianmmonroe I see them all the time & I'm jealous b/c mine is boring unlike "Gaggle of Midgets" or "White Van With Candy Outside"
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