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Black Friday: Eye-Fi Share 2GB for $60 -
Normally $99! - Shawn
Hi Shawn. People are asking about eye-fi on news.yc. As someone who works there, maybe you could participate: - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Awesome, thanks for the tip! - Shawn
Yahoo! Query Language - YDN -
Slick SQL-like interface to public Yahoo! data - Shawn
Benjamin Golub
Eye-Fi Share Wireless 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-2GB -
Eye-Fi Share Wireless 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-2GB
Anyone have one of these? Can you get it to upload from open wifi networks or only your own? - Benjamin Golub
It's a little cheaper now but still not worth it in my judgment. I have SD cards that convert into USB drives. - Morton Fox
Wow, that looks super cool. Hopefully someone can share their experience! - Patrick Lightbody
I bought one of these last year and had to return it b/c it didn't fit. - Matt Raible
this is one of the most useful products i've owned. my problem was that i'd take photos and they would sit on my camera. i would not download them to my computer or upload them to a photo sharing service b/c i just forgot or had other things to do (i have 3 kids.) this product helps me get the photos off my camera and onto my computer and to picasaweb with no effort. love no effort. - peter
almost everyone in our office has these. we built some apps that interface into the Eye-Fi network, too - pretty easy. the Wi-Fi works pretty well in our downtown area, too. the latest have geo-tagging. but the tagging is done via the hotspot, not the photo location (kinda makes sense, right?). one of the team had some trouble w/ a high-end camera (can't recall details) due to use of raw format, tho. - MikeAmundsen
Eye-Fi doesn't directly support FriendFeed, but it supports several services that pipe into FriendFeed, like Flickr, Picasa, and Smugmug. From what I understand, there are different versions of the card that are optimized for different uses ( ). The 'explore' is the one that seems most suited to finding open wifi spots, but I'm not certain. - Kevin Fox
If you do buy one and encounter any problems, it should be easy to get support since Eye-Fi is located about 20 feet away. My concern with this product is simply that it's trapped inside of a camera, and therefore it can't have a useful ui, and requires my camera to be turned on in order to do uploads. - Paul Buchheit
To Chris White: Is there a way upload photos to FriendFeed? I don't see anything mentioned in the FF API about that. - Shawn
Nvmd-- found it. - Shawn
API documentation for uploading photos is here: - Kevin Fox
Thanks Chris. Btw, I work at Eye-Fi just 20 feet away -- hey neighbors :) - Shawn
shawn - you guys make a great product. i've recommended it to many friends. - peter
I really like the hardware, and I dislike the software. I find that I do take pictures more often if I don't have to open up the camera, put the card in, launch Picasa, etc. With the standard process, I'll manage pictures once every few weeks; with Eye-Fi, I can take a picture and see it right away. - Amit Patel
(continued) But I don't use the autoupload to web sites, and I don't like that I have to log into the software on my local computer to use it. I also don't like that it doesn't autodelete or handle movies. So I end up having to plug the card in anyway because the software is limited. I like the hardware but I don't use it much because the software is lame. - Amit Patel
@shawn: we love it. - MikeAmundsen
agree w amit about the software. logging into it is a pain in the butt that should be removed. movies is another limit but i rarely hit that b/c for movies i use a Flip video camera. - peter
Amit, thanks for the feedback :D Not sure I get why logging in is a pain though -- can you tell me more? Ideally you should only have to log into our app when you need to change settings. - Shawn
Amit, can you tell me more about this in particular: "I don't like that I have to log into the software on my local computer to use it." If you're always doing uploads to your desktop or to Picasa Web (for example), logging into the app is not necessary. The card will handle it. - Shawn
@Mike thanks! - Shawn
Little-known Silicon Valley trivia. Eye-Fi's headquarters is right next to FriendFeed's. - Robert Scoble
This is what the great CrunchBase is for. - Alex Wilhelm
@peter thanks! - Shawn
