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Israel Unveils New Defense System To Deflect Accusations Of Human Rights Violations -
Israel Unveils New Defense System To Deflect Accusations Of Human Rights Violations
American Voices: Comic-Con Holding First Ever Transgender Panel -
As part of an effort to raise awareness of transgender issues, San Diego Comic-Con will hold a panel called “Breaking Barriers,” which will be the event’s first panel to consist solely of participants who identify as transgender. - The Onion
Nation’s Gratuitously Sexual Couples Announce Plans To Wait In Line At Six Flags -
WASHINGTON—Interrupting various stages of excessive public intimacy to address the general population, the nation’s gratuitously sexual couples announced plans Thursday to wait in line at Six Flags amusement parks across the country. A represe... - The Onion
Comic-Con Opens With Traditional Superhero Flyover -
Comic-Con Opens With Traditional Superhero Flyover - The Onion
Obama To Cut Costs By Packing Lunch Every Day For U.S. Populace -
WASHINGTON—Calling it a sensible way to help Americans put aside a little extra money, President Barack Obama announced Thursday his intention to reduce costs by packing a weekday lunch for all 318 million United States residents. - The Onion
Doctors Say Average Heart Attack Victim Doesn’t Clutch At Chest Nearly Dramatically Enough -
Doctors Say Average Heart Attack Victim Doesn’t Clutch At Chest Nearly Dramatically Enough
Statshot: Least Motivational Self-Help Books -
Least Motivational Self-Help Books - The Onion
Rape Investigation Finds Star College Quarterback Has Got The Goods -
ROANOKE, VA—Following a full investigation into allegations of sexual assault at an on-campus dormitory, the Roanoke County Police Department announced Thursday that a star Virginia Methodist University football player accused of rape has definitely... - The Onion
Doctors Say Average Heart Attack Victim Doesn’t Clutch At Chest Nearly Dramatically Enough -
DALLAS—According to the results of a study published Thursday by the American Heart Association, most heart attack victims do not freeze up and grab at their chests with sufficient measures of theatrics when suffering a cardiac arrest. - The Onion
[video] Comic-Con Exclusive: Michael Bay Gives Fans Sneak Peek At Ninja Turtles’ Hyper-Realistic CGI Genitals -
The super-producer was at Comic-Con this week to show off new clips of the pulse-pounding, penis-heavy Turtle action. - The Onion
Israel’s, Hamas’ Disregard For Palestinian Life Aligning Nicely -
WASHINGTON—Admiring their mutual indifference toward Gazan civilians and families during the ongoing conflict, sources confirmed Thursday that global political leaders, observers on the ground, and the international community at large agreed that Is... - The Onion
American Voices: Couples Battling For Trendy 12/13/14 Wedding Date -
In the latest instance of couples clamoring for a trendy wedding date, a new poll by David’s Bridal has revealed that more than 20,000 couples are competing to get married on 12/13/14, leading many venues to raise prices due to demand. - The Onion
Infographic: How Your Amazon Order Reaches You -
With more than 90,000 employees at 80 shipping warehouses around the globe, remains the world’s largest online retailer for electronics, books, clothing, and more. - The Onion
Frustrated Employee No Longer Even Trying To Hide GRE Study Books -
AUSTIN, TX—No longer motivated to keep up the pretense of being a dedicated employee, TechStream systems analyst Chad Reasor told reporters Wednesday that he had abandoned all efforts to conceal the books and other study materials he was using to pr... - The Onion
Israel: Palestinians Given Ample Time To Evacuate To Nearby Bombing Sites -
JERUSALEM—In response to criticism surrounding the death toll during its ongoing incursion into Gaza, representatives from the Israeli government Wednesday emphasized that warnings sent to Palestinian civilians provided them with ample time to evacu... - The Onion
American Voices: Mysterious White Surrender Flags Appear Above Brooklyn Bridge -
NYC police are investigating the mysterious appearance of two white surrender flags above the Brooklyn Bridge that were apparently planted by vandals who scaled to the top in the middle of the night, saying that it could be an art project. - The Onion
