Not liking the "What's happening?". Keep thinking it's some confused tweet I started to write!
RT @itsDanielSuarez: #INFLUX made semifinal round of #GoodreadsChoice Awards. Still time to vote -- and thanks to all who did. @goodreads
Nice! Latest @xprize challenge winner can run hundreds of lab tests with a single drop of blood
Gavin Andresen "The man who really built Bitcoin": Another Andre(ess)en? cc: @pmarca @gavinandresen
Congrats, @MoffettHangar1. Looks like you'll be getting a new coat after all:
The early web product line that almost wasn't: tip @Techmeme #20YearsAgo
RT @digitalshields: Some hard facts on the banner's stubborn resilience from @JackMarshall
My latest #20YearsAgo post: "The Early Web Product Line that Almost Wasn’t" cc @pmarca
RT @nytimesworld: ''I can't believe I'm here. This is what we have dreamed of all these years.'' Nov. 9, 1989
RT @mkapor: Computer Scientists Ask Supreme Court to Rule APIs Can’t Be Copyrighted
Beware investment opps from "pirates"! Man arrested for $4.5 Mill. Bitcoin Ponzi scheme
RT @digitalshields: This guy kinda nailed it re the future of banners. His timing was dead on @r2rothenberg
25 years ago the Berlin Wall fell & I had a born-again-Capitalist epiphany. Within days I was researching business schools.
New interdisciplinary center at MIT to focus on the microbiome and human health
RT @cdixon: The smaller the [x], the higher the ad clickthrough... a/b testing down the wrong path leads to increasingly bad UX.
Testicles FTW: "Testicles site of most diverse proteins":
"Making Dynamic Native Advertising Infinitely Flexible": via @MediaSpike
Happy 20th to HotWired, the Banner Ad, and the Other “First Digital Ad” -
The Web’s Very First Industry Event -
RT @pmarca: 13/Between Apple Pay & Bitcoin, I predict more changes coming in financial services & banking in the next 3 years than in the last 20 years.
RT @grouchybagels: oxford comma or no I think we can all agree there should be some commas, somewhere RT @madamezooble:
RT @allenhurff: Woman Receives The World's First 3D-Printed Skull:
RT @davewiner: Eight dead in attack on Ebola team in Guinea. ‘Killed in cold blood.’.
It finally happened (and somewhat strangely): Oracle’s Ellison steps down as CEO
RT @SVbizjournal: 2014 has had the busiest IPO market since 2000, with 202 deals bringing in about $46 billion
RT @mathewi: From earlier: Crowd-powered journalism becomes crucial when traditional media is unwilling or unable
RT @chamath: Yum! Looks who's quietly galloping their way to 50M users this year... @RemindHQ will crack top 10 WW free Apps soon.
Love that we keep finding such things: New species of flying dinosaur found in mass grave
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