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Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis

Multimedia Mom on a Mac. I'm goofy, geeky and sometimes high on antihistamines. 
So excited for Vault sharing in the @1Password update! Major facelift too! Good work!
My child Keagan has earned 5 stars and was awarded "🍭Special Treat" (via @iRewardChart)
.@marksheppard @switchermark @davehamilton @boupierre @macsales :) thanks! So excited! I wonder about the existing HDD, how much life left?
so it turns out not everyone gets ASMR! I just thought everyone experienced this No wonder I'm weird!
Who here uses ASMR for relaxation & pain management? I found one angel who does it really well & I'm very eager to learn more about this!
Disabling Siri from Lock Screen – which do you choose: security or convenience? #StalkYourself4Safety
Wish Siri had voice recognition from lock screen b/c it's amazing what a thief could get off your phone if they ask the right questions!
The Mac Show Drinking Game: you drink every time @EwenRankin says "shit" with @paulwheatley (too early 4me but fun!)
RT @EwenRankin: The Mac Show is LIVE NOW with @macosken @paulwheatley @Verso @paulshadwell @TheMacMommy if she wants. Pls RT
Just TAPPD iRewardChart: P.... " @iRewardChart I wonder if your ears are ... " Read more and download TAPPD at
RT @StackSocial: The Mac Blu-Ray Player - The first step to convert your Mac into a movie theater:
I kinda like how this #Journey duet turned out on #Sing by #Smule
Grandma's Garden is on sale for FREE! #AdorableApp" target="itunes_store
.@flexibits' Fantastical 2 has the COOLEST birthday view of any calendar app! Go check it out! #LearnSomethingNew
My boys have invented a new language to speak to each other — it is so much fun watching them work it out! Do your kids do this too? #fb
The MOON!!!! It's turning pink!! So exciting! I'm actually going to wake my children for this. #fb
Here is #KD with the flower he picked for me. Note the PB&J smeared smirk ;) Ah to be 4.
#KD comes home from swimming @ Y w/Daddy, tells me he has something for me & whips out a fresh plucked flower from behind his back #MELTED
It’s important to educate friends and family about #heartbleed and how to manage their safety online
Imagine that. If you leave out a plate of GF cookies, the 4yr old will feed himself breakfast! Why didn't I think of this sooner? #KD #fb
It's like my phone has insomnia too.
pain. grrrr. restless legs are angry legs. Srsly tempted to talk surgery w/podiatrist for summer. Not sure how much of this I can take.
So thankful to hubby for foot & leg massages. I angered my plantar fasciitis injury bigtime while pounding SF & I've been paying for it :(
too cute!! “@BarackObama: The doctor is in.”
I hate these effing apps that say u need TV provider to activate. Screw you FOX! WTF would I use your stupid app if I kept a TV provider?
RT @Geodude96: Just some random people being awesome.
Welcome to the CatBowl “@EmrgencyKittens:”
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