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Steve Harris

Steve Harris

RDF/Photography/Music geek. CTO of Garlik. Designer of too many triplestores.
Could do with some quick advice on NLP tools, if someone in my social network has 20 mins for a chat?
Today is office move day, luckily we haven't been in this one for too long before we outgrew it, so not too much crap to move!
Nice idea - particularly the bit about using google search stats to find unadressed niches
Speaking at @IntegratedEA on Wednesday about the architecture of our RDF+SPARQL powered fraud detection service #IEA13 #sparql
car = function(x) { x[1] }; cdr = function(x) { x[-1] }; guess the language? [it's not quite idiomatic, as that would give the family away]
How come I never knew about the "fc" UNIX command? typed when looking for a Fortran compiler (been a few years!)
What's happening by Westminster Bridge? Loads of police + fire engines, and police boats #london Hopefully Daimler consortium? They have the right kind of in-house engines, just need no forced induction #astonmartin
RT @Nigel_Shadbolt: UK National Rail fares data to be freely available from Q1 2013 <- lots and lots of innovative potential #opendata
RT @mikko: AdBlock is great, but has such a small userbase. They really should advertise more. Oh, wait.
When will people learn that recalling an email isn't a real thing?
RT @io9: Thousands of Australian students are taught that robots led the Russian Revolution
Outlook for Mac actually scales it's display so you can only get 7.9 hours on the screen at once in week view. Massive usability fail guys!
SPARQL 1.1 is one step closer to being final… #rdf #sparql #semweb
Best wall ornament ever (you'll need big walls) #f1
“The typical visit to Facebook uses as much energy as boiling a kettle”—really? I'd like to see the maths for that
RT @Raspberry_Pi: In Tokyo. Sky is *actually* the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. #chibacityblues - Gibson wasn't exaggerating.
It seems crazy that there's software to sync from Windows Outlook to iCloud, but not from Mac Outlook?
I suspect there are many skills where I rank as an Incompetent Menace :) #dilbert
Just uploaded 45 new photos to Flickr:
Just got spammed by a restaurant in Washington DC… err… I don't think I've even been to DC.
Hunt being grilled over his views on abortion and homeopathy on #radio4, nice work @EvanHD
RT @alicenwondrlnd: Another example of ux thinking driving marketing insight.. '3 myths about what customers want' from @HarvardBiz
Random fireworks barge between mill bank tower and vauxhall bridge, anyone know why? #london
RT @bengoldacre: Jeremy Hunt, new Health Secretary, supports homeopathy The worst quackery
Just uploaded 8 new photos to Flickr:
RT @ivan_herman: #W3C’s RDB2RDF Documents have been published as Proposed Recommendations
I can tell I've not read twitter for a few days when I start missing @kendall's baffling (to a brit) political rantings :)
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