Bud Selig Still Hoping To See Game At Every Major League Baseball Stadium -
NEW YORK—Admitting that it has always been a lifelong dream of his, baseball commissioner Bud Selig told reporters Wednesday that he still hopes to eventually attend a game at every MLB stadium in the country. - The Onion
AP Reporter In Gaza Needs Another Term For ‘Blood-Soaked’ -
GAZA CITY—Saying that he doesn’t want to use the same phrasing yet again in his latest article, Associated Press journalist Marcus Lambert, who has been stationed in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of this month’s most recent outbreak... - The Onion
Study Finds Only 5% Of Americans Have Correct Amount Of Pride In Country -
DURHAM, NC—Confirming that the vast majority of U.S. citizens possess either too much or too little patriotism, a new study released Wednesday by researchers at Duke University has found that only 5 percent of Americans feel the correct amount of pr... - The Onion
Report: Climate Change Skeptics Could Reach Catastrophic Levels By 2020 -
WASHINGTON—In a worrying development that could have dire implications for the health of the planet, a report published Wednesday by the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that the number of climate change skeptics could reach catastrophic lev... - The Onion
American Voices: NYC Approves Apartment Building With Separate ‘Rich Doors,’ ‘Poor Doors’ -
The New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development has approved plans for an apartment complex that has separate “rich doors” for luxury apartment owners and “poor doors” for those who live in its 55 affordable housing... - The Onion
Area Man Knows Exactly Which Relatives Would Be Problem If He Ever Came Into Money -
METHUEN, MA—Saying that he can already picture them calling him up at all hours and feeding him their sad sack stories to try to win his sympathy, 37-year-old local man Shawn DeWeese told reporters Tuesday that he knows exactly which of his relative... - The Onion
American Voices: New Toyota ‘Driver Easy Speak’ Feature Helps Parents Yell At Children In Back Of Car -
Toyota has announced that its new class of Sienna minivans will feature technology called “Driver Easy Speak,” which uses a microphone that amplifies the driver’s voice into speakers in the back seats of the car, so parents don’t h... - The Onion
Lifeguard Would Save Drowning Man, But Who Is He To Play God? -
BALTIMORE—Reluctant to transcend his station as a mere mortal and interfere with the vicissitudes of fortune, local lifeguard Blake Dunphy confided to reporters Tuesday that he found himself mentally shackled by the question of whether to save a swi... - The Onion
Roommates Still Don’t Know Each Other Well Enough To Not Speak -
NEW YORK—Seemingly compelled to participate in meaningless conversations whenever encountering each other in their apartment, local roommates Dylan Lewis and Sean Porter told reporters Tuesday they still do not know each other well enough to not spe... - The Onion
Infographic: Who Is Vladimir Putin? -
After troops from his country forcibly seized Crimea earlier this year, Russian president Vladimir Putin is back in the news for allegedly arming separatists in eastern Ukraine with the missiles that are believed to have taken down Malaysia Airlines Fl... - The Onion
New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic -
JACKSON, MS—In an effort to make certain that physicians who perform the procedure are fully qualified to do so, a new state law passed Tuesday will require Mississippi doctors to climb an 18-foot wall before entering any medical facility providing ... - The Onion
Opinion: Give It To Me As Roundabout And Sugarcoated As Possible, Doc (by Jimmy Zarelli) -
By Jimmy Zarelli - The Onion
Your Horoscopes — Week Of July 22, 2014 -
Aries You try to be an accepting person, but you still don’t see why some people can’t be a nice, normal gender instead of women. Taurus Turns out that while dogs can’t actually smell fear, they’r... - The Onion
American Voices: IKEA Placing Cardboard Cutouts Of Dogs In Furniture Showrooms To Encourage Adoption -
Select IKEA stores are strategically placing life-sized cardboard cutouts of dogs in furniture showrooms to help customers visualize what their homes would look like with a dog, part of a program aimed at encouraging pet adoption. - The Onion
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