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I posted a new photo to Facebook
Wow, if this doesn't make you feel something, you have no heart.
This is so pretty. I love this kind of polish. This and GLITTER!
I can't stop smiling. Everyone better watch this or else.
Aw. I got sidetracked by this for like hours. Ethan is like:"Who Garr (think arrr, like a pirate says)? What are...
Dammit Matthew Grey Gublar (sp?) slow down when you are trying to teach me stuff on Criminal Minds!!! Can...
Why is Leland Chapman so hot? And why don't they make boys like that here, where I am, for MEEEE!?!
I can't wait to see what my most twisted friends will say to this...
Bahahaha, omfg. What a way to start the morning. HA!
I need these. My birthday is May 21st, K? Oh, my bad, I forgot the link. I'll post it in a second.
RT @0boy: Sometimes I think the world doesn't really know who the true bad guys are.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
"What's that light in the window, is that the sun?" - Supersuckers
I just downloaded @bitnami WordPress. Check it out! #applicationawesomeness /cc @WordPress
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Bates Motel is where it's at
This kitty is so cool. She's like 2 face, only really pretty.
Holy shit, that's freaking awesome!
Wow, beautiful. Plus her name is "Mosh." That's just awesome. according to dr oz and thanks to groupon this free bottle of garcinia cambogia really works -
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