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THespos on If this post gets 5000 upvotes in the next couple hours, it'll probably get to the front page. -
"<Pat Summerall>Thanks, John!</Pat Summerall>" - Tom Hespos
THespos on Thinking about ordering this one for trips to Costco -
"Nor is charging up the left-hand side of the aisle, completely oblivious to the throngs of people moving in the opposite direction." - Tom Hespos
THespos on Are there any sandals out there that are BIFL? -
"I can vouch. I usually lose them before I need to replace them. I still have a pair from college, though. That's over 20 years." - Tom Hespos
THespos on What is the weirdest thing you have seen at someone's house that they thought was completely normal? -
"Nah. This was in the 80s and the raccoon is long gone." - Tom Hespos
THespos on What is the weirdest thing you have seen at someone's house that they thought was completely normal? -
"I wouldn't say dirty. From what I remember, it pretty much stayed in the house. They called it "Rocky," and the only other story I remember about it was one time when the dad sat down without looking and Rocky bit him in the ass. It was a fairly normal family, they just had a raccoon where most people might have a cat or dog." - Tom Hespos
THespos on What is the weirdest thing you have seen at someone's house that they thought was completely normal? -
"A pet raccoon. That had free roam of the entire house. I was friends with twins growing up, and their dad owned his own construction business. While demolishing a house, he accidentally killed a mama raccoon and ended up taking her baby home to the family to keep as a pet. I did not know this when I visited their house once, and saw the thing emerge from a laundry basket in the hallway, and I completely freaked out. The two brothers were trying to figure out why I was reacting that way. I'm still good friends with them to this day - this incident occurred in the mid-80s." - Tom Hespos
THespos on Truckers of reddit: what is the scariest thing you have heard over the CB radio? -
"Not a trucker, but I have a CB in my Jeep so I can communicate with my 4WD club on trail rides. On the way to a trail ride in PA, right after I got my CB, I was scanning through channels and came across a preacher type who was talking quite animatedly about the End of Times. Not your run-of-the-mill Book of Revelation kind of stuff, but calling out specific groups and behaviors and talking about how and why the Lord would strike them down. As I recall, he seemed to have an unhealthy fixation on Hillary Clinton, but also on non-heterosexuals. The Lord was going to strike us all down for not rising up against man laying with man and all that crapola. On my way back from the trail ride, I picked it up again and it totally creeped me out thinking about how much time this weirdo spent broadcasting warnings about the Apocalypse to anyone listening." - Tom Hespos
THespos on I'm just going to start running into people. -
"Gah! That store! And what's with the special little flower who decides to fuck up everybody's shopping experience by keeping to the left instead of the right?" - Tom Hespos
THespos on My immediate reaction after I told my SO not to wear my favourite shirt because she'd stretch it out -
"Now take my Van Halen shirt off before you jinx the band and they break up." - Tom Hespos
THespos on What's the single best episode of any TV show? -
"Little House on the Prairie - "Mary Goes Blind" or "Albert Gets Addicted to Morphine." Take your pick." - Tom Hespos
THespos on It's 3:54 a.m., your tv, radio, cell phone begins transmitting an emergency alert. What is the scariest message you find yourself waking up to? -
"4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42" - Tom Hespos
THespos on I think Jack Frost left something behind... -
"Anyone caught making an ice dick will be fired." - Tom Hespos
THespos on Saw this awesome car at the movies today. It's called a Rally Fighter. (xpost /r/autos) -
"I remember researching this thing after the Top Gear episode. I was bummed it was a 2WD and not available in 4WD." - Tom Hespos
THespos on What was the dumbest thing you did that made you realize, "Man, I'm tired?" -
"After staying up all night working production on a newspaper, I spent several minutes trying to open the front door of my house with the keyless entry fob from my automobile." - Tom Hespos
THespos on What Your favorite piece of music trivia? -
"* Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It." "Thriller" kept "1984" out of the #1 album slot. Eddie may have screwed himself a bit, but he did play on both the #1 and #2 albums that year. * Ronnie James Dio is credited with inventing the devil horns hand sign familiar to all metalheads. * Van Halen started the ball rolling on ridiculous performance contract riders, by stipulating that no brown M&Ms should be served backstage. While most thought of this as a symbol of rockstar excess, David Lee Roth once explained that the rider was buried deep in contracts, so that if dishes of M&Ms showed up without the brown ones, Van Halen could rest assured that people were actually reading the technical requirements for their shows. On the other hand, seeing a brown M&M meant the tech had to be scrutinized line by line." - Tom Hespos
THespos on I'm submitting this on behalf of my kid -
"Upvoted for shared parental pain. The pee isn't so bad - earlier this year I had a month when I was woken out of a sound sleep THREE TIMES by a kid PUKING on me. (Different nights.)" - Tom Hespos
THespos on Great match -
"I always wondered what Kids In The Hall's "Eradicator" was up to since the end of that wonderful show's run." - Tom Hespos
What types of transparency do you really need when it comes to programmatic? Answer: these three kinds -
THespos on Redditors that had their weddings ruined, how and what happened? -
"I just read that in Elmer Fudd's voice." - Tom Hespos
THespos on What's the dumbest thing your pet has ever done? -
"My mom had a dog that used to eat stuff. I used to keep a tally of the stuff he ate on my blog - A motorcycle helmet, an entire box of Ortho Slug N' Snail bait, a pair of Timberland boots, our TV remote, a plastic barbecue cover, three chocolate Easter bunnies and several golf balls. Yes, the dog lived after each incident." - Tom Hespos
RT @The_Makegood: Digital Needs a De-cluttering! Find out why @_MarketingLLC’s @THespos1 wants to set some #openexchange guidelines
THespos on Well, you caught me red-handed this time -
"Kitty Karry-All!" - Tom Hespos
THespos on We used to eat these by the bucketload as kids. What are they? (Long Island, grows wild everywhere) -
"Thank you!" - Tom Hespos
Why invest in advanced SEO tactics if your brand hasn’t covered the basics? Underscore’s Oliver Nelson explains:
Multi-device usage is good for advertisers. Or not. Underscore’s Cindy Seebeck explains in this infographic:
THespos on CB Radio Shops On Long Island -
"I can vouch for the guy in Holtsville. He did the CB in my Jeep and did a great job." - Tom Hespos
4 Simple Rules for Getting Started with Branded Content:
THespos on So, there's a town in Canada... -
"Kill o meters are not units of distance. They're measures of carnage." - Tom Hespos
THespos on So, there's a town in Canada... -
"Couldn't have taken it from 6 miles further out?" - Tom Hespos
THespos on Need your help Long Islanders, give me some ideas! -
"[Consider volunteering to help maintain the grounds and clean up at the Tesla museum.](" - Tom Hespos
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