@Shawn: I don't have to log in to get the photos transferred to my computer, but if I want to change settings locally, it makes me log in. I keep forgetting what password I used, and for some reason the browser's not remembering the password, so it's annoying, and I just stopped going to the settings/update pages. - Amit Patel
Shawn, is there an Eye-Fi API that other sites can use to feed photos from there? - Bruce Lewis
Another awesome gadget only usable through a proprietary server. If the SD interface were closed, the Eye-Fi couldn't have happened. How about opening up the Eye-Fi interface to facilitate more uses of it? - Seth
Bruce, our API is not public at the moment. - Shawn
Seth, without a doubt opening up the Eye-Fi API will create interesting opportunities for our users and our company. Can you tell me more about what you'd like to be able to do with an open Eye-Fi API? - Shawn
Shawn: I'd love it if I could program an Eye-Fi card to point to S3. Bonus points if the process happens on your server and not my desktop (IE: I could be roaming taking photos, come in range of WiFi, photos are uploaded to Eye-Fi, they go through *my code* which punts it to S3 for archiving and to FriendFeed for sharing) - Benjamin Golub
@Shawn: I would think opening up the API is not going to make a big difference to your company; it just allows you to reach into the long tail of various kinds of uses that you either didn't think of or it's not worth implementing or it's some specialized use inside a business. For an example, cheap GPS phones can be used with, software that originally let delivery truck businesses track their trucks on a map. But that business is too small for the phone companies to spend much time on. - Amit Patel
I'd want to send photos directly to my own server using standard protocols. My server might be findable via DNS or by scanning the local net for a known MAC address (my laptop, my phone). I'd want to configure it by dropping text files onto the SD. Generally, I want to use the basic service of SD->wifi->server flexibly and without depending on (or giving my photos to) your company. But I agree with Amit. I don't expect all my wants to be worthwhile for you, and I don't want to wait until they are. - Seth
Dick Cheney indicted for organized crime by Texas grand jury | Crooks and Liars -
Cheney is accused of investing some $85 million in the Vanguard Group that houses federal inmates. The grand jury accuses Cheney and Alberto Gonzalez of engaging in organized criminal activity. - Shawn
Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve. Although mathematics will help you arrive at elegant and efficient methods, the use of a computer and programming skills will be required to solve most problems. - Shawn
BrowserPlus™ Developers -
BrowserPlus API - Shawn
Dashboard widgets on my Mac OS X desktop -
Free your favorite Mac OS X dashboard widgets from the dashboard! This is how to have widgets sitting on your desktop. - Shawn
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Credit Crisis But Were Afraid to Ask -
Ben Stein explains Credit Default Swaps and why they contributed to the mortgage meltdown. - Shawn
Apple - Movie Trailers - The Fall -
Apple - Movie Trailers - The Fall
Saw this film tonight. Loved it. Probably one of the best films I've ever seen. I wanted to stand up and clap at the end. - Gabe from Bookmarklet
I could not find where it's playing, is it in SF? - Kirill
Awesome movie. - Shawn
Strike three for SpaceX's Falcon 1 rocket - -
Ouch. - Shawn
Strike three for SpaceX's Falcon 1 rocket - -
Ouch. - Shawn
Ate a whole paxti's pizza tonight. What a delicious mistake that was.
that's unpossible! i'm still workin thru the one i bought last friday. - Biao
It was a thin-crust. Even still... probably way more than on person should eat for a meal. - Shawn
i want to start a book club for tech books. ping me if you're interested.
Book club, eh? Sounds like fun - Owen P
Cool idea! i'm game - Shawn
Online Books, Poems, Short Stories - Read Print -
Free (public domain?) books online - Shawn
Online Books, Poems, Short Stories - Read Print -
Free (public domain?) books online - Shawn
Unetee T-Shirt Collections -
Unique and trendy t-shirts for less. High quality vintage t-shirts starts as low as $8.99 - Shawn
Unetee T-Shirt Collections -
Unique and trendy t-shirts for less. High quality vintage t-shirts starts as low as $8.99 - Shawn
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