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Quote from: nite_monkey on Today at 11:53:19 AM I think I am going to go with wordpress, because I already know how to use it, so I won't have to learn anything new, which will make things so much easier when I go to explain to the shop owner how to use it. Each card will be a blog post. And each blog post will have a category tied to it. (creature, enchantment, artifact, etc.) And then to further make it easier to search for a card, each blog post will also have tags tied to it. (eg. a green elf shaman would have the tags: green,forest,elf,shaman) then to make it look less like a wordpress blog, and more like a card database website, I disabled the pages tab at the top of the theme (there is only one page anyways, the news/anouncments page), and then added to the sidebar the categories widget, and named it card database, so that people can get a list of cards based on card type. (creature, enchantment, etc.) If you're going to resort to Word... - Fake Name
Re: Mozilla Add-ons: "Not available for Firefox 11". But it's Waterfox 18! -
I have not used Waterfox but try these other methods but the most common method for FF add-ons as mentioned here is to disable add-on compatibility. Simplest being installing nightly testers tool: There's also this: Quote Go to about:config then search for extensions.checkCompatibility and set it to false. RES works perf and this: Quote     Rename XPI to ZIP     Extract     Edit one of the files to change compatibility settings (I think its one of the few in the root folder from memory)     Rezip     Rename to XPI     Load Find an addon that is compatible, and look at their files to figure it out if you're still having trouble. It's been a while since I was working with XPI files, but I used to have to do this in order to make the addon we were developing work with Firefox beta browsers. - Fake Name
Important To-do/Anuvu equivalent of Important Tabs - It kind of functions like a pin tab but one where you can close all not important tabs. Btw side request for Anuran, I think one way to manage the constant schedule pop-ups is to have an option that only pops the box open when a command like a closed window was done instead of a specific cycle of time. - Fake Name
Crazy story behind the 64-bit Windows Pinball -
From: http://www.instantfundas....d-... Quote When Windows 95 came out, one of the features of the new operating system was that it provided a great platform for gaming, and lots of developers were clamoring for a piece of the action. The game was originally developed by a game developing company called Cinematronics, who sold licensing rights of the game to Microsoft for inclusion in Microsoft Plus for Windows 95. For Cinematronics, a small software company then, it meant exposure to millions of Windows users and thousands of developers. The very next year Cinematronics was bought by Maxis, another game developing company, that eventually got acquired by Electronic Arts another year later. [spoiler] Quote     One of the things I did in Windows XP was port several millions of lines of code from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows so that we could ship Windows XP 64-bit Edition. But one of the programs that ran into trouble was Pinball. ... - Fake Name
I did not realize how bad Google has become - Quote How It Works When you search for "cooking" today, Google decides that renowned chef Jamie Oliver is a relevant social result. That makes sense. But rather than linking to Jamie's Twitter profile, which is updated daily, Google links to his Google+ profile, which was last updated nearly two months ago. Is Google's relevance algorithm simply misguided? No. If you search Google for Jamie Oliver directly, his Twitter profile is the first social result that appears. His abandoned Google+ profile doesn't even appear on the first page of results. When Google's engineers are allowed to focus purely on relevancy, they get it right. So that's what our "bookmarklet" does. It looks at the three places where Google only shows Google+ results and then automatically googles Google to see if Google finds a result more relevant than Google+. Talk about a tongue twister of a bookmarklet.   Unfortunately I don't use Google+ so I don't know what... - Fake Name
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