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Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis

Multimedia Mom on a Mac. I'm goofy, geeky and sometimes high on antihistamines. 
All lightning, barely thunder and no rain. It's a nice light show, however. The lighting is going sideways!
#LD asked about something en route to pool & I wasn't in the mood 2 explain saying, "It's a long story" His reply? "Well, it's a long ride."
Blown away by how dark & tan #LD has become this summer despite 50 SPF I lather on! It must be some recessive Italian gene that skipped me!
My child Keagan has earned 5 stars and was awarded "🍭Special Treat" (via @iRewardChart)
.@FlockaBey fantastic questions! I'd also like to know why we should promote sugar of all things. How about veggies instead?
My Little Bronies are watching My Little Ponies. Is that something I should keep to myself? Is there a 12 step program for this?
My child Keagan has earned 50 stars and was awarded "💎Crystal" (via @iRewardChart)
Looks like I'll be reporting for Jury Duty. We'll see if they keep me. Maybe I'll binge-watch the last of Law & Order tonight. #dinkdink
RT @photojack: It's good to have confidence. It's not good to have arrogance. Fine line. But important to know the difference.
got a little too much heat & sun exposure & need a nap bigtime. Still awaiting Jury Duty status. on pins n needles. #HurryUpnWait
Just #TAPPD Paint. " #sale #free #NabThisApp Fun painting, d... " Read more and download TAPPD at
Just #TAPPD Plex. " #sale #universal Finally nabbed this ap... " Read more and download TAPPD at
.If I were @ryan or @Veronica I'd rather have a restraining order or PFA instead of an apology. Stop holding hostages comcast! #enough
Holy cow this thunderstorm is BOOMING IN ALL CAPS!!! Truly glad for rain even if it means swim lessons are cancelled.
.@TheNextWeb @jonrussell OMG not even 2 minutes in & it's already too painful to listen. Is Retention Guy & his kitten at gunpoint?!! wow
Finally!!!! RAIN!! It's about time! #fb
A new video from my fav ASMRtist: An Esthetician Visit - Binaural Role Play - ASMR
A new video from my fav ASMRtist: An Esthetician Visit - Binaural Role Play - ASMR
Gettin the beep babied. Still need coolant flush & new tires soon. They take good care of...
.@Veronica did a bunch of tokens just spit out the bottom of your screen? LOL ;) @violetblue @ijustine @shiralazar
RT @IsaacOrloff: Painting Electricity is fun, but can be really tricky! I Made this for a co-worker today, why not share with you too!
Lost another client to cancer. I'm really going to miss him & my heart hurts. #FuckCancer
Dr suspects mild concussion. We'll need to wake him every few hours to check him. He seems to be feeling better & wants food, a good sign.
I always feel like the Dr is going to think I'm an overreactive parent. Sick kid? What sick kid? Silly mommy.
Why do kids act like nothing is wrong by the time they see the doc? 1 minute miserable, get here & he seems better after checkin?!
#LD might have a concussion. Pediatrician sent us here since he's been vomiting :( Keep hi...
Almost home. Getting pelted by the monsoon rain. (@ Love's Travel Stop)
ODO 89950 miles around mile marker 241 on I17. I hope I remember to look when it turns to 90000!
Driving home through Sedona and lightning is flashing in the distance. It looks so beautiful. till the asshole drivers here eff it up.
Goodnight moon. Goodnight Red Rock Crossing. #fb
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