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Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis

Multimedia Mom on a Mac. I'm goofy and geeky. 
Got my maintenance tune up with Dr. Renee. She takes good care of me :) (@ Kishbaugh Chiropractic in Tucson, AZ)
RT @wilw: Dear veterans: Thank you. It’s disgraceful that we, as a nation, don’t take better care of you after you’ve served our country.
Put this on your iPhone at your own risk. I am not responsible for your inability to get life done b
If you travel or have a long commute, this app is #essential for getting the best gas prices and sav
Don't hate me because I told you to install the Amazon app on your iPhone and now you have no money
If you're an AT&T subscriber and want to know where you are in your bill cycle and how much data you
If you're tired of reading the dumbass whiny weirdos who review apps in the App Store and would rath
I Am Crazy Calendar Lady! Here are a few cool calendar apps you might like to check out.
I love these PowerRocks battery chargers. I can charge multiple devices with just the square one — I
My FitBit is always by my side (or on my wrist). If you buy a FitBit from my site, it helps support
My #TUAW #review for Writing Wizard #iOS #app "Practicing letter forms can be quite a chore, but Wr
My #TUAW #review for Gro Garden #iOS App Get those green thumbs ready with Gro Garden (US$2.99, uni
My #TUAW #review for Gro Book #iOS App "Educate children about the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recy
Jigsaw Collection. Just completed one more jigsaw puzzle with 12 pieces in only 03:19.
#LD earned a Minecraft book. (@ Bookmans Entertainment Exchange in Tucson, AZ)
Propane tank exploded according to police scanner. Sound travels very well here so it's probably a lot farther away than it sounded.
.@whatsuptucson propane tank explosion. Location not yet clear.
Police scanner now reporting multiple explosion calls.
Listening to police scanner now. Nothing yet.
Holy shit! Just heard an explosion!!! shook the house! set off alarms! Sounds like blocks away. Dogs barking! Scared!
Our house is so old the door jam wood was no longer holding a plate screw. Hot glue gun to the rescue. Seriously #GhettoCrafty up in here
Can't stop giggling over this. It's perfect.
My son received a sticker chain letter with spelling & grammar errors. I re-typed it & printed a corrected version. #OldHabitsDieHard #TypeA
RT @blankbaby: Related: Emojipedia is very useful.
Oh, now I see, it missed its mark on the "1" in 415 so it ended up looking like 45. Oops!
Have a nice day! (this was written in the sky above my house - literally - just now.)
Now I'm getting a show. This one says 415 so I wonder if it ran out of "ink" then came back?
Proposition Skywriting -
Proposition Skywriting
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