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Woot! The new $350 Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is now shipping
"Ethereum is a block chain platform for transacting anything at all."
In case you missed it. My post on mobile in-game advertising format winners and losers:
Mesmerized by the Osprey that's been flying overhead. Related to POTUS visit or just training?
Officials search for 3 days; drone finds missing man after 20 minutes
Gamers hate ads that interrupt gameplay, according to new narket report
RT @menummila: Gamers hate ads that interrupt gameplay says @MediaSpike CMO John McCrea. We shared the post here #casualconnect
RT @BenedictEvans: IBM/Apple global partnership for enterprise.
Nice: Nest and Samsung launch Thread, a wireless mesh standard for the smart home
Yay. Smart move (and about time!): Yelp liberates Its API to box out Foursquare And Google via @techcrunch
RT @PandoDaily: Monetizing Murder: Dailymotion helps major brands advertise on terror videos
Last of the original Ramones has died. RIP, Tommy Ramone.
RT @LaughingSquid: ‘The History of Hollywood in Under 10 Minutes’, A Video Crash Course in Cinema From 65 A.D. to the Present
RT @parislemon: When are we going to admit that interstitial ads on content sites are the worst thing ever? EVER.
How to get off the grid for under $10K
Advancement in brain science: Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain: #claustrum
RT @joshelman: Ways to appear smart in meetings -- one of the funniest (sad but true) things I have read in a long time
RT @pmarca: China Daily: A fine time was had by all in Hong Kong on Jul 1, celebrating wonderfulness of Chinese rule.
RT @jayrosen_nyu: "Avoid the passive voice" is one of the triggers for my "never listen to writing advice from this person" system.
Apparently power is out at our house in Palo Alto. Anyone else no about power outage?
RT @JBennet: .@pmarca This headline, from our new issue, is an homage to you (and you're quoted in the piece):
Progress: Neurobridge device allows quadriplegic to move his own hand
Facebook’s Oculus, emulating Android, seeks partners
RT @learningwebgl: 3D ads and popup books! It doesn’t get more fun than this in WebGL Land.
Should I be worried? LinkedIn notification UI informs me my unread InMails have jumped from 103 to 540 since yesterday...
Wow! Google's Nest buys Dropcam for $555 million
Crazy thought. What if Amazon makes their new smartphone free?
RT @arrington: Microsoft Paying Bloggers To Write About Internet Explorer: via @Uncrunched
RT @CNET: SpaceX's Elon Musk hopes to put humans on Mars in 10 years
RT @pmarca: A master class from startup genius Michael Dearing @mcgd on product pricing -- a must for founders:
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